My Truth About Socialism

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This is a persuasive essay I wrote for a school assignment where I delve into the depths to find out the truth about Socialism and why it's a very dangerous choice that ultimately leads to destruction.

The Truth About Socialism

Imagine a place without the right to pursue happiness. I believe this is what socialism inevitably leads to. With the help of several sources, I will persuade you that this argument is true, by delving into the depths of the economy, health care, and confronting the common objection that there is nothing morally wrong with forcing others to abandon their personal conscience.


First things first, I’ll be discussing what a socialized economy looks like and how it leads to the loss of the freedom, as stated above. According to the book by Justin T. Haskins, Socialism is Evil, a socialist country can’t exist with a middle or working class, which means no small or local businesses. This makes it nearly impossible for others, including you, to chase the dream they want. Also, there will be practically no private property. Everything will be owned by everyone. But the worst of all is the necessity of forced labor, which according to the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation (VOC), defines as “any work or service in which people are forced against their will by threat of punishment.” Jewher Ilham, a Chinese Uyghur, speaks of her father, an Uyghur scholar, who has been sentenced for life into forced labor. This includes torture, forced family separation, and forced sterilization of women. His crime? He was promoting peace. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want any of this.


Secondly, I’ll be diving into the health care system of Socialism. If you are against abortion, tough luck because, in collective healthcare, that’s part of Socialism. This would be allowed, pending the majority, and you would be forced to participate in its funding, according to Haskins. But that’s not the only controversy regarding this health care system, according to his book. As by definition, health care is very personal. As such, physician-assisted suicide would be allowed depending on the majority. The patient or his family wouldn’t get a say in life and death matters regarding himself. But it isn’t just the patients and their families that lose their voice, the providers do, too. According to how the collective majority vote, everyone will be forced to directly or indirectly participate, even if it’s against their morals.


Finally, the common socialistic objection, as stated by Haskins’ book, is that “there is nothing ‘evil’ about forcing people to violate their deeply held moral beliefs”. One flaw with this argument is that it “has absolutely no objective standard to base its claim”. Claiming that lowering wealth disparity is more important than not violating peoples’ beliefs, is unable to be proven. The second flaw is that it “assumes all major religions throughout the world are false.” This shows that they can’t be certain that religious objections are less valuable than economic concerns. The third and final flaw is that they “can’t prove economic concerns have a greater value than individual freedom.” 


Ultimately, all these facts point to Socialism leading to the loss of our freedom to pursue our own happiness. Through the collective economy, no voice in healthcare, and the rebuking of a common objection, this ideology may sound good but is in itself a very dangerous mindset. So, I urge all of you to think carefully about what you want for yourself and the future generation, as what you ultimately decide might take away our most precious freedom of all, the right to pursue happiness.




Submitted: January 29, 2021

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J.D. Anderson

Considering the state of our society right now, in a few years you may be considered a prophet. Very well written and very good points made, I would only suggest more sources to make the point that your point of view is more than singular in nature. Very well written though.

Sat, January 30th, 2021 4:17am

D. Thurmond aka JEF

First, let me say that I am not a fan of today's socialism. You see, true socialism cannot be found in today's world. --- That being said, this is well written, but the Title is misleading. The Title should read: "MY truth about Socialism" because THE complete truth is not within this collection of right leaning capitalistic thought. Your's, mine, or anyone's viewpoint is never the truth, (why?) because TRUTH is subjective and given to interpretation. So this bit of collective thought is what you would like others to believe socialism to be, not what it actually is. Why, again? Type, "OMG, Socialism!" in the Search Oval above.

Sat, January 30th, 2021 6:23pm


Thank you for understanding and tbh, I’ve never been good at coming up with titles. Thank you for the info on how to make the title better. God bless you!

Sat, January 30th, 2021 11:50am

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