Dream like a love philtre

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

A girl and a boy got connected by their dreams and later they fell in love.

Chelsi agreed to dance in front some of her friends who were forcing her to perform a dance. She started playing her most favourite song and were waiting for the perfect tune to start dancing. She was a bit nervous. With the arrival of that 'perfect tune', she started dancing with attractive movements of her attractive body. Suddenly while dancing, she noticed someone standing in front of her at a very little distance. She fell down to the oopposite site of that guy not to be in touch of him. He got surprised and told, "You dance so nice. " Chelsi stood up and instead of thanking him for appreciation, she got annoyed. She left the place being so disturbed making him surprised again.

Chelsi was in a famous university in 1st year. Since she passed the admission war which means "University Entrance Exam" last year, she wanted to make the running year meaningful and enjoyable by listening to her heart which actually means visiting. She came there to enjoy the camping experiences with her friends. There were many camps beside theirs with many kinds of students of many universities. It was her first day of one week long camping. Though she was a bit disturbed, she was quite interested about joining the campfire that night. 

She was in a fix what to wear for the campfire. As she had to surely seem a bit western, she chose jeans pant with a semi-long black top. She kept her shiney and wavey hair opened. When all was done, she along with her friends joined the campfire which was about to start. Chelsi sat at a corner and didn't join drinking and dancing with her friends as she was somewhat cultural. She was looking around and waiting to enjoy the campfire. Many were coming and taking their position by sitting or drinking or dancing. All on a sudden, Chelsi noticed that guy coming with his friends whom she met few hours ago. They had an eye contact for a few moments. Soon Chelsi discovered that guy is cultural too as he continued refusing his friends for drinking, dancing with girls and looking at them except her. She was feeling a bit uncomfortable. The camping enjoyments began with gossiping, sharing interesting experiences and being thrilled at everyone's most thrilling experience of their life. At that time, a senior brother told that guy, "Hey, Robin. Don't you have anything interesting to share?" Oh, it means his name is Robin- Chelsi thought. "Nothing that much", Robin answered. That brother said, "Just share whatever you have. Your mysterious eyes have already answered yes. Let me introduce you first. Hello, everyone. He is Robin, the most handsome and innocent guy. Oh, I must say, he is readily an intelligent student. Let us listen to a story of him. Robin said, "It won't be so interesting as you all are thinking. " "You just say. Quick, we are waiting. "

Robin started his story: "It happened almost ten years ago when I was just a school boy. Once in a night, I went to my bed with a bit gloomy mind. I can't remember the reason behind my sadness.  While sleeping, I had my most beautiful dream," he stopped. One said, "What was that, you became king?" Another one said, "Or you met a famous actor?" Robin answered, "No, not at all. If it was of being a king or meeting an actor, I would not remember it. Maybe it's not so interesting,  but so unique and special for me. I saw myself in my dream but it was an elder me just like now. I saw a road that was really nice. A house beside the road which was nice too. As a whole, the environment was horribly beautiful. And then I saw....", he stopped again.

Chelsi was enjoying the situation as she was so imaginative. But suddenly her heart felt a lunge hearing the next part of Robin's story what was- "I saw.... I was walking through the road with a girl I loved most though actually till now I don't know who she was. And after walking some steps together, she looked at me with a smile and I sat in the road in front of her. So guys, this was my story." "After that? What happened?" Robin answered,  "Dream doesn't last for hours." "Oh, no. You missed the ending. Your bad luck!" All on a sudden, a voice began telling, "Then he proposed the girl to marry him and she smiled and told to ask permission from her family. For permission, he came to the house next to the road and the dream ended." Everyone looked at Chelsi as the voice was hers. "How did you know?", an elder sister asked. Chelsi was lost and became unprepared in that sudden question. She said, "Aaaa....I wanna say it might happened. Aa..I'm sorry. I got to go." Chelsi left the campfire looking blank at Robin for once. She returned to the tent. She was feeling unstable.

Chelsi decided to take part in the campfire that night as it was seventh day or her last day and she didn't join there even not for once after the first night. She as well as her friends will leave that place tomorrow morning. At night, she went to join the campfire and was trying to seem busy with her friends. But she could feel that Robin was looking at her and for that, she was feeling so uneasy. She was trying her best not to pay attention to Robin but failed again and again. In the midtime when everyone was busy with gossiping, Chelsi stood up and left silently. She didn't want to return to her camp right that time. So, she was walking slowly and carelessly beside the camps and from there to the trees. Suddenly, she saw Robin within a little distance. She turned back and started walking but Robin stopped her by holding her hand. Chelsi felt like she had left all her mental strengths. Robin hold her hand tightly and pulled to himself. They got closer. Chelsi was looking at everywhere without him and Robin was staring at her. He turned right and made her stand in front of a big tree. Chelsi's backside was in touch of that tree's front. Robin got closer as he could feel her breathe. Chelsi looked at his eyes by making all her strengths united. Their eyes to eyes, nose to nose. She whispered, "We can't". He looked below and left her.

5 years later

Chelsi was trying to learn piano notes of a song. She loved to play piano in her phone. She didn't have any real piano. She was so happy that day as she had shifted in a new place with her family and she loved to change living environment after certain days. There was no gathering of buildings around it. 

Chelsi turned left and said goodbye to her friends. She was happy wearing a red three-pieces. Her hair was opened. She stopped near a flower tree and smelt it. She continued moving like dancing. But she felt her dupatta was rushing out like anyone pulling it behind. She looked back holding her dupatta and saw a man was trying to let it free from his bag. He said, "Sorry. I have no hand here". And when he looked at her, they both had been shocked. He was none other than Robin. They were looking at each other. Chelsi's eyes were leaving water drops. Her heart had been burdened. She had broken the silence saying, "How are you?" "Well. You fine?" Chelsi said smilingly, "Yeah". Then for some time their eyes had conversation. Robin told, "You know what my eyes wanna tell you, don't you?" "I can guess", she answered. "Are you in a hurry?" "No" "Can I accompany you?" "Sure" . They had a little conversation on the way. When they almost reached near her house, she smiled at him as goodbye. Instead of going back Robin said, "Chelsi, will you marry me?" sitting in front of her. Chelsi said smilingly, "If they agree. Can't you make them. That's my house". "I will try my best"

The just married couple came to the stage and said, "Today, we're gonna share our life's best surprise that will definitely surprise you all if you believe it." Then the bride said, "Many years ago when I was only 11, I had a dream of a person proposing to marry him." "And I had the same dream", the bridegroom said. "And then after almost 10 years I met the person and the dream was stepping forward." "And at last, one day the dream got reality and our wedding is its consequence." "We know, many won't believe us but it's true and so special for us."

Robin hold Chelsi's hand and left the stage to start their beloved married life.



Submitted: February 02, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Ad Risha. All rights reserved.

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Ann Sepino

Awe, this is so cute! I like the name 'Robin.' In my opinion, soulmate AUs are one the best tropes to add to young adult romances, or romance in general. Aside from a bit of polishing, this is a pretty sweet story. :)

Wed, February 3rd, 2021 12:13pm


I am so glad hearing this. Thanks for your comment. ?

Wed, February 3rd, 2021 8:31pm

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