Chapter 4: Stampede

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

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I headed towards Thor’s store to get myself some decent weapons

I saw Mio running in a desperate manner


What happened?” I asked

“Sir Kie!

There is a big horde of monsters approaching this town!!!” Mio said

“Calm down!

First, come with me!” I told

We visited Thor’s shop together and explained

“It seems like a ‘Stampede’” Thor said

“a stampede??

Huh…” I spoke

“So, What is the reason behind this Stampede?

Do you know something, Thor?” I asked

“It seems like an Ancient Dragon had settled near the mountains of the town” Thor replied

This town had a big mountain range in the east and west so it seems like this kind of things should be normal for them

Or so I thought

“It is weird!!!

This has never happened in the whole history of our town” Mio spoke


So this is the first Stampede?

I thought that this happens once every few years!!!” I spoke


So what do you need kid??” Thor asked


I will become rich by participating in this stampede!” I answered

“What about the sword you have there??

Are you not gonna use a sword???” Mio asked

“Well, I need more than a sword!!!”I replied


You don’t need me…Huh?” Deus asked with jealousy


Do you have lightweight armors?” I asked

“Well I made this for you

Check it out!!” he answered

“It is the best armor that I am able to create

And it’s pretty expensive” He told

“How much??” I asked

“2 Silver Square” He replied

“Fine, I’ll take it”

“I’ll also add a few knives and dagger in it” Thor spoke

“Now where can I get some Magic skills???” I asked

“Well About it then

I’ll show you the shop” Mio spoke

“Why are you asking about magic?

Sir Kie…” Mio asked

“Well, I wanted to know if I have an aptitude for magic or not”

[I want to use magic as fast as possible!!!]

Well The fact that I am from Earth, where magic doesn’t exist makes me excited to learn magic

“So What do you want to do with magic?

Sir Kie?” Mio asked

“What can I do???” I asked her back

“There are many types of magic that can be used in Daily Life, Battle, Recovery, Construction and many more” Mia answered


It seems like there should be something good in it for me

Soon we arrived at the store

It looks like a small hut but inside It’s a big mansion

“Welcome!!!” The manager spoke

The manager was an Elf, nearly 150-years-old, with silver hair

Wearing green clothes having blue eyes like a goddess

“I wanna know If I can use magic or not” I spoke

“Well of course!!!

We have spells of all the <Types> and also some combination Techniques

What would you like to have???”

“Like I said I wanna know if I have an aptitude for magic or not!!!” I spoke with a little bit of anger

After hearing those her attitude changed


A newbie huh?

So, what do you want here.”

“Hey! Marie!

That’s enough” Mio spoke in a bit angered voice

“Okay…” Marie answered with a sulking

“I wanna know my magic aptitude

And I also want to learn a few magic spells and skills” I asked

If I have the magic aptitude that it will be easy for me here

Marie took us into a room and started taking few books out of the shelf

She took nearly 10 books to check my aptitude

“Purchase these books and try to use the spells in them!” She spoke with an irritating voice

The amount was nearly 2 Silver Squares, I was nearly robbed of my money but out of those many books I bought only 6 of them

The ones that I bought were Basic <Earth>, <Fire>, <Water>, <Wind>, <Light>, and <Creation> magic

The Basic magic contain spells from tier 1 to 4 while the intermediate contains tier 5 to 10 and the advanced go from tier 11 and higher

As soon as we leave the store a big explosion was heard towards the gate of the town

We ran towards the gate, Found that a few goblins had attacked the Gate

Goblins were F-rank monster that had attacked in a group total of 20 of them

Mio was enraged at them and started climbing towards the store top

Then she started shooting from the top with such accuracy that even puts the top archer at unease, She really has nice eyes!!

I noticed some of the Goblins that were trying to attack non-combatants so I rushed to help them with Greed within my hand

“Be careful with them

I don’t want you to be hurt. Okay!” Greed spoke

“Alright!” I spoke with an exciting voice

As they advanced towards me with a dull blade I also charged towards them with Greed. Starting with cutting the head off of the first Goblin

Then as the other saw the head of his comrade falling off they became scared and starting running away!

I followed them while attacking with the basic magic spells like <Earth Needle>, <Fire Ball>, <Wind Cutter> and had cut many parts of them while running

In the end, when every Goblin was killed I found their nest within the jungle

What great luck I have to give me this many rewards!!

As I had the opportunity to test the magic that I had learned on them as they were my precious test subjects

As I found their nest I started attacking them from the front gate

First fire a tier 3 <Fire> elemental spell <Flame Ball> which will cause a small explosion on colliding with the gates of their nest

Then as they get aware of an enemy they will start to counter-attack, this is where I use the tier 4 spell <Earth Wall> to cage their nest. By doing so their spirit will fade and they started panicking

Now for the Grand Spell, created by me using the Creation attribute, I mixed two elements, fire and wind, and created a new element

The <Thunder> Element that will just paralyze them

or so I thought…

But somehow it created a big lightning Serpent in the sky that had taken a shape of a being and looked like a Dragon had stared at me for few seconds and then struck the nest creating a big force outwards circularly

Thanks to the Earth wall I was safe and good but those who had sawed the spell will start looking for its caster and it can be quite a big trouble for me

As I was still near the nest I felt someone’s gaze near a tree so I shot a knife and the one who was watching me fell from it

It looks like a Lizard Men, I thought that it is a monster so I attacked


Stop! Don’t hurt me!

Please!!!!!” Were the words I heard when I saw him

It seems like he is a big coward that hates pain and always tries to run whenever there is danger

“So, why were you hiding there?

Are you also an enemy of mine?” I asked and then the conversation continued

As the conversation ended, I returned to the town and had my whole equipment replaced by a new one!!

I had quite a chat with Thor about the nest and about the Lizard Men

He recommended me to ask Marie, the magic shop owner

So after buying a piece of new equipment, which was obviously on a loan, I went towards the Public Guild to sell the bodies of those Goblins that I had killed

“So, what can I help you today?” she said while writing, having her face downwards

“Ohh it’s you…huh” She spoke after gazing towards my face

“I want to sell some Goblin Corpses.

Also, I need some information about something” I spoke with a smile on my face

“Oh, so you are here for some money.

Okay, come with me” She spoke and started walking towards the other side of the Public Guild


Can I ask you something?

Why did you choose a Public Guild?” she asked me while we were walking

“Well, it was recommended by my friend” I spoke with some confidence

“You have some stupid friends

Why would someone recommend a Public Guild when there are many other Guild that can give you more money for your materials?” She spoke with some arrogant voice

“So, let me ask a question

Why are you working in this Guild?” I spoke

“You will soon understand” She replied with a proud voice

“Here we arrived at the main Information Room, In short IR” She spoke with quite an exciting voice

Submitted: March 29, 2021

© Copyright 2021 kishan24. All rights reserved.


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