The Gates to Heaven

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Max Maximov, one of the most notable modern Russian writers, is now in English!
Will the gates of Heaven open to a sinful man if he makes every effort to look after his disabled daughter? Or will it open to a humanlike robot? The disabled girl is willing to do anything to help her father, who works as a hitman, and the favorite robot save their souls…

Table of Contents


A man in black mask sat at a wooden table in the interrogation room, his legs crossed. "Do you realise what awaits you in case you do... Read Chapter


"Excuse me, could you help me," began Anton addressing to the passer by. The man, seemingly forty years old, stopped and looked at An... Read Chapter


After placing his finger on the scanner, Anton opened the door and went in the apartment silently. "Good evening," the polyphonic voi... Read Chapter


When Anton woke up in the morning, he recalled the last night. Did he do everything correct? Could it be that he had left tracks? He lay ... Read Chapter


"Eve, hurry up, we're being late," Anton said unhappy. "I do... do … don't want to go anywhere!" the girl resented. "What's you... Read Chapter


The heavy wooden door opened. Three entered the room. "Get out!" Levi struggled to get off the floor – his hands were tied behi... Read Chapter


  It had been a week since the phone call about the failed case. Anton agreed to finish it. But it was too risky to commit murde... Read Chapter


Anton pressed his finger against the scanner, and they with Sasha walked into the flat. The robot took off the rubber outer linings from ... Read Chapter


Eve sat in the wheelchair in the hallway, Anton stood next to her. With a solemn look he introduced to her a toy named Sasha. "It's i... Read Chapter


Anton stood in front of the mirror and stroke his beard that had grown quite long in a few weeks. His face expressed no emotion. The pred... Read Chapter


The sun went beyond the horizon, and full moon came to replace it in the sky. Father Martin looked closely at Levi, who was sitting acros... Read Chapter


Anton went up to his storey, pushed his finger against the scanner and opened the door. Eve ran out of the room screaming. "Anton... Read Chapter


Eva and Sasha stayed at home all day. It was no longer necessary to go anywhere, all physiological needs of the body stopped. Civilisatio... Read Chapter


The carriage without horses stood on the road in the middle of the night forest. The coachman, accompanied by a guard, took horses to the... Read Chapter


Eva sat with the camera by the window almost all night. Sometimes she went to the computer to check news, as for some unknown reason ther... Read Chapter


Eve sat on a wide kitchen windowsill leaning her shoulder against the window and looked outside. Thousands and maybe hundreds of thousand... Read Chapter


In the distance Eva saw a man. He went towards them. "Looks like he's not being touched either. Just like me," she said. "What ar... Read Chapter


There came dawn. The rain stopped, and the sun's first rays lit up the dead city. Eve took off the raincoat and threw it at the floor. Sh... Read Chapter


The carriage drove very slowly. The guards to the left and to the right of Levi looked attentively both ways. Two convoys were walking be... Read Chapter


A few days later, hunger began to affect people's health badly. Anton grew even weaker and could no longer walk. His shirt and blanket we... Read Chapter


Sasha was lying on his back near Anton's cell. "Can you hear me?!" the robot asked loudly. There was no response. Sasha banged hi... Read Chapter


"Levi, assuming that we could have been created by ancient people for their own purposes, you must have pondered the complexity of our bo... Read Chapter

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