Makayla And The Sacred Fish

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic

Makayla and her mom have moved into a new place and starting a new life together. However, Makayla's mom Faith thinks her daughter not only deserves the best birthday gift, but a friend to play with. Once Makayla meets her new friend, she finds something...odd about her friend? So many mysteries to discover about this magical friendship between a girl and her new best friend.

This is the tale of a young girl named Makayla. Makayla and her mom lived in the country outskirts of a big city. Her mom Faith was a nurse, so she was able to find a good place to stay and a good pay. Makayla had a problem though; She couldn’t make friends because she had a learning disability. Most of the kids in her class made fun of her because she could not keep up with the rest of the class so her and her mom decided to move and teach Makayla through home schooling. Feeling sad for her daughter, Faith remembered Makayla’s birthday was coming up soon and she wanted to give her the best birthday that she’ll remember for the rest of her life and to be a way to cheer her up. The only issue, she had no idea what to get Makayla for a gift.

Faith sat in bed after dinner one night and pondered the ideas she could give. “A dog? No too much hair.” She said lying in bed. From a dog to a cat, to a bird to a small rabbit, Faith just could not decide what she wanted to give Makayla. Suddenly, an idea popped into her head like a light bulb turning on. “A FISH! PERFECT! It’s small, easy to deal with and not much work.” she shouted, as she quickly covered her mouth to avoid making too much noise. Faith giggled and stuck with the idea and closed her eyes and went to sleep.

The next morning, as the sun rises bright and hot, Faith sat at the breakfast table with Makayla, helping her with her school lessons. An hour later, it was time for her therapy and once that was finished, Faith gave Makayla her lunch, which on today’s menu was chicken strips with French fries and broccoli. While Makayla ate her lunch, Faith decided to bring up her birthday. “So big girl, your birthday is in a few days, we’re going to have a big birthday party with cake and balloons even if it’s just us two!” she said with a smile on her face.

 Makayla smiled “Okay, but mommy, I want a friend to play with, that’s all I want for my birthday.” Makayla replied. Her mom’s face turned from a smile to a sad concerned face. She could feel Makayla’s hurt as shook her head, put their shoes on after lunch and decided to head out to find Makayla’s gift. The two got into the car, strapped up and ready to go. The car pulls off into the city on the endless hunt.

“We’ve…. searched almost everywhere…”. Faith said, feeling exhausted. Almost an hour of driving around, there was no luck in finding a good gift for Makayla. Faith almost gave up until she came across a small shop by itself down the dirt road. “Huh…never seen this shop before, well better than nothing at all.” She said as she got out the car. Faith looked around as the woman appeared from behind the counter.

“You wish to find a friend for your daughter correct?” the woman asked. Faith questioned the woman on how she knew what she came here in search for. No answer, so she forgot about it. “Why yes, that’s correct, I am looking for a fish more than anything and no other shops had any good ones that fit my taste.” Faith replied. The woman nodded and walked into the back as she grabbed a strange bowl in covered in a towel. As she walked back to the front, the woman handed Faith the bowl as she looked into her eyes. “Be wary my dear, this fish is not just any fish...this one is special.” The woman said as she laughed. Faith slowly backed up and walked back to the car and handed Makayla her gift.

She smiled as she looked at her gift. “I love my gift mommy! I’ll call you Lily.” Makayla said with her face lit up with excitement. The ride back went smoothly as they arrived back home. Later that night after dinner, Makayla sat on her bed watching Lily swim around. “I’ll always take care of you, I just wish I could also take care of my Mommy too, and make her happy, she’s always working hard and never has time for herself.” She said with both hands on her cheeks rocking on top of the bed. Suddenly, the fish began to glow as the room got dark and as a strong light covered the room through the window.

Makayla’s eyes shut, she opened them again and looked around with nothing changed. Looking confused, Makayla looked at Lily back in her bowl. “W-Was that you Lily?” she asked but yet no response from the fish. She ran down the stairs with her fish friend to see her mom sitting in the kitchen with a huge smile on her face. “Oh, there’s my special girl!” Faith said, twirling around in a circle. “Why are you so happy mommy?” Makayla asked. Her mom recently got a call for a huge promotion at work. Makayla was happy to see her mom in such a good mood. She looked down at Lily and whispered, “good job Lily, you really are special!” with a small giggle.

Months later, Makayla wakes up the next morning as she yawns and stretches her body. She looks over to Lily’s bowl to see her swimming around. “Good morning Lily…how are you today my friend? I’ve been thinking… It must be really cramped and boring staying in that bowl all the time, huh?” she asked while rubbing her eyes. “Hmm…I wonder what your life would be like if you were a real human like me?” she added with a chuckle as she walked out the room for breakfast.

Downstairs, Makayla, and her mom were eating breakfast followed by their daily routine. Faith didn’t have to work today so she decided to take a lazy day off. Later in the afternoon, Faith decided to clean around the house, while Makayla took her hour nap. She started downstairs and worked her way up. Faith finds Lily in her bowl swimming like usual, but noticed the bowl was really dirty.

Makayla, awoken from her nap runs upstairs to go see Lily only to find her missing. She screamed through the house for her friend. Makayla runs into her mom crying with tears on her small face. “MOMMY WHERES LILY?! SHES GONE!!!” she screamed. “C-calm down dear, she’s fine, I was cleaning her bowl and put her in a small bag.” The two walked down the hall into the backyard, where a giant birthday surprise party was there waiting for her with Lily in a giant tank filled with beautiful décor and a mysterious girl.

“Happy birthday, my little special girl and this is Amber, she just moved in early this morning.” Faith said. The two girls looked at each other and smiled. “Hello, my name is Makayla!” the girl replied. “My name is Amber, nice to meet you!” she replied back with a smile and a few chuckles. The two girls played while Makayla’s mom cooked outside on the grill. Makayla finds out during playtime that Amber’s first real friend was Makayla herself. After playing for an hour or so, Makayla’s mom was finished cooking, the trio enjoyed the small party and it was a blast, and everyone had fun even if it was just the three of them.

A few days after her birthday party, Makayla’s mom sat in the kitchen drinking her coffee. As she was sitting at the table, she noticed Makayla sitting at the window, staring outside watching the other children get on the bus. Her face grew sad as she watched the bus drive off into the distance. Makayla’s mom walked behind her and patted her head. “Sweetheart, I see you do this for a while now. Do you want to go back to public school like everyone else?” Faith asked, as she continued to stroke her daughter’s hair.

Makayla’s mom thought it would be a good idea if Makayla started public school again. She agreed as she nodded her head, wanted to make her dream of making a bunch of new friends come true. She was scared at first, but she wanted to finally be accepted even with her flaws. Makayla thought in her mind if Amber and Lily can accept her and be her friends, then why can’t anyone else?

 After going through the stages of the enrollment process, Makayla started her first day of school in her new city. The class was loud and all over the place as she walked in nervously. Everyone stopped and looked dead at her. Makayla stood frozen in fear as she didn’t know what to do or say. Tears began to build up in her face until suddenly one boy walks up to her and grabs her hand. “Hi, my name is Jacob! You must be the new girl Makayla, right? Why don’t you sit next to me? My table has an extra desk. Another boy ran up and grabbed Makayla by her other hand pulling hard. “No way! She’s sitting next to me! Come on Makayla!” another boy said as the two argued and pulled on her.


Amber walked up and pulled the boys off taking her to an empty pair of desks in the back. A few minutes go by until the teacher walks in and gives everyone a warm welcome as she introduced Makayla to the class. She closed her eyes to prepare for the negative feedback she thought she’d receive like her last school. However, to her surprise, Makayla’s classmates all clapped and gave her warm welcomes. Throughout the day, her classmates would walk up to her and give her drawings or ask her about her hair or even just small compliments.

She couldn’t believe it. She was actually able to talk to her classmates and make friends on her first day despite them knowing of her learning disability. For the first time in her life, she felt happy that she could feel welcomed and accepted by somebody. When she got home, Makayla rushed to her mom with a huge smile on her face. Telling her mom about everything that happened in school. Makayla’s mom was so happy to hear she gave her a big hug and a kiss. Makayla’s mom also found out some interesting information about Lily. “So sweetheart, I think I know why these good things have been happening to us lately.” She said to Makayla as they were close to each other. “Apparently, Lily here is a Koi Fish, and Koi fish represent luck and good fortune. Ha-ha…I guess Lily really is a special fish after all.”

Makayla ran upstairs and hugged Lily’s tank as she whispered under her breath. “You really are my special friend Lily forever, so thank you my wish has finally come true after all.” Makayla held on to Lily’s tank as a tear fell down her face with a smile.


Submitted: January 26, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Zaza T.. All rights reserved.

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