Plaster Wall

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

You didn't say Anything.

Plaster Wall


I heard you through the wall.

Laying in my bed.

Waiting on you to call.

But then I heard her through your wall.

Your voice and her giggle.

Later that night you called on me.

And I went.

I went to cause myself pain and to test you.

Would you say something?

Would you tell me?

I thought you would have.

You never hold back shoving other girls in my face.

“A girl hit on me.”

“The new girl is hot.”

Oggling in front of me.

Did it ever bother me?

A little.

I'm not like others where I will explode on you for simple things.

You do you.

If you care for me then you do and I don't question.

But you?

You question without cause.

One look and blame is placed.

But you.

You had her in your room.


On your bed?


I wanted so badly for you to say something.

I wanted you so badly to tell me anything.

But you never did.

And now for days I have hurt.

The pain always sitting in the back of my brain, taunting me.

Laughing at me.

Cursing me like a witch.

I wanted you to tell me it was someone from work.

I needed you to tell me.

But I got nothing but, “ rub my back?”

And of course I agreed.

And of course you called me a piece of shit for not pushing hard enough.

And of course I felt that bullet in the heart.

You are a weakness I have never known.

One I cannot seem to fight.

Knowing myself though.

I will explode.

A well filled too full, overflowing.

Words will flow.

Tears probably will too.

And still.

It will be my fault.

But that girl.

I heard her giggle.

The memory trapped in my head so tight even the ocean couldn’t cure it.

The walls are thin.

You must have known that, right?

Plaster as thin as my heart wall.

One swift kick and down it comes.

One more kick and will my heart crumble down?

When it happens, will my inner demon giggle like her?

Is it a giggle that kills us?

Is it your empty words that will drown us?

Will this wall flatten us?

Or will we build?

Or will we not?



Submitted: January 29, 2021

© Copyright 2021 cagedgirl. All rights reserved.

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