A man of light

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Max Maximov, one of the most notable modern Russian writers, is now in English!
A weed of obviously extraterrestrial origin covers the Earth with tentacles. People near the plants are going crazy. But the plant doesn’t only penetrate the brains via, it creates terrible monsters from the living organisms it has swallowed. Unexpectedly, it turns out that only people with Down syndrome (DS) are immune to the destructive nature of the weeds. The Space Infection Institute has launched a new call to recruit volunteers to spray a weed killer into the root. Several groups have already moved towards the center of the parasite and have been able to establish a path through it with supply points in abandoned villages. None of these DS groups have been able to reach the source. Because the weeds are constantly spreading, the path to the source takes longer every day. No one has yet returned alive, because the DS people are also exposed to the no less dangerous mutants and monsters without protection.

After the death of their parents, a boy with DS, Kostya, and his sister live with a guardian who exploits and abuses them. The good-natured Kostya has always wanted to save the world and also wants to make himself and his sister independent with a lavish salary. Kostya lets himself be persuaded by the guardian to take on this life-threatening job.

Table of Contents


A man of light.   OCTOBER The heart, liver and brain lay next to the corpse on the parquet floor of a one-room apartment... Read Chapter


Chapter two   Kostya sat on the toilet and pushed with all his might. He startled by a knock on the door. "How much long... Read Chapter


Chapter three   NOVEMBER The cameraman pointed the camera at the television host. A man in a formal suit sat in a chair ... Read Chapter


Chapter four   SEPTEMBER Because of the Thicket spread the city was deserted. Many people moved in advance, before the m... Read Chapter


Chapter five   SEPTEMBER The sizzling of fried eggs in a red-hot frying pan woke Kostya up. The guy sat on the cot and s... Read Chapter


Chapter six   Kostya quickly fell asleep in the new place. Alex woke him up at six in the morning. After breakfast, they pac... Read Chapter


Chapter seven   Anya had a big fight with Zakhar when he returned from the Institute of Space Infections. The foster parent ... Read Chapter


Chapter eight   The journey to the point "A" was relatively quiet. Once the group heard a roar in the distance, but it was s... Read Chapter


Chapter nine   Zakhar returned in the evening, drunk, without shoes, and with a split lip. Anya and Kostya were just having ... Read Chapter


Chapter ten   Three hundred kilometres to the central root of the Thicket. At the beginning of his second trip to the Th... Read Chapter


Chapter eleven   When she got home, Anya found a note from Kostya on her desk. "Don't be angry. I went into the Thicket.... Read Chapter


Chapter twelve   Two hundred and fifty kilometres to the central root of the Thicket. The wayfarers kept watch in shifts... Read Chapter


Chapter thirteen   However scary it was to live under the same roof with Zakhar who could at any moment go insane, it was ev... Read Chapter


Chapter fourteen   OCTOBER The tram started abruptly. The investigator took a couple of steps back to regain his balance... Read Chapter


Chapter fifteen   Anya returned home about ten o'clock in the evening. After school, she went to the canteen, as usual, and ... Read Chapter


Chapter sixteen   "Marina! Zakhar's cry woke Anya, who had fallen asleep on the floor opposite the door. The girl looked... Read Chapter


Chapter seventeen   Six days after leaving the Thicket, Kostya stopped communicating. He sent the last message when he was f... Read Chapter


Chapter eighteen   OCTOBER The investigator sat in a chair and watched the news. The presenter reported on the death of ... Read Chapter

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