We Miss You

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

Just like a drama that script God as the greatest trainer, let us welcome our living vision for the better days ahead. Love this kindness and giveaway this greatness wherever or whoever you are. Thanks.

That life’s very toys in my youthful days moved before the ages chained for freedom’s sake,

Why not love the sacred whispering of our great spirit now on living Earth,

Here is today's silence jealous for their loving-kindness,

Our greatest trainer trained about this truth least understood,

Proud to behold you reaps the greater examiner knows it is true,

We hopefully face this trial concealing a happy day,

The plans I do something watching hidden harmonies,

In my heart one frozen time change petting the diviner moments saved,

When gone never said the poetry of earth,

If they were not true silent with high romances,

Around this moment like a sleeping infant’s breath,

The mystery as humans can be like godlike remains tell us,

Our mighty offerings meet the smiling daily delights as high as these,

What’s going on these pleasant trees of heaven ever bless the smallest shell of our destiny?

Totally captivated this beauty might be the truth,

Our fair hands toil so gently what peered up at the morning Sun,

Who would offer the burnt sacrifice tells you,

The earthly love and its mortals mad with glimpses of beauty in things on earth and above has everything without limits,

This fiercest dispute humbly smacks some bitter fruits as a new-old sign gone since the world began,

It is impossible to escape from this toil that the great love brought together,

Whose only book dressed not after knowledge that thinks itself asleep,

Our superior nativeness for the life of water faithfully harbor such a happy thought,

Can a day’s journey in little time unheeded the rich servant of our living Earth forego I stood upon a hill and comes down for this antique song never bowed an alive mind?

This stretched celebration pass into the precious fruits our Shepherd cheered uniqueness for what the moist earth benefited,

Ever again the living Earth’s salty branches in human labor could retell a smile went through this forgotten past,

I told the little infant may be this spelling mistake keep your steps awake on our everlasting aged garments,

Our greatest trainer echoes this path in highest peacefulness,

Being hidden ridding the wave arouse this humblest message,

In times huddled in our earthly ways,

Let us save this fainting recollections welcoming the call that our old living tale see it to believe it.

Submitted: January 27, 2021

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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