My new weekend dom

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic

After going to a party, I met a guy who showed me a new lifestyle that I never experienced. He introduced me to BDSM, and I learned a lot.

April 18th thru the 20th was a life-changing weekend for me.

Ironically, it started out pretty boring. I didnt have any plans for starters, but then my lifelong friend, Sue told me about a party. I called to check it out, and it was going to be about $20. But if I helped out, it would be free.
So how could I get a better deal than that?
I met Sue around 6pm but the party didnt start till 8pm. I was helping to set things up and then I would already be there for the start at 8pm. I checked with the host to see if human anatomy was allowed to be shown without restrictions. After I got an affirmative answer, I immediately stripped.
"open & free" totally in the buff. I was the first to be brave enough for this and I was hoping for more to join me.
It always feels so unbelievably awesome to me that I do it as often as I can.
As people filed in slowly the party was starting to kick off.
After a while, there was a guy that needed a nude guy to help him.
Well Im it! Here I am right here!
The only one NUDE, and completely confident in myself!
I introduced myself and I then met my future friend. He and I would have a very special relationship in the near future.
He was creating a nude twister game.
"I cannot be the only one nude, so you need to join me in the same uniform now,"
I told him.
He joined me right then. Other than the hostess for a few minutes, he and I were the only ones nude for the game.
We played for a few minutes and I, actually to my surprise, won the game.
He then surprised me again by showing interest in me.
WOW! Nice
After conversing and getting to know one another, he informed me that his name is Stan and he loves wrestling.
He loves 420 but nothing else.
He even said that he doesnt really drink much.
He was thrilled to find out about me especially after I told him that I tend to favor being sub, when I get into kinks and fetish play. He tells me more about himself and how he practices his wrestling. He says that he does submission wrestling, which is where you wrestle until one "taps out". I learn that when you must give up you either say your safe word or tap 2 times on the mat, or whatever you wrestle on.
he tells me.
"You dont worry either, because I trust everyone........
I reassure him in a blatantly confident voice.
He is taken back by my response, as this is the last thing he expected for me to say.
The next day, Saturday the 19th, we agree to meet at Apollo, a bathhouse that has mats for wrestling. He picks me up and we go and I get instructed on his style of wrestling. He also loves to wrestle nude which is no problem with me.
Nude is best for me when I am open and free!
He shows me how to tap out and properly use a safe word. Since I am relatively new to this whole arena of kink and wrestling, I adhere to his every word.
Its quite simple, just say "safe" or tap twice when you cant take it anymore.
I knew right away that he could be trusted because I inadvertently tapped twice without meaning to and he without hesitation released me. After playing for a while we come back to my place and we start talking again.
he informed me.
as I graciously offer him my 2nd bedroom for all the help and instruction he has given me. After all, I have been so lonely and he has allowed me to speak with him about all the heartbreak I have been through for most of my life. He has agreed to help me out with this aspect.
He started moving in and after most of the day he finally rested taking a break.
Tonight was the life changer!
It was Saturday night and he asked me if I wanted to have a wrestling party.
Well, wanting to explore the whole world of kink and fetish,
I said,
I asked, not knowing the 1st thing about it.
He then proceeded to tell me,
"I will dominate you like you have never been before!"
"Hmm, well I have never been dominated before, so this sounds interesting to me." I told him.
Then it was the moment of truth. He took me into the bedroom and put me on the bed.
He questioned.
I firmly responded.
I dont think he liked the bitch part, but I was ready for anything.
It was just the way I was.
After all, what could he do?
I was kneeling and he was laying on the bed.
So of course I had the clear advantage!
Or Did I?
I decided not to say bitch this time, but the damage was already done.
We stared each other down like we were powerful gods at war!
At this point I wouldn't be surprised if we both were seeing red.
He was going to make me regret my bitch comment if it killed one of us!
We wrestled for just a few minutes, before I knew it he already got me into a defeating hold.
Oh shit!
I was thinking.
Before I could think of some good moves he said triumphantly,
"Now whos the bitch, bitch?"
Dam I just knew that I had said the wrong thing, my damn mouth was always getting me in trouble, again?
But before I could think of what to do next, he then tells me,
He said with a big evil smile.
Before I could even utter a single syllable, he continues,
"Now once and for all, you will, without question, worship my cock!"
Well, at this point I didnt really have any choice in the matter. Because my only choice was to actually pussy out using my safe word thereby making me be his bitch by default, (but that was NOT an option!)
Or the only other thing I could do is exactly what he demands.
It was turning me on the way he was commanding me anyway.
He had his delicious dick in my face and made me look at it.
I never saw it close up before, it seemed thick yet sort of short too.
He kept it neatly trimmed as well.
"Now suck on it!"
He demanded as he shoved his fat raunchy cock right in my face. I could smell his man scent off his sweaty balls. He forcefully puts in part way inside my lips. My tongue starts to taste his raunchy sweat off his balls. I cant get a hold of it with my mouth, but it is like hes teasing me with it.
yes sir" or anything, since his cock was right by my mouth and sticking in part way. The angle was making it hard (pun intended) to get it fully in my mouth, thus very difficult to suck it properly. You must take my word for it when I say properly because I, not to toot my own horn, am the best guy I know at blowing or sucking, either way you say.
I better explain so you can get the true essence of my statement.
Listen carefully,
I don't just suck a cock, I make love to it!
I mean that in the most profound way.
I will tend to wrap my legs around his legs and I put the whole cock in my mouth the best I can. Long smooth tasty strokes with my whole oral cavity. My tongue will wrap around the shaft as I go up and down. I can usually switch from long slow strokes, the preference of most studs, to quick jack rabbit strokes that a few guys still prefer. When I get to the head, I have this patented twirl I do with my tantalizing tounge. 
Ok, you're right, its not really patented.
The reason that I make love to it, is I get totally into it with my whole being and aura.
It's like a delicacy to me!
Its my favorite sex by far!
After all, my particular love muscle is my tongue, and I have total control over it for the longest lasting pleasure ever! 
My first experince was oral so I believe this is why I have such an affinty for it.
Now lets get back to the scene before we miss anything.
"Look up at me when you do that!"
He told me firmly.
If only you could imagine, the only thing I could see were two blurs where his legs were and his face staring right down at me. I was possibly entering Subspace. I wasn't really sure since I never experienced it before.
I must tell you, I dont know what it is about me, but I dont use my safe word unless I absolutely have to.
I hate it!
He informs me that, that is the masochist in me.
But I dont feel like a masochist.
I dont like pain, and you cant humiliate me at all.
Maybe I have a shred of it though, who knows?
I was giving it all I could, no matter what he was NOT going to hear my safe word from me. I tried struggling but he had me pinned. If  I was in subspace, then my time perception would have been off. It felt like at least half an hour.
There was nothing I could do!
I tried moving my legs but it didnt do any good, to get him off me.
It was really upsetting that there was nothing I could do. Well being that I thought I was down there for 30 minutes, I didnt know what else to do.
I mean,
Do I really use my safe word and show what a pussy I might be?
Is there anything else that I could possibly do?
I finally say. 
It really burned me up! 
I detest using my safe word but I guess its there for a reason, when you need it.
I mean dam, all this because I said, "bitch"?
Geez, I was half kidding anyway. I guess I learned my lesson.
We took a break to get a hold of ourselves.
After a brief pause, we got back to it. I mean this guy really knows what hes doing, Im just an amatuer. So it stands to reason that he knows all the moves, and the terminology too. Now I know the difference between a jobber (the bottom) and a heal (the top or dominant).
Ok, after we were underway, it only took about 5 minutes to pin me again!
I was nude and he pinned me down and had me in a precarious scissors lock, a wrestling move, and had me worship his big cock in my mouth, AGAIN??
Yup, I definitely know who the pro is here.
Now it seemed that he was going in for the kill!
He was really going to make me pay for it this time.
He demands.
Oh shit!
Now hes jacking off?!
  I think to myself.
Yeah, I can see where this is leading.
He keeps going and going, it doesnt take him long. The next thing I know....
he yells at me!
I could see the revenge, or was it evil? in his eyes!
"What are you doing?!
"You better concentrate on me!"
"Look up at me and get ready for it!"
"You only got one shot at this!
"You better not fuck it up!
"Now put your dam tongue out and look up at me and, TASTE IT!
Holy fuck! I figured I better do exactly what he said, because I didnt want to get on his bad side.
His load was, more than I have seen from other guys.
Most of it got on my cheek, but I stuck it out to get a few drops in the proper place, right where he demanded I get it. 
he asked very firmly.
as he was pleased with my performance as a great sub.
We finally relaxed and took a good few minutes to catch our breath.
He rewarded me by letting me do my favorite fetish, ropes! He watched as I demonstrated how to perform self bondage.
"Thank you Daddy"
"I hope we can do this more often so that you will be more than pleased with me."
"I plan to make you very proud of me for a very long time."
I said, as I was very relieved after a "hard" weekend.
Wow, the next day he asked me,
"Are you ready for round 3?"
Hmmm, should I? He cant win 3 times in row,
Can he?

Submitted: January 27, 2021

© Copyright 2021 christopher69. All rights reserved.

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