StarBright: Escape From Shanksville

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic




Captain Fangs. World Deadliest Pirate. She led her crew to many successful heists, caused enormous damage to the Galactic Unity. An Organization that many species including Humans had joined to keep the vast galaxy in peace and order. Fangs and her crew of outlaws have become “Public Enemy” with a large bounty on each of their heads. 


-Captain Fangs. Captain of the StarBright. 99.999.999 Shards if bring Alive. 

-Slate. Cyborg and Second in Command of the StarBright. 55.000.000 Shards if bring Dead 

-Spyglass. Stolen SexBot that contains secret documents. 60.000.000 Shards if the chip is in good condition. 

-Raz. Unknown Marsupial Experimentation. Extremely Psychotic. 80.000.000 Shards if bring Dead 

-Cooper. Trained Assassin Viper. 20.000.000 Shards if bring Dead. 

-Klung. Dangerous Golem. Beware of his strength. 70.000.000 Shards if bring Dead. 


Yet, reports have been told that Captain Fangs has gone M.I.A. During the incident that caused the destruction of Planet Earth. The report also said that the crew of StarBright still remained at large, Slate being in charge. While they went silent after the incident, many believe that they had caused the planet's demise and billions of innocent deaths. General Stone of the Galactic Unity vows to find them and bring them to justice for all of their crimes. He also vows to find the whereabouts of Captain Fangs. 

No one really knows where the crew of StarBright are, some believe that they left the galaxy, others believe that they died on some random planet, there also speculation that they may be planning something big. One thing is certain, StarBright will return one day. 



Act 1: Following A Beacon. 



One year after the destruction of Earth. The StarBright ship is seen flying in the dark sector of Sakakun. A dangerous sector of space that is known to be filled with outlaws and raiders. The ship is flying with zero light on to not bring any attention. Inside the ship we see a Robot, attached by multiple cables all over itself in a chair, the robot slim and tall with a single eye lens, its hands are long similar to females' nails. On its left side of the chest, a name can be spell “Spyglass” 


A small young girl voice is heard 

???: Spyglass? 


The Robot remains off, not hearing the girl calling it. The girl's voice is heard again. 

???: Spyglass? I know you can hear me. 


The Robot is activated, it proceeds to remove all of the cables attached to itself and stand up. Spyglass look at the girl. A young ten-year-old girl, with big eyes that has the color purple on her Iris, slim in her body shape, with brunette hair but having a small purple stripe. Spyglass gets down to the girl, face to face. 

S.G: What seems to be the issue? Mrs. Earhart. 


The cold robotic voice scared the girl know as Earhart. She takes a few steps back before responding. 

E: Sorry. It’s just that, you been flying for days without giving any update. Klung spends all day sleeping, so it’s felt lonely without the others. 


Spyglass stands itself up and heads back to the pilot chair, looking at the holographic map that is attached to the chair. 

S.G: If the beacon that Captain Slate is working as it should, which by my never-failing calculation it would not. Then we should find them by at least the next, 4 hours. 


Earhart quickly rush to see the map that Spyglass is looking at 

E: How can we be close? There is nothing in this sector. 


Spyglass move aside Earhart. It pulls the holographic map to make it bigger, showing the entire sector of Sakakun. With one finger, Spyglass points to a dwarf planet. 

S.G: I believe Slate, Raz, and Cooper are on this dwarf planet. I also believe that this is the same dwarf planet that has the lawful prison, known as “Shanksville” 


Earhart look confused with the name that Spyglass mention 

E: Shanksville? 

S.G: It’s a lawful prison, run by criminals that follow orders from a Dwarf known as Warden Blackstar. 

E: Blackstar? That sounds stupid. 

S.G: His real name is Melody. 


Earhart began chuckling at the fact that the warden's real name is even sillier. Spyglass goes back to the pilot chair and proceeds to connect himself with all the loose cables. 

S.G: Mrs. Earhart. May I suggest that you go to the engine room, and awake Klung. Tell him that we are close. 


Earhart proceeds to the engine room of the ship. The room is cover with weapons, golds, skulls, and scraps. Some of the walls received punches, some of the machines with “Cooper” name tag on it are also destroyed. Earhart finds Klung, sleeping in a giant pile of rocks. The golem dressed in gladiator armor is in deep slumber, not being able to hear the young girl. 

E: Klung. Wake up... Come on, Spyglass need you awake. 


Earhart grabbed a random alien skull and proceed to climb the golem, as she climbs to be face to face with Klung. The Golem still in his deep sleep hasn’t felt the girl climbing on to him. 

E: Okay. Time to wake up big fella. 


Earhart smashes the skull directly to Klung’s Face, The Golem is suddenly awoken by the direct hit proceed to grab Earhart with one hand, while slowly getting up. As he gets up from his slumber, he gives a direct look at Earhart and proceeds to show a big smile before speaking in a deep, slow, and raspy voice. 

K: Klung. Is happy to see the small girl again. 

E: Sorry to wake you that way. But Spyglass needs you. 

Klung put Earhart on his shoulder as he proceeds to walk out of the engine room 

K: Klung sees Spyglass now. Klung hopes that Spyglass has good news of missing friends. 


Back in the control room of the StarBright. Spyglass is looking at a holographic projection of the prison known as Shanksville. Klung and Earhart arrive, Spyglass turns back to look at them. 

S.G: Ah. It’s good to see you awake Klung. I heard the skull smashing from up here well 

K: Klung. Want to know about missing friends. 

S.G: Very well. I have confirmed my belief that Slate, Raz, and Cooper are indeed inside this prison 

E: Then let’s go get them. 


Spyglass proceed to show the holographic prison to Klung and Earhart. 

S.G: This prison is lawful, the criminals run loose with guns on their hands. Chances are that if we enter, we will be killed on sight. But if we help contact them from the inside without going then we can work something out. 

KlungKlung. Doesn’t understand. 


Spyglass proceeds to grab one of the cables with a label that has written “Raz” on it 

S.G: Leave that for me and Raz. 


Act 2: Shanksville. 




4 hours before 

Deep inside Shanksville, the sounds of criminals laughing, shooting, eating, and drinking can be heard all over the prison. Small critters are being chased around by the criminals. In the prisoner section, there is a cell with 3 prisoners, a Cyborg dressed in a very pirate fashion, with his pirate boots, his pants with cuts that can visibly see his robotic legs, a shirt and robe combo, and lastly his Captain hat that once belong to Fangs. The second prisoner is a female marsupial mutant, dressed in some sort of old black prisoner outfit, with scraps of metals in her kneecap, arms, and shoulders as protection. Her fur is orange, with her left ears seem to been bitten and lost a piece. The last prisoner is a serpent-like alien digging a hole with a plastic spoon. The serpent is seen dress with a metallic vest that protects his snake body, on top of his head he is wearing goggles. 


The Marsupial goes near the Serpent and looks at his progress with a smirk smile before the Serpent notices her the Marsupial with a charismatic charm yet a noticeable demented tone. 

???: You do realize. That even if you make a hole, you will land on a lower floor fill with happy gunslinger rapist, right Cooper? 


Cooper stops digging and instead gives the Marsupial an annoyed look while she still looks at him with a smirk on her face. 

C: At least I am doing it. All you did since we got here Raz was nonstop giving threats to every single guard that walk right past us. 

R: You got to show no fear to these insect vermin, because as far that I can tell. I wasn’t crying on the floor and begging not to die. 

C: And you? The great dangerous Raz, dropping her guns at their request. 

R: You want me fierce? I can give you fierce right now. 

C: Oh please. You only get fierce in the bed with the captain. 


The Cyborg is trying to sleep, yet cannot do it due to his fellow crewmates nonstop bickering. He removes his hat revealing half of his face is replace with a robotic face, he stands up and looks with an annoyed face at both Raz and Cooper. 

???: Hey! Mind keeping it quiet, if we keep it up the guards going to find it annoying which will result in a quick execution on us. 


Cooper looked at the cyborg nervously, while Raz rolled her eyes since her Captain has ruined her fun. 

C: Sorry Captain Slate. I just want to get the living hell out of here. 

R: Then stop digging the stupid hole, and start thinking like a true pirate. 


Raz goes near to Captain Slate’s shoulder and starts touching his chin slowly which sparks come out of his robotic face as a sign of being aroused. 

R: And fuck like pirate too. 


Captain Slate push Raz aside as he tries to concentrate on the bigger situation and how they are going to get out of here alive. 

S: Listen. I know Warden Blackstar, as long no one makes fun of his size OR says his real name. We may get out alive... probably... if he is not drunk. 


Suddenly a screaming voice can be heard, the voice is coming closer to the door. As it opens, two criminals guard, and in the center, an angry dwarf, dressed in a warden uniform enters the Prisoner Section. The dwarf smiled as he sees his prisoners and proceeds to come near them. Captain Slate push Raz and Cooper aside. 

S: Hey. If it isn’t the great Warden Blackstar, ruler of Shanksville. 

B.S: Argh, and ruler of ya mother, ya suck of cans. 

S: Oh, good one. Listen, we didn’t know this place was occupied. It was an accident, no need to keep us here locked. 

B.S: Suck me. I know you StarBright are wanted in almost every single sector of this galaxy. Also, I know well that you came here for something. 

S: Come on Blackstar. It’s a lawful galaxy, we all need to survive. 

B.S: Spare me the ballbustingya rust bucket. I know what you looking for. 

S: What? 

B.S: The compass. Or should I say Captain Fang’s Compass. Ya think the news of her disappearance won’t be as big. The entire galaxy wants her head. So of course, everyone in the fricking galaxy is looking for clues. 

S: I can assure you; we move on. 


Raz pop in quickly behind of Captain Slate, she shows a very confident tone of voice as she speaks against the Warden. 

R: Yeah. Our new captain is as brave, smart, and sexy just like Fang. 


Warden Blackstar looks confused at Raz. He then looks back at Captain Slate and realizes what she meant. 

B.S: Soo you are the new captain of the StarBright? If so, then the bounty on your head must be the same amount as of Fang? 

S: Bounty? Pfff no-no Blackstar... My is less... Like Cooper 


Cooper quickly pops in behind of Captain Slate, the viper found that comment insulting, yet he realizes quickly that it is true. 

C: HEY... Well... Yeah, I'm not worth that much honestly. 

B.S: Still. Collecting the bounty of you three will make me quite a fortune. 


Raz, push aside Cooper, making the poor viper fall to the floor in pain. Raz quickly changes her what was once a confident tone, to a more upbeat and gleeful voice. 

R: Wait. If you kill us, you will never find our... Treasure Planet? 

B.S: Treasure Planet? 


Raz quickly gives a wink at Captain Slate. The Captain returns with a smile, knowing well what she is planning. 

S: That correct. The great Captain Fangs left a planet filled with her treasure for anyone to conquer it. We can take you. If you so wish. 

B.S: Is that so? 

R: YEAH. Oh, the legend that you will become if you steal from the once Legendary Pirate of all Galaxy 


Cooper confused with what Captain Slate and Raz are saying, decided to get in between both due to his slim snake body. 

C: WAIT A SECOND? Are you guys talking about Treasure Planet? 

B.S: So, is it true? 

C: Oh, it is. I LOVE that movie. 



Raz and Captain Slate, both annoyed that Cooper ruins it. Raz quickly grabs Cooper’s neck and begin to look at the poor snake that currently struggling to get some air with anger while she continues to strangle him. 

R: Oh, you ungrateful, little FUCK! 


The Warden annoyed that he had been tricked, decided that he heard enough. He tells his guard to leave them in their cells as they walk away. Captain Slate, quickly tries to persuade Blackstar, while Raz continues to strangle Cooper. 

S: Blackstar. Wait we can work something out. 

B.S: Forget it, ya no good rusted man. I will simply execute you all and collect the bounty. Enjoy your last day of living. 


The Warden leaves, leaving the three pirates alone in their cell, Raz continues to strangle Cooper while he tries to struggle his way out of her hands. Captain Slate, look down at his feet as he feels guilty that he has left his friend down. 




Act 3: Leaving Empty Handed. 




4 Hours Later 

As Captain Slate walk back and forward inside the prison cell, Raz and Cooper are trying to make a fake key with only a rock, broken old bones, and one of Raz’s claws. As they continue making the fake key, Cooper will occasionally look at Raz in fear that she will try to strangle him again. Raz, find it annoying. 

R: Cooper. If you look at me one more time, you will never experience another of your skin shedding in your entire life. 

C: Sorry. 


Captain Slate continues to walk back and forward, thinking hard in a solution. The Captain stopped walking and simply stare at the wall with the graffiti that simply say “Fang. Will Break it Down”. Captain Slate let go a big sigh as he losing options to get out. 

S: To know that Fang once rules this prison. 


Raz and Cooper stop making their fake key after hearing what the captain just said. Both look at each other confused and look back at the captain. 

C: What? 

S: Fang used to rule this prison. That how we met, how she manages to snatch Spyglass too. Once she had enough for her crew, we left this place. I thought, since her disappearance that she may have left some clue of where she is. Hell, she wasn’t joking about not leaving any secret passage here. 

R: Wait. Then what the flying slug is Blackstar doing here acting all big man? 

S: He? Nah, he just a wannabe crook jealous that Fang didn’t pick him for her crew. 


Raz stands up and go to his captain, she tries to pat him on his back while he continues to stare at the wall. But as she about to touch him, her eyes begin to glow and she starts jolting all over. After a few seconds of jolting, she fell to the ground. Cooper quickly go to check on her with Captain Slate. 

C: Did she died? 

S: Wait, her eyes are glowing... Spyglass? 


Raz stands up quickly, she shakes herself a bit to clean up. Her voice now being from the robot Spyglass coming out. 

S.G: Well now. I told you that leaving that metallic plate on her skull would be useful. 


Captain Slate and Cooper smile as they realize that Spyglass has found them. 

S: Wait. How did you know we would be here? And I thought Raz told you to remove any microchip that she made have from her experiment. 

S.G: I found you luckily due to the tracking beacon that your robotic eye has Captain Slate. Requested by our once dear Captain Fang. As for Raz, while I did remove all microchips. I modified that metallic plate on her skull to create a wireless connection as a way of communication. 

C: So, she not dead? 

S.G: No. But I can guarantee that she is currently angry as we speak, she can still hear us and me but cannot interact. 

S: Alright then. Is the StarBright fully loaded? 

S.G: Yes. I had Klung and Mrs. Earhart modified the gun on our way here, we will be as Klung say “Showering them with Blood” 

S: Alright. Tell Klung to open the ship as you begin to rain down, oh and make sure that Klung use the “LobotomizerX3” 

S.G: Understood. 


Spyglass remove himself from Raz’s body. The marsupial quickly drops herself to the floor and puke a bit, she gets herself up but with an angry face due to what happened. 

R: Remind me. That once we get out, I’m going to download porn and store it on his memory core and we see how he like that. 

S: You heard what Spyglass said. They going to start shooting down so get ready to run. 

C: Yeah. About that, Spyglass forgot to tell us WHEN? 


Suddenly the screams of pain and blaster can be heard, along with the yelling of criminals. Raz, Cooper, and Captain Slate walk back from their cell as the sound of blasters get closer that the wall explodes. As the 3 cover they face due to debris and smoke, they see that their ship is attacking Shanksville. Many of the criminals are getting gunned down by the ship. 

S: I guess now we run. 


The three quickly grab rusted “Repetitive” Assault Rifles, the guns seem to be in bad shape cover with rust and duct tape with an attachable “Hook Launcher”. But they were still reliable as they proceed to run & gun many guards. Klung appears from the StarBright may door holding a minigun known as the “Lobotomizer” a smart minigun that once targets it will fire a dart that will proceed to go to a living eye and penetrate until arriving the living being skull to release a chemical acid that melts the brain. 

K: Klung. Cover friends 


As Klung proceed to fire his gun, taking down many of Blackstar’s guards. Blackstar himself appears holding a grenade launcher known as the “Boomka”. He proceeds to focus his shot at the StarBright. Raz seeing Blackstar behind them turn back and use the Hook Launcher in her gun, she fires the Hook which landed in Blackstar’s left leg which resulted in his leg quickly rip apart from his body. The dwarf falls to the ground in great pain only to be quickly get dragged by two of his guard as they retreat. Raz turns back to see the ship still intact and quickly joined them, as all get aboard safely. Spyglass commences taking the ship as far from the devastated Shanksville as possible. 


Far from Shanksville, in the sector of Poana. The StarBright crew celebrate the successful mission. Raz is seen drunk yet happy while holding Earhart on the shoulder, Cooper is seen shanking his tail which has a party hat on top of it, Klung is nonstop drinking gallons of beverage from his home planet while also making a mess out of it. Spyglass and Captain Slate are seen in the other room alone, discussing. 

S: It’s wasn’t there. The compass was long gone. 

S.G: You believe that Blackstar is telling the truth? 

S: I know Blackstar. Lying isn’t his thing, mostly because he sucks and would brag if he had something that we need. 

S.G: My calculation is that Fangs may have got it, making sure no one can find her. 

S: But why would she leave her crew behind? What do you think she up to? 

S.G: I wish to know that as well. 

Spyglass hearing how the rest of the crew are celebrating and enjoying look at Captain Slate and proceed to offer him a mug. 

S.G: May I recommend that you enjoy today, we can continue looking tomorrow. 


Captain Slate grabs the mug and is commencing to walk out of the room. He stops and looks back at Spyglass who is already looking at the window, staring at the vast darkness of space. 

S: We going to find her. Right? 

Spyglass doesn’t turn back to see Captain Slate. 

S.G: If my calculation is correct. We do have a higher chance of finding her. But we still need that compass. 



Act 4: The Compass. 




Meanwhile in the icy planet of Vizerath.  A lonesome robot walks in the frozen wasteland alone, the robot is dressed in the fashion of a gunslinger cowboy. Boots made by the skin of the reptilian Skarg species, his black pants along with his belt in which many bullets can be seen around it, a large trench coat covering most of his body, his hat resemble of an actual cowboy hat with a card attached to it. The Gunslinger continues to walk while each of its hands holds a revolver, ready to shoot in case something tries to attack. 


The Gunslinger stops to see light not far from where he is standing, as it begins walking, it begins to slowly reveal itself to be a small town. As it arrives, the civilians which are blue-skinned humanoids look in either confused or scare of The Gunslinger. The Gunslinger notices a tavern open right next to it, the civilians starring at it from the window proceed to act normal as if they didn’t notice The Gunslinger that coming closer at each step. 


As The Gunslinger enter the Tavers, all kind of species stops doing whatever they were doing just to look at the mysterious robot. The Gunslinger take a good look at the entire Tavern main floor, it locks itself into the eyes of the Bartender, a big Yeti like creature with walrus tusks that starring back at the robot while cleaning dirty mugs. The Bartender gives out a big spit to the floor and looks back at The Gunslinger while giving it a question. 

B: You here for Oils, or are you here for a Bounty? 


The Gunslinger began walking to the Bartender, as it reaches face to face the robot sits and takes out a bag of shards from his coat and drop it on the counter. As it speaks, the voice cold, slow, and broken come out from The Gunslinger, giving shivers to the Bartender. 

T.G: I seek a ship. One fast enough to catch up. 


The Bartender, looks surprised at the amount of Shards inside the bag. He gives a big look at The Gunslinger, wondering if this was any trick. The Gunslinger simply stood still, looking at him and waiting for a response. 

B: Yeah. I got a few, are you with the Galactic Unity? Because you do know that selling or renting ships is illegal in these parts of the galaxy unless you got a permit from them. 

T.G: I seek my own justice. One that the Galactic Unity may consider illegal. 

B: Then I take it as a no, just make sure you don’t tell them that you got it from me. 

T.G: Understandable. 


The Bartender takes The Gunslinger out in the back of the Tavern, into a giant warehouse filled with ships cover in the dust. Some ships carrying weapons, while others simply being civilians' ships. The Gunslinger began walking while scanning each ship, it notices a small ship with black with red stripes, containing a few weapons mounted into it. The Gunslinger turns back, looking at the Bartender. 

T.G: I’ll take this one. 

B: That one? Yeah, I remember the owner giving it to me. Saying that “they” will never find it, never found out what happens to her. Anyway, that was years ago, pretty sure she not coming back. 


The Gunslinger push the ship out of the warehouse and into outside, it opens the ship engine to see if anything is out of the ordinary. The Bartender look at The Gunslinger and look back at his Tavern. 

B: I have taken you won’t need any more of my services, but if you require any tools just let me know and I’ll hand you some. 


The Gunslinger doesn’t look back at the Bartender, still focusing on the ship engine. 

T.G: I appreciate it. 


The Bartender began heading back to his Tavern. Leaving The Gunslinger along with the ship, as it finishes inspecting the ship the robot pulls out a broken compass from his coat. The compass barely working, yet on the back having the initials S.B. 

T.G: One step closer to finding them, one step closer to ending her legacy. I’m coming for them Fangs, and you won’t be able to protect your crew this time. 

Submitted: January 31, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Gaston Hernandez. All rights reserved.

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