The Docile Sub part 1

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

A Sunday afternoon may be a lazy one for many, in front of the tv with a heavy belly from a roast dinner, but to us it is an opportune time to play. This is just one of our quiet Sunday afternoons at home between a nerdy middle-class lady and geeky guy.

I started to undress her. Not a slow teasing striptease in front of a magnificent cityscape that is often portrayed in movies. This was real life. This was in an average-sized bedroom in a modern semi; large enough to house a double bed, a couple of wardrobes and a bedside table each. I bent down to pull down the cosy leggings, tugging them down over her curvy bottom, removing the fluffy slipper-socks and threw them into a small pile in the corner. I stood to remove her baggy hoody, then unclasped her bra. These were thrown on the same pile out of the way. We wouldn’t be needing those for a couple of hours.

I reached over to the bed on which I had laid out a few items neatly. This came as a nice set from an online retailer and had been one of my best surprise purchases last summer. It was all in a lovely red faux leather with a soft side against the skin with shiny silver rings allowing for the attachment of chains, ropes or a leash.  

First were the ankle cuffs. I bent down and fastened it firmly around her slim ankle, then repeated this for the other one. Then I put on her wrist cuffs, clasping them together with a small chain so that her arms were front of her. The collar went on after those, the kind with a steel ring at the front with a leash attached. Next was the ball gag, ever so slightly too large for her but she was found of this accessory. I lifted her hair out of the way as I fastened the clasp to hold it in place. Finally, was the blindfold, she always loves the blindfold. It helped her switch her over-active brain off and get lost in the moment. I whispered into her ear ‘Now my fucktoy is dressed properly for the occasion.’ With this, she fell straight into her role as my docile sub. When she wears this, I can do what I want with her. This isn’t from anything untoward or abusive, this has been formed from a bond of trust, and she trusted me implicitly.

I moved her into position on the bed, helping her move by letting her know where the frame was so that she didn’t knock herself against it, putting her on all fours, using her forearms for support, with her head down and her arse up. Then I chained the ankle cuffs together. She liked to be restricted although it was unlikely she would move without my permission.

I left her there alone for a few moments whilst I undressed. It also helped build her anticipation. I’d left a few toys out neatly to the side of the bed all ready to use on her. I like her seeing what is about to happen before she is restricted like this. Kneeling on the bed I gently ran my fingers over her soft skin, over her hip towards her breast where my fingers brushed over her nipple ever so slightly. I reached for the flogger and softly allowed the tassels to run over the backs of her thighs, up over the curve of her gorgeous bum, and down her back. I would lift the tassels from her skin and move it to brush against a different part of her body, or let them run up the sweet line of her pussy and ass, she shuddered at that one as the soft leather rubbed against her most tender parts. I did a short sharp crack on her butt cheek, just hard enough for a gentle sting. I would always start slow and increase the intensity as we went along. I alternated between the soft tassels running over her and the occasional whip of the toys many tails. Using the backs of her thighs or her arse as my main area of concentrations, now and then I would tease it closer to her pussy, but never with any firmness. I wanted to build that anticipation up a few notches first. She needs to be begging for my cock before she gets some.

I reached down with my free hand and squeezed her nipple, again just gently as this was still early into our session, then my hand ran down her back towards her bum. I paused to grab the lube and applied some on a couple of my fingers, and then rested them on her sweet tight hole. As I cracked the flogger I slipped a finger a little way into her butt, teasing it in and out, a little deeper and further each time. Crack, in went the second finger, stretching her tight hole out a bit. I was gentle and only went in a small way, anal play was still fairly new to us and still a bit taboo, but this was getting her ready for one of her favourite toys, again a recent purchase, her silver butt plug. I left my fingers in her bum for a few minutes as I lowered the flogger and reached for the toy and lube, applying a touch more to its head I then removed my fingers and put the plug into position, easing it in gently a little at a time, working it back and forth preparing her for the entirety of its body. It was only a small beginner one at 3”, but it slid in firmly into place, her gasp told me that she liked this.

I picked up the spanking paddle, yet again a new toy, over the last year our sex life had gone up a fair few notches on the ladder, and we were loving it. I ran the cool surface of its leather over her bare pale skin before giving her a sharp smack on the bottom. I ran it against her thighs, groin, and over her pussy before smacking her firmly once more. I patted it against her breasts, by now her breathing and grunting was becoming heavier with excitement. Time to give the lady a treat.

I’d spotted some vibrating Kegel balls in amongst some of her old toys from days gone by and thought it would be a good idea to get some use from them. She inhaled intensely as I finally touched her pussy, just a little to part her labia so I could get to her vagina. I lubed the balls a little and firmly pushed it into her, followed quickly by the next ball that was attached to the string, before spanking her a little more. Those vibrations from the balls were being amplified by the flat of the paddle hitting her soft skin. Every judder was a wave, and I was having some fun.

I lowered the paddle and picked up the vibrator, one of her favourite items from the days before she met me. Using only the rabbit part, I switched it on and put it against her clit. Her whole body convulsed but still she held her position. I ran the vibrator around her pussy, just letting it brush against her clit every now and then, every time would send immense pleasure through her body.

I thought it an opportune time to give her arms and back a rest, and my cock was twitching with pre-cum glistening around the tip, so I put down the rabbit for now and moved her up onto her knees and temporarily removed the gag. I put myself in front of her and brought her head down to my cock. She held herself up on her cuffed hands and took my cock into her mouth, slurping on it greedily, me twitching in her mouth. She worked her head back and forth, worked her tongue around my cock, and groaned at having the penis in her mouth. Her saliva ran down the shaft as she hungrily worked me. I kept her this was for some time, letting her know what a good job she was doing, ‘Good girl. I do like the way you suck on a cock fucktoy.’ I said. She murmured back a warming groan that send a vibration through my hard penis.

I gripped the leash and raised her head away from my so that she was back to kneeling upright. I put the gag back in and moved her to lie on her back. I rolled her to the side away from my slightly so that I could slide a towel under her before rolling her back, this was just a precaution for the next part.

I put her legs out straight and lifter her arms so that they were out above her head resting on the pillow and I picked up the new red candle I’d placed to the side and lit it. I let a small pool of wax form under the flame and held the candle out above her, tilting it to the side to let the droplet fall upon her. She jerked and gasped through the gag as it fell onto her stomach leaving a small red solid wax splash on the surface of her body. I took my time in dripping a few small blobs onto her, moving it to different parts of her torso, a couple of drops down by her groin, some edging towards her nipples, several on her hips which got the best reaction, and a few more over her stomach. As this was our first time I only did about 20 splashes, but I also had a surprise in store next, one that wasn’t on display in the bedroom as I undressed her.

I went over to my hiding place and pulled out the cup, in it was a small teaspoon. The cup was also filled with iced water.

I placed the back of the spoon on her nipple and she convulsed with the sensory overload, I let out a small laugh. I used the back of the spoon to lift one of the wax splashes from her skin. The iciness a very sharp contrast to the stinging heat she had just felt only moments before. I rinsed the wax from the spoon and proceeded to use the cold spoon to remove some more, occasionally pausing to sprinkle a drop of cold water onto her body.

I pulled the towel from under her and wiped the excess wax and cold water from her body.

I unchained her ankle cuffs and parted her legs, my tongue fell onto her warm pussy, circling her clit as a eased the Kegel balls out of her. No surprise that they were dripping wet. I continued to tongue her as I picked the vibrator back up and slid it into her, working it back and forth before clicking the ‘on’ button and feeling the forceful hum of its vibrations. I did this for a while, changing between my tongue or letting the rabbit do its job. She was finally ready for my cock.

I put the vibrator on her stomach and put myself between her thighs, she lifted her legs up wide eager for my cock to be inside her. It slipped in her tight soaking hole and her head fell back with a loud moan. I slowly thrusted and picked the vibrator back up, switching it on and holding it against her clit as I fucked her. She was going wild with pleasure by this point.

As I fucked her I would change pace, and also take away the vibrator or move it down to where my cock entered her vagina, I could see she was eager to reach down to toy with her clit and cum, but I wasn’t ready yet so I held her wrists down and gripped her neck with my other as I fucked her harder. She was groaning loudly through the gag as I thrust my cum into her. ‘A pussy full of cum for my fucktoy.’ I whispered into her ear as I moved my body down against her releasing my hold of her, but I didn’t stop there, I went back down to put my tongue on her clit and thrust the vibrator back into her. It was only a few brief minutes before she came with the most intensity I had ever seen from her.

I toyed with her slowly and gently a little more to prolong the sensation before stopping. She felt flat on the bed as her arms and legs relaxed. She turned her head to the side so that I could remove the gag. She was breathless as a huge smile covered her face.  That was a good session.



Submitted: January 27, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Detective T. All rights reserved.

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