100 Short stories

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

For 2021, I aiming to write 100 short stories. I will post them here, and they will be a mixture of genres and lenghts.

Stories so far.
1: The Dinner at Darkwood Mansion.
2: Keila halts the Terran drug smugglers in the year 2869.
3: Daydreaming in the shoe shop.
4: The Escargot Conspiracy.
5: How I met your mother (and almost got charged with murder)
6: The Snailkeeper at Lupusserra.
7: The Cathedral Date.

Table of Contents

1: The Dinner at Darkwood Mansion.

“You have arrived at your destination.” I looked at my GPS and I concluded that I had reached the spooky Darkwood Mansion. The de... Read Chapter

2: Keila halts the Terran drug smugglers in the year 2869.

“New Orders have been received.” After receiving this message, the Martian rebel Keila Eisenstein tapped a control on her portabl... Read Chapter

3: Daydreaming in the shoe shop.

‘New shoes traded in return for your old shoes.’ I read the sign in bewilderment as I walked along the coast in a small town in s... Read Chapter

4:The Escargot Conspiracy.

‘Forty percent alcohol.’ I gulped as I read the label of the very dear cognac that the flamboyant aristocrat Marcel de Villeneuve... Read Chapter

5: How I met your mother (and almost got arrested for murder).

Miller street on Christmas Eve. I remember it like it was yesterday, yet it was so many years ago, back in 2068. We had prepared for a pa... Read Chapter

6: The Snailkeeper at Lupusserra.

“My apologies!” I stared at the broken jar of pickled fruits that had splashed all over the supermarket floor. Breaking things in... Read Chapter

7: The Cathedral Date.

I had just gotten off the aeroplane after my arduous flight from Australia when I against better judgement turned on my phone. Much to my... Read Chapter

8. The Clinic Murders.

“Steel covered in iron oxide.” I looked at the eccentric crime detective, Barry Shelduck, who was leading my unit. He had this pe... Read Chapter

9: The Golden Duck Dinner.

The Malaysian chef Diah Lubis was looking at her latest creation, Bebek Emas, also known as Golden Duck. It was a challenging dish to coo... Read Chapter

10: The Escape from the Tang Emperor.

Caihong watched how the sun was rising behind the far-away mountains in China. She had been riding her horse all night and the icy night ... Read Chapter

Jared Pond Saves (and Deflowers) an Arabic Princess.

“Pirates have kidnapped Princess Amani off the coast of the United Arab Emirates.” I was drinking coffee when my commanding offic... Read Chapter

The Meditation Camp

“Oi, you lazy cunts. Get up!” The loud voice of the crazy Drill Sergeant Peter Baird broke through the silence of the serene medi... Read Chapter

The Shooting at Dave’s Mansion.

The night I got shot started like any other night. I was doing the night shift at the Yarra Valley Police Station. For the last four year... Read Chapter

Diah Lubis and the Polish Sausage Quest.

Diah Lubis was having a slow and boring day at the kitchen of the Malaysian space colony, on the Europa Moon orbiting Jupiter. After fail... Read Chapter

Diah Lubis and the Pursuit of the Cave Truffles.

Diah Lubis was preparing Malaysian roast beef for dinner when Princess Irulan approached her in the kitchen. The frequent visits by the m... Read Chapter

6: The Downfall of the Virtuous Todd Connelly.

‘12,000 steps!’ Todd Connelly adjusted his face shield to read the encouraging numbers on his fitness tracker. He had achieved hi... Read Chapter

The Deaths at Rosscairn Island.

Eery darkness and the cold Antarctic winds hit her face as Megan Forster was reeling in the fishing nets that she had strung up at Rossca... Read Chapter

Jared Pond and the Guane Shaman.

The casino was dazzling with anticipation as I faced off against my opponent, Caihong Bi. I was playing poker at the Crown Casino in Sydn... Read Chapter

The Double Date.

The winter sun was shining, and I was having a great Sunday, enjoying the sun at an Oxford Street rooftop bar. I had taken a weekend off ... Read Chapter

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