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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

it is description of a period between late dry season and early raining season


Late summer loaded its vehicle

Of awful drought in extended tentacles

Its attendant pains were its escorts


Reluctantly-dragged its long awaited

Heavy farewell bade – most disgusted

Mine – farewell, swift and light


It somnambulated that to a curse

Grey field tailgated – followed its course

As my mind pushed them all away


To the west, spring vortex sailed

Like in herd, like in flock, behind one another trailed

A full moon floated due East


It was last confident moon

That would quench and quell soon

Behind a heavy sky of rain cloud


Though lingered but o eess disappeared -

The unwilling late summer, not well feared

Completely all fronting and tailgating


Then a breeze blew hurriedly and banana leaves

Frenzied wildly, like enchanted life – heaved

As dust weird and whirled in all cardinals


The wind gathered cloud-lets

Along, in its combat-like swept

Inferior moon queued behind


Like fangs of broom cooperated

In a bounce; resilient and dominated

Super rain cloud overpowered the sky


Rain cloud dominance won

Ejected thunderstorm as if in a war

With warring rebel, unleashed


Its dominance in deep darkness

As children quivered at its thunderstormingness

Engulfed bravery in an aged man


Suddenly sky water coagulated, heavier

Denser than the weary air

Then sank down into the womb of virgin soil


The two viable gametes: virgin soil and rain

Fused into living zygote; meiotic reigned

And green grew on grey


The green flew in eye-flight

Butterflies waggled from flower to flower

Condensed were they on hibiscus bright


Early we rose at the wake of dawn

To a hurry home return before the dusk

To beat rain to a good number of time


And all the dust that trailed

The tail of trailer had been tamed

But pothole water splattered aside


She wouldn’t let go her dented gown

White gown marred pothole water brown

Doled out curse in unmeasured sizes


The humid air whirled

Whirled and wheeled; rolled like rim

And merged the cloud, made the rain


Momentum the windstorm gathered

Ruffled her dented gown further

And laid bar her ebony pair


She fumbled with her dented flowing gown

While quietly measuring and sizing down

The curse at her mind, to dose out


The shoes were not dusty, rather

Murky, not minding her busty either

All her statements – altered


The sun lewd lazily behind

The sparse dark cloud, hide

Tropospheric air misty and humid


We had wrestled some hours

From the rain that would soon shower

Rushed home to beat the dusk


So so we spent each spring day


After the rain the stars were borne

The sky-like grit washed off, diamond lured

As moon made effort at some looming


In echelon egrets had earlier returned

Last batches of bats flew pass in turns

Neighbourhood noise rose to the ceding of rain


Children, women in village would rise in race

By the dawn to pick the snails

That cast off cysts for the rain


Soaked-rotten the filthy things;

Dropped off under mango and cherry trees

Mixed, blended and fed the soil


Cold seeped through all guards

Terrorized every room including gourds

And we sought repose in layered style


In the city, the price would rise and fall

Yam flour – up; okro – dawn; limestone – stall

As traders come and go; sell or store


I made myself beckoned and beheld

For one point or two to portend

The rain chased me here and there

And soaked away the pen and paper I held.


Adesokan Saheed Ademola

Department of Chemistry,

Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso

Submitted: January 27, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Adesokan Saheed Ademola. All rights reserved.

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