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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

It is an eulogy to the symbol of resilience, possibility and ability, called Wole Soyinka.


You set forth at dawn,

You set forth by the lawn,

Where the flower mown,

In your complexion: dark, flirted to the sky like the sun,

Illuminated and irradiated and encouraged all colour sons.


The day did break at dawn,

Peaceful night cast off veil of dark,

Gorgeously rose to the yellow sun,

Humbly, bubbly and mercifully it shone,

Fluorescently, phosphorescently and luminescently it glown.


Threw up the arms of gardens, fields and farms,

In embracement, in en-spiritment of glorious sun,

The sun that dosed out blessed packs of photons,

The photons of packs of blessed contents,

The contents of your blessed life.


You followed your fathers to the blessed farms,

At the armpits of maize; heaps creviced, together smiled,

And the drenched bee hives,

Loaded carts behind the bulls,

While you rode on horses.


The sun did recline at zenith at noon,

At the Atlantic, drifted breeze smiled at the sun,

Gedu trees, Iroko trees, Araba trees,

Tick trees, Kola trees, Koko trees

All tornado breaker trees merrily leaned fro and to.


Palm trees, coconut trees, cashew trees,

All hurricane calming trees merrily bent back and forth,

But the groundnut pyramids,

But the koko skyscrapers,

Stood undauntedly.


Peace, peace, peace: said Ibaka,

Love, love, love: hailed Odidere,

Unity, unity, unity: sang Awoko,

Your hearts kissed by the moon fulfillingly,

Your hand pruned the flowers willingly.


The sun did set at dusk, due time,

At the public square you tossed wine

Chased the footprints of queens, newly ripen, prime,

Pounded yam, egusi soup and bush meat in trays,

In beds you buried and departed into blessed dreams.


What a regurgitating memory!


In Merry, mesmerized, in relaxed mood,

Amidst in and out; come and go,

In the loosening of anarchical rows,

They; the they, bulled down the trees,

They ran down the freedom like prey.


So Yinka in his garden, harvesting,

Into the public ban brought offering,

But only his harvest,

When they, the they, cut down the trees,

And ran down the freedom like prey.


Heralded down the trees; cut,

Because nothing must stand to their rock,

The trees fell: the birds fled,

O our beloved trees,

O no! We met the elegy at your lips.


The trees fell; the birds fled,

We met only pathetic empty tune,

No more music,

O Araba; O Iroko,

O odidere; O Awoko,

The trees fell; the birds fled.


Again, rose the sun,

At unusual place and time,

Squashed things by its furious drought,

Green thermalized into grey; as fields turned filths.


The sky was then ozoned,

Now depleted with radical chloros,

The benign stratosphere radiated and holed,

The soil productiveness spirit quenched,

Then heaven blessing: neo-earth curse,

Poured the more and flooded us into forgotten sea.


Wole – complexion: dark like the soil of the land,

Illuminating and energizing all colour sons,

Wholly upon the anarchists,

Melted: the rock, at his index finger thrust,

The rockers tirade in their burst.


He: a tree. An enduring fortress, a tree,

He is a strong breed,

Lay bare at the tirade sun,

Only hoping in us, we, the reforestation.



Adesokan Saheed Ademola

Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry,

Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, Nigeria.

Submitted: January 27, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Adesokan Saheed Ademola. All rights reserved.

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