Socialism, Wherefore art thou?

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Some simple facts about socialism.

Socialism is the battle-cry of the Republican party, in the United States. And as far as Socialism goes, they say that they have to save America from it's clutches; like it's not everywhere anyway.

Let me tell you why.

All the while that they moan and grown about the socialist way of life, they embrace it and even welcome it into their lives; case in point. Of the top ten States in the Union, Six of those States received the most Welfare per capita, per 100,000 people.


Here are the 6 of 10 states with the most welfare recipients, per capita, and how they voted in the 2016 Presidential election:


Louisiana (17,293 per 100k) --- Republican - 2016

West Virginia (17,155 per 100k) --- Republican - 2016

Mississippi (14,743 per 100k) --- Republican - 2016

Oklahoma (14,678 per 100k) --- Republican - 2016

Alabama (14,674 per 100k) --- Republican - 2016

Pennsylvania (13,613 per 100k) --- Republican - 2016


Now here are the 6 states with the most welfare recipients, compared to all other states in total numbers, and how they voted in the 2016 Presidential election:

Florida (2,779,400) --- Republican - 2016

Pennsylvania (1,741,489) --- Republican - 2016

Ohio (1,378,556) --- Republican - 2016

Georgia (1,348,973) --- Republican - 2016

Michigan (1,167,928) --- Republican - 2016

Tennessee (891,135) --- Republican - 2016


I'm not sure what to say about this, it seem odd to me that someone who hates socialism and is willing to vote against it at every turn, is still willing to take handouts from the system of government that they hate.

Isn't that like biting the hand that feeds you, and still expecting to get fed?


But the real shocker is the Private Sector, the Standard Barer to salvation from Socialism.

Take for instance, Utilities. You pay a bill every so often and that pays for the Amount of Gas, Electricity, or Water that you received. Right? --- Wrong!

In that bill, somewhere, is a general cost of delivery. The cost that is needed for the entire system to keep running; we'll call it a Set-up and Delivery Fee.

If Bill uses twice as much, (whatever), as Karen does, then he should pay twice as much as Karen does in Delivery Fees, but he doesn't. He pays the same in most cases.

The Delivery Fee stays the same for each household, and then each household pays a usage fee on top of that.

Let's look at Trash Pick-up. Bill fills all of his 3 trash-receptacles every week, but Karen has fewer people in her household, and she has a smaller lawn, so she only fills her lawn trash-receptacles once a month and it is taken away once a month.

Karen fills her recycle receptacle every other week, so she only puts it out every-other week.

So you see, Karen gets far less service for her monthly cost, which is the same as Bills, and that is how capitalistic socialism works.

Everyone pays a set amount into a group system, and like welfare, some benefit more than others, but everyone does benefit according to their needs.

This is true with banks, financial institutions, all of business, they all divide the cost of doing business with the public, and then set General Fees in each category.

Some people write six checks a month, some write more, some use online services more than others, but the account cost the same for each of them.

Even Private Sector Insurance Companies do the same things, but in different ways.

The fact is, your Capitalistic Business World is filled with Socialism, just as your government has their social programs.


So let's tell the truth about "So Called Socialism," it's everywhere and it's here to stay.

So the next time your crying about socialism, start counting the members of your extended families that get help from social programs.

And remember, no-one is watching so you can tell yourself the truth about the amount.



JE Falcon


Submitted: January 31, 2021

© Copyright 2021 JE Falcon aka JEF. All rights reserved.

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Serge Wlodarski

I've lived in four of the states on your lists. Mostly they'd be third world countries without the federal teat.

Sun, January 31st, 2021 1:25pm


I've got cousins in most, and I'm afraid my sanity won't allow me to talk to them, anymore.

Sun, January 31st, 2021 9:43am

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