Chapter 13: (v.13) PART TWELVE

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Joe and Caitlin woke slipping into some fresh clothes and their trainers. Joe opened the zip and they slipped out of the tent walking over to the others.

Every one stood silent with drained whitewashed faces.

‘Hey guys what’s up?’

‘They found Miss. Faulkner and that Jed guy. They were dead in her tent. Their heads by their gentles, both naked.’ 

‘So he was giving her one?’ Joe joked.

‘It’s not funny Joe.’

‘Why not?’

‘They’re dead.’

‘Someone obviously didn’t like them, someone was obviously jealous.’

‘Right class. Listen up.’ Mr. Norman’s voice echoed out stopping the idle chat.

The class turned.

‘We’re all going back to where we found the armoured remains.’

‘What about Miss. Faulkner and Jed sir?’

‘Their group will be split, unfortunately from the tragedy of this sick act we lost a very good teacher and an archaeologist, but we will never know what provoked who ever done it to do what they did.’ He coughed. ’You’ll all be allocated into your groups when we arrive at the Police Station.

‘We all ready?’

‘So you taking over?’

‘I am. Jed and Kelvin appointed me if there was anything else that were to go wrong. I will be in charge for the rest of this dig following the instructions that I have been given.’

‘Right class follow Neil.’

They all followed behind the archaeologists, and their head teacher.

Caitlin looked at Joe.

‘What’s wrong babe? You’re burning through me.’

‘What did you do Joe?’ she asked in a lowered tone.


‘Don’t talk shit Joe. Ever since you found that book weird shits been happening round here.’

‘They deserved it babe.’

‘You killed them didn’t you?’

‘I never said that. I just said that they deserved it.’


They all stopped suddenly. ‘Right class I’ll read out the groups which you will all be in for the rest of the dig.’

Mr. Norman reeled of the names and to what group they were to join. Mark and Joe were still pared. Caitlin was still pared with Sass and in the same group as Joe and Mark. Which pleased Joe they had Neil the second of the archaeologists that had spoken down about he and Mark they were only too pleased to dispose of him.

‘Right now the groups are sorted we’ll be covering the mile radius round this place and entering the Police Station tomorrow.’

Mark and Joe smiled slyly knowing that they wouldn’t find Neil till morning, and he’d be dead by then.

The groups set off in their separate directions. Joe and Mark followed Neil with the rest of the group.

The dig had begun and the shovels of everyone their crunched through the ground the dirt piling up. Clearing it from around the bones. Many skeletons lay across the ground, the archaeologists and the pupil’s stared at the rows of bones.

‘This is interesting none of this was here the last time that we came.’

‘Neil we’ve found something.’

‘Sure. I’ll be with you in a moment guys.’

Neil looked at Madge. ‘See what you and the others make of this why I go and see what Mark and Joe have found.’


Neil turned walking away. He met up with Mark and Joe who were standing outside the Police Station. ‘What is it guys?’

‘It’s in here.’

‘I thought I told you that we were coming here tomorrow.’

‘I know, but we thought you’d like to see what we found before the others did.’



Submitted: January 26, 2021

© Copyright 2021 emma louise. All rights reserved.


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