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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Abandoned

Sometimes the monster is real.

Jay Stevenson tucks his son into bed and walks to the door. “It is time to sleep Toby so I don’t want to hear you moving around in here.”

“What about the monster daddy?”

“Toby you are eight years old, that is way too old to be scared of monsters under your bed.”

“He doesn’t live under my bed. He lives in the vent.”

Jay quickly looks at the vent and then back at his son. “There is no such thing as monsters.”

“Please daddy leave the door open, just a crack.”

“We have talked about this you need to grow up.” Jay says as he hits the light switch and pulls the door closed behind him.

Toby pulled his legs up and wrapped his arms around them as he laid there in the dark shivering under the blankets.


The slates on the vent are slowly slid open and a pair of glowing red eyes peer ouf of the dark vent. Tiny hands with long nasty looking claws slip from between the slates and long thin arms covered in black spiky hair push out so the claws can slowly unscrew the vent.

The creature that pushes the vent cover aside and steps out is barely six inches tall with sharp pointed teeth and covered from head to his clawed toes with coarse black hair. He jumps down and runs across the floor to a nearby toy chest. He looks up at the bed and licks his sharp teeth with a long black forked tongue before running to behind a dresser.

Behind the dresser he finds a cord that is plugged into the wall and smiles as he leaps up and grabs it. He quickly shimmies up the cord and peeks over the top of the dresser at the boy asleep on the bed. With one final heave he pulls himself up onto the dresser and races across the top. As he gets to the edge the creature leaps towards the top of another dresser.

Landing with a soft thud he scurries to hide among the action figures displayed there as the boy stirs in his sleep. He looks up at the face of one of the dolls and hisses as he slices the doll’s handsome head off. Scampering on all fours he runs among the dolls and jumps to a shelf full of books.

His claws dig into the cover of a book as he claws his way up it to run across the tops of them. He stops at the edge his tiny chest heaving as he looks down at the floor so far below. He looks up at the model plane hanging from the roof by wires and smiles.

Backing up he sprints forward and leaps out to grab the tail of the plane. The plane shifts as he hangs there and his glowing red eyes dart upward as he sees the nail slide a little out of the ceiling. He swings his body and leaps to another moving quickly from one to another until he dangles over the bed.

Leaving go he drops down and bounces before darts under the covers as the boy rolls over in his sleep. He crawls upward to the head of the bed under the covers and moves towards the child’s head. He kneels by his face and sucks in air swelling his chest outward before he blows a thick green gas into the boy’s face. The boy’s eyes open and his face fill with fear before the noxious gas paralyzes him.

The boy’s mouth opens wide and the creature moves forward and wiggles himself inside. He digs his claws in as he pulls himself down the boy’s throat distorting it as he squirms his way deeper. Once he finds himself in the boys chest he begins to feast.


Jay Stevenson opens his son’s door yelling. “Toby it is time to get up n…” The words die in his throat as he sees the blood soaked sheets. His eyes move slowly over the bed, he feels the urge to turn away to not look, but he knows he has to. Bloody chunks of flesh and bone are stern across the bed and laying in the center of the bloody scene is his son. His face frozen in a mask of pain and his chest looking like it exploded. takes in the scene.

Submitted: January 31, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Gypsy Rose. All rights reserved.

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Danni Lee

This scared me. I know I'm easy to frighten, but I live in a very old house and the vents here are a little creepy. There is also a very scary basement and a creepy attic. Thanks for the reminder and i will have the vents cleaned and smudged.

Thu, February 4th, 2021 1:09am


I am glad you liked it. I got some suggestions on it from a writing group on Facebook and improved it I think, but no story is ever completely prefect.

Sat, February 6th, 2021 3:56am

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