These Old Bones

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

What was he without war?

No longer a husband. Never a father. No family or friends to speak of.

For decades, war had carried him from one side of the world to the other and back again, but never home.

Now, age has him in its cold grasp and all he wishes is to see his childhood home one more time. Until chance brings him together with a young girl, chosen vessel of a Patron, and forces him upon a journey to a fabled temple. The path is filled with danger and wonder, but will they reach the temple in time, or will all be lost?

A fantasy novel, set in “Patrons’ World”.

Table of Contents


1   The rain engulfed them, soaking their clothing. Seeping in, almost penetrating skin. Chilling them to their bones, yet n... Read Chapter


2   He remained cautious. Decades of fighting taught him that. He had suffered more than his fair share of traps, more than ... Read Chapter


3   He awoke with a start and tried sitting up too fast. His left knee, always problematic, locked in place and he rocked fo... Read Chapter


4   He made a play of adjusting the backpack, rolling his shoulders, lifting his arms and tugging at the straps. Truth be to... Read Chapter


5   It felt strange to him, caring for the girl’s wellbeing. He felt like his head were spinning and his gut twisted at th... Read Chapter


6   He had no choice but to drape Tiera over her saddle to carry her away from the mine entrance. It would be dark before to... Read Chapter


7   After two days, Tiera felt well enough to ride and Viriili’s uncontrolled healing had started to have its effect upon ... Read Chapter


8   The four soldiers took positions to the front, back and sides, leading Brorzjav, Viriili and Tiera along the road. For h... Read Chapter


9   He awoke to the sound of laughter and excited chattering from Tiera and Viriili. Rubbing his eyes and yawning, he stretc... Read Chapter


10   He awoke with a start, reaching for his sword that wasn’t there and fighting against hands pushing him back down. He ... Read Chapter


11   He remembered this feeling as though it were only yesterday that he and the other boy entered the Hissing Marshes. The ... Read Chapter


12   Part of the roof had caved in, covering Brorzjav and Tiera with wooden tiles, and almost the entire front of the cabin ... Read Chapter


13   He could sense Tiera tensing, even though she appeared to remain relaxed upon the long seat. For himself, Brorzjav sear... Read Chapter


14   Brorzjav paced back and forth outside the door. Every so often, he would stop, place his ear against the door and grumb... Read Chapter


15   Sleep came, but it didn’t come easy. Dreams of the girl reaching the Temple Valley and striking down everyone there w... Read Chapter


16   With great care, Brorzjav backed away, on all fours. He took a good look around and saw many more patches of the fungi,... Read Chapter


17   For a good few feet, the Spore Bearers clambered atop each other, scrambling to reach Brorzjav, the girl and Tiera. Mor... Read Chapter


18   Training went both well and disastrous. The girl had an affinity for working with the sword. Not a natural, but few peo... Read Chapter


19   Tiera could feel the heat. Taste the smoke curling around them. Under her body, she felt the form of Viriili and, with ... Read Chapter


20   “Get up. Old man.”   The voice filled his mind. A whisper from a great distance.   Then, ... Read Chapter


21   The raider gurgled as she clutched him to her chest, his blood flowing from his throat onto the arm she used to hold hi... Read Chapter


22   The manacles chaffed upon his wrists and the stone floor dug into his knees. It wasn’t the first time he had found hi... Read Chapter


23   Like a great lumbering beast, the camp awoke before dawn and began breaking down Urits, readying ponies and carts, peop... Read Chapter


24   They rode for ten miles, or so, doubling back, heading in different directions, circling to ensure no-one had followed.... Read Chapter


25   In his fury, Brorzjav ignored the girl’s shout. Notch and the long dagger clashed together and his momentum carried h... Read Chapter


26   On the third night, he decided to take first and second watch to give his soldiers a little rest. Sat upon a small hill... Read Chapter


27   Taking a circuitous route, they found the hooked finger mountain and the white scar upon its face. The mountain, itself... Read Chapter


28   Aeraduth found an inn, used by pilgrims when the village were not under siege, and Brorzjav dipped into his pack, takin... Read Chapter


29   He could feel the tension within the tiny rank of villagers before him. Fifteen people against almost fifty. Some as yo... Read Chapter

30 + Epilogue

30   Yisrith climbed the small hill up to the lake, fed by a stream from one side of the mountains and running off towards t... Read Chapter

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