Table of Contents

Sins of the Father

SINS OF THE FATHER   I   Niles Tucket owned the land up to the shale cliffs in the west, and up past the coal h... Read Chapter

Angels Orchard

ANGEL’S ORCHARD   I   On the day in question, the day that followed so perfectly the path of a fallen man’s... Read Chapter

Keith Has Questions

KEITH HAS QUESTIONS   I The Sherriff had convinced Tucket to sell him the MacPherson farm, giving a promise he woul... Read Chapter

Night Falls

NIGHT FALLS   I   Keith left for the town center immediately, Freeman had not heard of the attorney b... Read Chapter

The Day Brings Surprises

THE DAY BRINGS SURPRISES   I   After explaining most of the deeds, and titles now in the hands of bot... Read Chapter

Keith Visits Portsmith

I The sailor was much surprised when he heard a warrant from down South was out for him, and had put out a warrant for his arrest f... Read Chapter

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