The Unexpected Bride-Book One in: Taming of the Shrew

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Not born with a silver spoon in her mouth, Sharlene Cunning-ham is a mediocre individual working for a successful jewelry company. Known as the errand girl of her boss, although she is a private secretary, she is a studious, hardworking, and excitingly bubbly person.
Dramatic, Sharlene is a born professional busy body.
Applying for a free Pap smear check up in a newly opened and growing in popularity hospital in her neighborhood due to a promotion of Women's health, Sharlene's mediocre life explodes with more color when her Pap smear examination is confused for an insemination examination? Pregnant, Sharlene storms into the life of Nicholas Ross, the investor of the hospital. What happens when these two opposite people find themselves in an arranged marriage?

Table of Contents

Chapter One

The male lead is introduced with the completion of a new hospital.
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Chapter Two

"Is she your daughter?" Placing a hand on his chest, Doccharles closed then opened his eyes. The young man had given him another scar... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

The moment they entered the room, everyone stood from their seats and began to clap. Smiles graced the peoples' lips as they looked upon ... Read Chapter

Chapter Four

The streets of Colorado were busy as usual. The buzz of the newly opened hospital spreading like wildfire through the streets.  ... Read Chapter

Chapter Five

It was the second time in two weeks that she was late. The first time, she was adjusting to the new lifestyle and had gotten the first-ha... Read Chapter

Chapter Six

The ride was short and sweet, and the restaurant hosting the event had become her favorite though she would have to work a year and some ... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven

"NICHOLAS ROSS, PLEASE TELL ME THIS IS A LIE!" It was a beautiful Tuesday morning, but the shrieking voice of his mother had disrupte... Read Chapter

Chapter Eight

Meanwhile, the trio had remained standing as they watched the young man leave, for their driver had not yet arrived. Sherlene became ... Read Chapter

Chapter Nine

An hour later, Sharlene was crazily yawning, and that was because her bedtime had passed an hour ago. Gazing down at the first drawn ... Read Chapter

Chapter Ten

Nicholas faces a predicament when the daughter of his business partner makes a declaration of becoming his fiance.
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Chapter Eleven

Soon, Monday had rolled upon Sharlene's shoulders, but she was not as recklessly late as other times. It was the day off she took from wo... Read Chapter

Chapter Twelve

The colors varied as well from soft cream, white and black. The tiles were still grey, but the walls were cream. Following the receptioni... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirteen

Spending more time Downtown, Colorado Springs because she rarely came to these parts because of the price range, she drove to Loyal Coffe... Read Chapter

Chapter Fourteen

That was not possible. No. She could and would not believe this. How in the world had this occurred? Was it from space? Had she woken fro... Read Chapter

Chapter Fifteen

Placing bouncing Lily in the back seat where she had installed a safety lock since the little one was always bouncing all around, Sharlen... Read Chapter

Chapter Sixteen

"What happened?" Banging the cupboard where she took a glass, she murmured as she filled the glass with water. "Mom fainted." ... Read Chapter

Chapter Seventeen

Barging into the hospital with her mother and sister in tow was not the best option. Sharlene realized far too late. Her mother was like ... Read Chapter

Chapter Eighteen

Following behind Evelyn, the security guards had tried to intervene, but she had thrown them off with the threat of firing them when they... Read Chapter

Chapter Nineteen

Five minutes later,  they were walking towards a set of black colored double doors. "This is it, but he…" "Whatever, deari... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty

Nicholas grew angry by that discovery, and he rarely grew angry. He spoke through gritted teeth while looking in Doccharles direction. ... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-One

Confused, Sharlene glanced behind her to see that Evelyn was fuming. How she did not hear their screaming was unbeknownst to her, but... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Two

Leaning on the desk in his private study five hours later with folded arms on top of his chest, Nicholas was in deep thought. Today had b... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Three

Bursting out laughing after she had swallowed the food in her mouth, Riana shook a finger. "No, it is not. You could have some maid b... Read Chapter

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