Lakeland Souvenirs

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

The story of the Trans Morgan Pipeline

Lakeland Souvenirs

For GD and those hip to the bone 

The put a pipe 

Black gold two hours

North of my home town

I saw the turn-off 

Near the sulphur sawdust.


They said, “Come work with us.”


These movers and shakers

Were up near Fairview once

Trying to blow things up

I’m so tired of hearing about

So-called good intentions

I have read the reports

You’re poisoning the populace.


What you can’t get here

You will get somewhere

And what you couldn’t get there
You will take from us

I’m so tired of hearing about

Good intentions

I’m so up to here with 

Positive media attention.


Why don’t you blow it up?

Why don’t blast, boom, bam

Take the oil from the land

Copper mines and tar extractions

Why don’t you boom, bang, bust

Just turn us into black fields

Copper fades to rust 

I don’t need lakeland souvenirs

I like clear water and wildlife

And forest up to here now 

I don’t need picture perfect postcards

Of a land I once lived in

RIP Give my regards.


Submitted: January 31, 2021

© Copyright 2021 michelle's method. All rights reserved.

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