Visions From The Future

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When I died, I saw many future events which took place and ARE NOW taking place in the United States. Not all of these events have happened yet.

Visions from The Future - Near Death Experience


By Alexander Guinevere Kern






Welcome, Friends.  Good day and God Bless.


(Note**** Yesterday a large portion of Highway 1 near Big Sur here in California collapsed into the ocean. Just as Nanci Danison predicted, only she believes she was shown all land from Big Sur to Mexico entirely disappeared in like manner. She was on the money and I assume the worst is yet to come.  Additionally COVID 19 tests will soon be available via pharmacies, just as *I* predicted, so you can buy a batch and test your friends/lovers/guests at your door.)



My Human Memory at 65 years is, well, spotty now and then - I am not sure I posted my Future Possibles for the USA, which I viewed on my way Home during my Near Death Experience. I’ve had several NDEs, so I may have forgotten to mention these now current events. That is also due to the sad fact that NDEs cause your Soul Being to amp up Its Light Vibration, and bring down all that power to my po’ human brain.


Which means I, of all people, am stuck with Past Life memories which do NOT belong to ME, Guinevere, but to my Being. I am possessed by that Being but am also Guinevere, her character. You all know what I think about THAT business.


At every job I’ve ever had, I always thumb-tacked up a copy of Salvador Dali’s “The Persistence of Memory.” My B**** Soul had this Life all planned to torment me with. I am carrying around her Akashic Vault and let me tell you, that is a true torture. I plan to have a Past Life Regression done soon, and recorded, so my lovely family can hear how it all works with us.


Alexander the Great, please show up.


I have to keep reminding myself that I am GUINEVERE and even though I recognize the Souls of those people now involved in my life, those memories seem to be Past Lives, as those folks are *currently* involved in my East Coast life.


Souls were first - Jehovah created Mankind’s form for the Souls - so that we may be Living Souls who should be tending the Earth and stewarding it. Alas.


What WAS I thinking?


In any case: here is what I saw on my way Home.  I have these memories, as for some reason or mental aberration of my Being’s consciousness, I am here, again.


She (I) beheld the United States as if it were one, large map.  When my Being wants clarification, she enlarges the area she wants to observe with her Mind, I suppose. Who knows what those Spirits are capable of?


She first bid a fond adieu to my two daughters, who are actually my sisters.  Most Heavenly Beings are more “siblings” than parents, if you know what I mean.


One Father, loads of Spin-offs or Children.


So my Being spoke to the Beings of two of my Girls. Then she flew around to check up on Stewart Swerdlow and saw he was about to become a Grandfather. I think he is a Grandfather several times over, so when was this, Timewise?


Not an clue, as per usual.


When I share what I “see clairvoyantly” know that I cannot tell you WHEN any of this will happen. I do see some of it is happening now. In the Realm of Love and Lie, time and space do not exist.


My Being wanted to see what happened to the Trans persons, as they were part of some “What Is Identity?” lesson and God knew that the issues with Identity were huge with people and now we have folks who refer to themselves as “They, Them” instead of their “I Am,” or He/She or their God-given names or Baptismal Names. These people don’t want to have a gender. They declare they are genderless, or non-gender- conforming and other difficult for me to understand qualifiers/identifiers.  Often, statements like “Gender Isn’t Me” or Resistance to Naming, or Gender Preference or declaring themselves to be associated with LGBTQQ+ only complicates matters. They are all Souls who chose those bodies and want to experience Identity Crises or re-definition of Identity or Identity Theft - and yet most of them are Intelligent Energy Beings of White Light (one hopes) and other colors of whatever frequency.


They have NO problem with their Identity. They think they are role-playing with Human Bodies for costumes and nuts as that sounds, that is what they are taught!  How ignorant can those Holy kids be?


Apparently Lessons Regarding Identity are important because people will be and are projecting Anime or Cartoon Images of themselves in online communications - to persons who may be located too far away to meet and actually speak face to face. (Don’t fret, Google has a Tech Trick so you can, in fact, be in a “room” with your Beloved from Another Country entirely). One you really meet your Beloved in whatever country, do not be discomposed if you don’t like their perfume or lack of hygiene or manners or choice of comfort food or music or friends or addictions or role-playing games. REAL people are nothing like Internet “Friends” with whom you found yourself to be in “love.”


People will fall in love with Cute little Avatars, Men pretending to be women, Men pretending to be young men, and are actually perverts and old rapists and gross child abusers, ugly women pretending to be hot men, or married women, or unmarried women, all sorts of F***ery and Deception going on - and on and on. People can present themselves however they choose over the Internet - which can be a problem. If you are honest about your name and stats, then wackos can find you, and you don’t know who will show up on your door step.


If I know your real name even *I* can find you. (Never fear, I don’t care enough about people to be interested in their private life.) That being said, I am a person whom SOME persons wanted to mind control and invaded my every Devil’s Device and the phone land-line and snail mail and email in order to get to know me.  Well, ex-military monster Experimenters, here I am.


This is proven and a non-issue currently. Just an FYI. In about 120 years almost every person living on the planet will be Home again, so revenge is moot at this point.


All that to say: My Being wanted to know what transpired with those individuals who decided to switch Forms by virtue of medication and surgery. You can imagine the Identity Issues when such violations of their natural Forms confuse the person they will become as adults. Add the side effects of the medications, the nearly impossible task of two such persons raising children who will themselves have identity issues - it is mind-boggling.


Don’t tell ME they won’t be a problem for Society.


Souls call us Monkeys in the Circus, so there you go. Yes, THEY DO.


I wish you could hear or read of the comments *I* received when I was a single parent.  Some people snorted at me and said, “I don’t want to have to SUPPORT your children when you go apply for welfare and food stamps” (I didn’t) and pay for their college (They didn’t) and what a selfish pig I was for being single, alone and poverty-stricken since Daddies did not pay child support.


Often they said stuff along the lines of: “You have to understand you are living an ALTERNATIVE “lifestyle” that is repugnant to a lot of people.”


Dear Lord.


Recently the actress Kate Hudson spoke of having three kids by three different husbands with a laugh and a smile.  No one screamed at her or judged her. Then again, she is the daughter of Goldie Hawn, who attended High School not that far from my own, back in the day. God bless them both.


Well, I did that and I thought I was going to be tarred and feathered.  Those girls are grown women and I am thankful they never had to hear those ignorant comments.


How times change.


Be that as it may, here is what my Being observed, seeking only answers to her most immediate queries:


Just a reminder (no idea WHEN such scenarios may or may not occur)


In California those Trans Persons were sort of pushed off into communes or chose to live in those sorts of arrangements, either to escape the wrath of Society or because they were forced to do so. I do not know which.


Hardcore Video Gamers are already struggling with their own Ideas about their Identity with all those roles they play, day after day, year after year, and just you wait for the 3D Virtual Reality Holographic “Games” they will engage in, for hours on end, until humans are all invested in the Census Hallucination which will be their new Reality. I dare not ponder what brain implants and such like tech will do to their brains.  And the drugs!  I feel the novel “Neuromancer” (wonderful William Gibson) arising in the future like a very bad Djinn.


Elon Musk gets his Hyper Loop active and running.


I was shown while on the craft, yes, I was on an actual craft - a scan or photo of the human brain. I was told Human brains would have to evolve in order to program and process all of the overwhelming influx of data streaming into their brains via the Internet and whatever new inventions are offered to, or created by them. LITERALLY the human brain must evolve. In my humble Atavistic view, their brains will Devolve, but that’s just me. My DNA contains traces of Neandertal, Bell Beakers and Bronze Age and Iron Age, some Spanish Cave people - like I said, I am simply a primitive American girl.


Nanci I. Danison - an NDEr who wrote several books regarding her NDE, her god “The Source,” her experiences, her Soul friends, the History of Earth Religions she was shown, etc., also mentioned a number of events discussed with her.


I don’t always agree and did not always view the same scenarios, however, she has proven to me her memories are largely correct.


She saw, among other horrors, that mankind would be decimated by mutated viruses like SARS and here we are . . . now.


Oddly, I see nothing of that, other than my human brain assumed it was a world-wide Revolution. Although such rage and rebellion which occurred after the horrid and unrighteous death of Mr. George Floyd seemed familiar to me, and did in fact cause Revolution - and we have lately seen the storming of our Capital in Washington, D.C. - a protest some view as a terrorist or aggressive action of large import and participation - still I did not “see” or grok the entire story with the SARS Covid 19 situation.


I did “see" I bought a COVID 19 test online and sent it in; the result was negative. I saw I greeted people at my door with a TRAY filled with tests for COVID 19 or other viruses which would show almost instantly whether or not the guest was clear or infected. If they were virus-free I let them in.


Note - My daughter and SIL are tested every day at their work places, so such a test does exist today.


I also looked at a company called Lemonaid to see if I could obtain an antibody test online and take the test at home. They have not yet offered such a test, although they are working on it. My Being does not like to be on lists. And neither do I.


That being said, in 2015 our Nanny and Yours Truly became ill, VERY ILL, the near death kind of ill. If she had not been living with a room-mate, she told me she would have died.  I was beyond that, even. No one else manifested such a disease and were not home enough to check on us.


So I said to her, Colly, maybe we have survived a virus which may one day kill people and we *will have immunity.*


To this day I want to have a test for antibodies for COVID 19 - but I don’t WANT to go to Urgent Care or anywhere else, as I do not have any symptoms and they won’t test for antibodies unless you have a reason to think you have been infected with COVID 19.


I want to prove I not only have antibodies to COVID 19, but that our Nanny and I were infected with it in 2015, long before Wuhan, China supposedly started the Spike rolling. In addiction, it will prove our natural antibodies have lasted 5 years.


I don’t mind having a COVID 19 test, but I rarely leave my apartment except to pick up the mail, so obviously I don’t have COVID 19, atm.


And I don’t like being on Lists, or have folks checking up on me or any attention whatsoever.


As far I can see, trying to retro-view, I might have gotten the vaccine, but I, Guinevere, am not in favor of it right now. I don’t cotton to foreign stuff in my DNA and blood and cells which is not clearly proven to fight off COVID 19. Unless they exposed both the people given a Vaccine and those who were given the Placebo to the Virus Itself, and the folks who were given the Vaccine did NOT get sick and the folks who regrettably did not revive the Vaccine DID get sick, I am not convinced. I’m not sure what their double-blind studies actually show, except that their Various Vaccines build antibodies to COVID 19. And some reports suggest that those antibodies protect the patient up to a year.


I not only have super hypertension, plenty of Seniors like me die from vaccine-induced cytokine storm - NOT a great way to exit our so fine planet.


I watch and wait. The sort of vaccine I would consider takes about 4 years to perfect and that is why the scientists are all excited about mRNA vaccines.


I also saw my local area AFTER the virus had been stalled or herd immunity had built up or whatever it is or was which denuded COVID 19 and rendered it non-threatening, and my area was incredibly clean, fresh and quite empty looking around here.


Nanci I. Danison saw Mankind was decimated. Only the younger children with the new DNA which would allow them to continue on to what it termed The Third Epoch of Peace and Harmony and those adults who spiritually advanced themselves, would survive.


What DNA has to do with a future Earth, must have something to do with Advanced Brains - right? Right?


I have no clue.


My Being wanted to know what happened to Mr. and Mrs. Tulpin, two individuals who allegedly tortured and abused and sometimes abandoned their 12 children. They were found guilty and imprisoned, and not together.

As of this date, I assume both are still alive. What they did to their own blood offspring boggles my Mind. But of course, it was some MIND LESSON about Stockholm Syndrome.  Souls take “Subjects” just like we do and each “lesson” (like Math 101 or Math 102, both of which I would have failed) might take an entire “Life” in one of us. Yikes!


Well, some of their children visited the Mother in prison, not the Father and she died of a heart attack.


I saw Prince Harry and his wife Duchess Megan had two children in the future, one was red-haired and of darker skin (!) and the other is sort of blond-ish. I could not tell the genders of either.  They were about 2 years apart. (Clearly Sir Archie is a Ginger!)


I saw the Queen transitioned and that was, as one might expect, one big Majestic Sorrow world-wide. We will not see her kind again. If there IS a future, I was told 200 years from now the Monarchy simply won’t exist, being irrelevant. That does NOT mean people with money, power and land won’t continue to do so. You need no royal title to have power over other people.


I saw Duchess Megan’s father transitioned and she was not present. She and Prince Harry visited his grave later under heavy guard, privately. They did not want to be swamped by press and other mourners by attending the first funeral.


In later life, one of her sons visited her half-sister and took care of her for a while, about two weeks.


Why my Being was interested enough to view their future is beyond me. She likes the Royal Family, I guess.


When I first moved here to CA. in December 2014, I remembered everything about our 3 or 4 of our Soul Family members being taught about the election in which former President Trump was elected. We even had to try the Election booths to understand how to vote. We seem like very small white Beings. We were shown photos and told about the candidates. My Being did so much research into the background, the history and the qualifications of Hilary Clinton even I was impressed and I love to do research. I saw that someone told *us* “We think they’ll be ready for a female President in the first part of the 21st Century.”


WHO told us that, I cannot divine. We were shown everything, literal films of Hilary Clinton and the Timeline in which she won and the Timeline in which she did not. Trump was shown to us, also Mr. Marco Rubio and the ****** .  We were shown footage of Senator Bernie Sanders in his motorcade.  We were told one of the candidates would be disqualified because his daughter came forward and claimed he had sexually abused her. (This did NOT happen.) Sometimes the slightest alteration in the way people choose or not choose certain actions or choices changes what plays out in our real world.


We all know who won that election, so let us move along. The American people actually are allowed to elect our own President!


My Being knew what would happen to Sherry Papini and I have said over and over and over what happened to her and her husband.  I’m done. No one ever believes a word I write or say.


My Being and two of her Soul Friends dropped into the Akashic Record (Film) showing the death of JonBenet Ramsey and watched who murdered her. I have said this over and over and over and I am done talking about it. NO, her brother did NOT kill her! You’re welcome!


Quote Cathy O’Brien: “Why is the murder of a little girl a matter for National Security?”


Why, indeed!


For no reason I understand, I CANNOT call Jeffrey Epstein by his known name! Apparently he committed suicide in his cell. I keep calling him Jerry Edwards and saw he was found sailing some high speed boat off the waters of Southern France. I swear! Another Timeline Op, I guess. I will call him Jerry Edwards no matter how hard I try NOT to.


***Remember, that what Ms. Danison and I and many others have been shown did not give us exact times. We were Spirits.  We humans do our best with descriptions and estimates - and with all the Possible/Probable Timeline Options, we could end up being way off course. We are NOT predicting, but reporting what we have been shown or we observed as Spirits.


My Being saw (and so did Nanci Danison) the coastal flooding on the Gulf of Mexico side was extensive, causing people in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, Georgia to move way northward. Ms. Danison elaborates on the massive flooding along the bedroom communities on the East Coast, Florida was gone, (She noted Japan was gone!) and California was gone from the Big Sur to Mexico. I won’t vote against her. Melting ice caps raising the ocean levels and extreme weather conditions causing general havoc.  Extreme flooding would be the deal here. I think she said half of the lower states went underwater.


The insurance companies went bankrupt because of all of the weather and flooding damage.


For me, the bottom line is this:  The Pandemic was planned and the flooding and the End of the Epoch “shaking of all things” was planned and there is not much I can do about it.


“Lying and deceiving Spirits” - now THAT I can attest to - con brio.


I died the first time in my late 40s. NEVER in my life did I experience/want to know about: ghosts/demons/spirits/ nor did I know one thing about the Occult, Satanism, Satanists, Source, School, Astrals, Aliens, Inter-dimensional Beings - NOTHING.


What has been done to me by Satanists and Occultists is so sickening and revolting - I am tired of trying to explain it. They have NO excuse, what they do is illegal and immoral and repulsive. If Jehovah is flat out just DONE with what humans are doing/saying - I do not blame Him one iota.  He sure has been patient.


What got me at my former home were Occultists, Satanists and their bevy of light-energy starving stables of inherited “demons.” Magicians have been trapping and enslaving and using demons forever. King Solomon was very good at it, I hear!


Famed Past Life Regressionist Dr. Michael Newton says “there are no demons waiting to take your Soul.”


Seriously? People in hypnosis told you that? I have a LIGHT BEING SOUL and Dark Souls are HUNGRY FOR ENERGY. They are like Vampires!  A lonely old woman, bed-ridden and sick, alone for 23 years now?  Kill me off and grab my poor Soul, who has, after all, been putting up with ME, and all of my medical ferhoodlements for years.


God help us all.  I learned a lot from Pastor Bill Bean and Pastor Isaiah Salvidar and Pastor John Ramirez (<—former Satanist!) and others who cast out demons. I do it, too, and have for years. So you don’t have to.


I dare the “Source of All That Is” to deny it.  My God Yahweh has been talking about all this for thousands of years.


“What have you to do with us? We know who you are, the Holy One of God. Have you come to torment us before the time?” asked the demons.


The Time is now.


I find it interesting that Source told Ms. Danison there were three Epochs, and we are living at the end of the Second Epoch -   the last one is due anywhere up to 2033.  Ascension (if we may borrow that term) is a process and not an event.


If there is an Epoch of Peace and Harmony, imho, it is because tech allows people to report anyone, any time, any place to the police or anyone or embarrass the offenders on the Internet - even those who so much as drop a napkin or leave a small tip. Don’t even think about cheating on your spouse//boyfriend/girlfriend - stealing, embezzling, etc, etc.  There is no privacy again, ever, until some smart Tech Whiz Kid figures out how to install nasty viruses into works posted on the Internet, of any sort, like my article here, so that if anyone tries to download your copyrighted work, without paying you for it, they will watch their entire system self-destruct.  If they can do that, they can bypass the Surveillance under which we are all suffering.  I told you that HACKERS will be the Guardian Angels of SECTORS, not countries.  We will live in Sectors, so our financial interests are protected, not to mention any other digital devices, etc., Btw, if you have committed a crime and the police need your DNA, they can get it from the glass you just used at a restaurant - the glass you left behind.


I mean, right now they can do that.


“Big Brother" and Big Everyone is going to be able to report your every act.


Some folks have asked me if we are “in the End Times.”


Yes, I believe we are. Don’t ask me to swear on a Bible. I’m scared of Jehovah, just as He surely loves me. I believe we are for many reasons, COVID 19 being the least of them. COVID 19 has already mutated four times that I know of. And the new one is 50% more transmissible. Grrrrreat.


Am I spiritually advanced enough to survive this radical cleansing of the Earth of Mankind? The Shaking of All Things?


I don’t care if I am or not. I do not want to be on a planet where events can occur such as I truly, yes truly, experienced at my former home in Baltimore. Those events were REAL and involved what some might term Demons and even ex-military humans, who once swore to protect us Americans from enemies both foreign and domestic.



As for the touted “Internet of Things” (Mr. Ray Kurzweil) I DID see that and how it would be pitched to the American people.  I think the explanation is that everything will be connected to the Internet, all the time. Your fridge will alert you that it’s Light has gone out and it will already have ordered it from Amazon for you. Sensors, everywhere, all the time.  Tele-health and tele-therapy and all we are forced to do right now because of “Stay At Home Orders” - I saw it years ago. They’re just priming us up for it.


Fascinating book, you might want to read it. Because I was shown how that would work, not that we would agree to it!


Last but not least: I don’t want this future. I would never have wanted it. I know me, after all: I would not want to be an Exorcist. NEVER was that in my mind when I died. I know exactly what I wanted my life in Baltimore to be about.


I died and someone took over the program and ruined my life and he is going to get away with it. So I swore my Oath and I am keeping it. And he knows that, too.


My Worst Fear - The Jetsons, coming soon to a Theatre of the Absurd near you?


Nah, more like Neuromancer, I suspect. Ugh.


Scotty, beam me up . . .




Guinevere, Yes, my Spirit Really DID Arrive At Earth On A Craft - Past Life Regression soon to come and uploaded if my daughter allows.

Submitted: January 29, 2021

© Copyright 2021 RexMundi555'.-. All rights reserved.

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