The effects of dancehall music on youths

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just for fun.

Bringing to awareness

what society really is like to prepare young adults for the future,

an effective advocate against political oppression, where the youths are the diffuser,

dancehall music, a positive and negative influencer

is a major part of the lives of teenagers.

Created to dance along, sing along, move along and just have fun

ironically, became a broadcaster for teenagers to take drugs!

For marijuana never left the system of the so-called “thugs”.

Dancehall music is a tread everybody wants to be apart of.

If the artist sings jump, the crowd shouts “how high?”

It creates role models for teenagers.

Ah mean- are these really the people we look up to?

singing about the bleaching of the skin

where in fact, a lot of teens had to be sent home for.

The tight fitted pants and short tunics

were the ways in which they broke the dress code.

For what reason tho?

to be apart of the trend?

to feel accepted?


Degrading Females is acceptable in the dancehall culture.

Women are seen as salacious figures of sexuality

to keep the means company

mothers and caretakers of those men 

which causes sexism, misogyny and violence.

It also causes young girls to groom in the acceptable ways of women,

a way that of submission.


When your role models talk about doing something,

you do it too? Right?

Singing about sexual behaviour every day,

no wonder why these youths minds are at stray.

Young adults engaging in these acts 

sometimes caught in the bathroom in a sexual act.

It also promotes promiscuous behaviour

which is having more than one sexual partners.

Promoting crime and violence is by far the biggest effects of dancehall.

Well, when I think of dancehall that's what I think of.

Influencing youths to bring to school all sorts of weapons and to form in school all sorts of gangs.

Imagine, if dancehall was against crime and violence as how it is against man on man and women on woman,

the world would be a better place. 

Then youths won't have to pree evil for they want to be apart of the trend.


But on the bright side dancehall has its light.

With motivational songs pushing youths to work hard,

I myself have listened to an ironic song.

Where after Vybz Kartel sang about killing,

 he gave a speech at the end telling youths to focus on schooling.

Motivating youths to work hard and make money

 are positive effects of dancehall music.

Promoting endurance never giving up and big-dreaming

 are also positive effects of the dancehall music

acting as a relief of stress for the youths that are depressed 

promoting peace with peace dances influence youths to settle their differences.

Informing youths of what to expect from society,

Whether it is how society treats the lower class

or how politicians try to oppress citizens

it prepares them for the future.

No wonder why they listen to these songs.

Submitted: January 27, 2021

© Copyright 2021 just for fun. All rights reserved.

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