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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Hi, I’m a writer, I write stories and I write my thoughts and my feelings I put them all the screen when u read you feel something special that I can’t guarantee, cause I pull my heart outta my chest when I write my thoughts .


I just want to get out of here I feel like I’m stuck in this battling mode, my mind is overloaded with answers I don’t have I want to escape, time for me to take matters into my own hands I got every ingredient all I need is the courage I must be free as a bird I gotta make a new plan I don’t know where I’m going, Sometimes I just feel like quittin', I still might

Why do I put up this fight? Why do I still write?

Sometimes it's hard enough just dealin' with real life

sometimes I just hate life

Somethin' ain't right, hit the brake lights

I'm walkin' these train tracks, tryna regain back

The spirit I had 'before I go back to the same crap

won't tell no lie, not a moment goes by

That I don't pray to the sky, please, I'm beggin' you, God

Please don't let me be pigeonholed in no regular job

gotta get out there, tell my mother I love her kiss baby sister goodbye I gotta get out there the only way I know 

And I'ma be back for you the second that I blow

On everything I own, I'll make it on my own

I got the urge I must stand ain’t following no footsteps I’m making my own .

I still didn’t do nothin’ having a rough time sitting in my room writing dumb lines what must I do or am I just another crab in a bucket where must I go? who must I know? Cause I ain’t having no luck with this little rabbit, maybe I need a new outlet 

I’m starting to doubt shit, I feel a little sceptical with who I hung out with.

tryna traveling alone plus I feel like I’m stuck, there’s no sun and it’s so dark but one thing i don’t want is petty from no one sometimes I feel like a robot sometimes I just don’t know what I’m doing sometimes I feel like I’m being pulled apart from each one of my limbs by each part of my brain 

But my defenses are so up it’s enough to make me wanna jump outta of my skin I got that urge but suddenly it’s a surge i just explode I can no longer play stupid or be immature I need to make that U-turn but I’ve learned 

I need that new energy to stand up and go and never look back .

It only takes one time for me to get through I just need the spark once, I know I’m the men, time for me to take matters into my own hands, this life is more like cartoon or animation it’s not infinite but got us running for it like a predator chasing a gazelle, but there’s a monster will in me I won’t let the predator catch me .

Life ! What is life ? Life is like a big obstacle will slow you down and every time you think u past that obstacle it’s gonna comeback around you and tackle you to the ground .

Friends ! What are friends? They are people that I really thought that they are my friends but they really my enemies with secret identities and disguises to hide their true colors

So just when you think you're close enough to be brothers they wanna come back and cut your throat when you ain't looking

What is money?

Money is what makes a man act funny

Money is the root of all evil

Money'll make them same friends come back around swearing that they was always down

What is life?

I'm tired of life

I'm tired of backstabbing snakes with friendly grins

Submitted: January 28, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Pluto12. All rights reserved.

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