Chapter 5: Chapter 5

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Can I ask you something?

Why did you choose a Public Guild?” she asked me while we were walking

“Well, it was recommended by my friend” I spoke with some confidence

“You have some stupid friends

Why would someone recommend a Public Guild when there are many other Guild that can give you more money for your materials?” She spoke with some arrogant voice

“So, let me ask a question

Why are you working in this Guild?” I spoke

“You will soon understand” She replied with a proud voice

“Here we arrived at the main Information Room, In short IR” She spoke with quite an exciting voice

The room was literally a big super large library where books were floating from one place to another!!!

The only thing that felt weird was how can they have such a big room that is as big as 4 house in such a small building

It was then I realized that it was grander than it looked like

“This is the reason why I joined this Public Guild

‘The Grandeur of Knowledge’ that can be available to everyone to those who work at The Public Guild!” That is what she said taking pride in her words

Well it seems for her this knowledge has more value than the other things

It is not wrong to thirst for knowledge but sometimes having too much of it can drive you crazy

After entering IR, Information Room, she left after introducing to one of the librarians and told me

“It may seem good but be careful!”

I didn’t understand what she said but one thing was clear that this room is not in the town where I was

“How can I help you?” Says the Librarian that she entrusted me with

He was quite a handsome man with Red eyes and White hair wearing a long black color coat with a blue outline

“I-I need s-some information about A-A-Ancient Dragons” Is what I spoke with a nervous voice

Why nervous? huh?

Well the way he gazed at me gave me shivers so I got a bit nervous

“Is this your first time here???” He asked while looking at me from top to bottom

“Y-Yeah” I answered with a Nervous voice

“Okay, then you need to register to excess any type of information

And also you don’t need to be Nervous around me” He said with a confident voice

After that, he took me to a room where there was a big crystal ball at the center of the room floating in the air!

“Woah…What a beautiful Ball that is” Is what I spoke with a surprised voice

“Now all you have to do is touch the ball” He spoke

Then I touched the ball and it started to shine and suddenly something appeared on it

“These are the skills that you possess at the movement”

The Skills that were written were


Appraisal lv MAX

Information lv MAX

Godspeed lv 7

Fire blade lv 6

Greed style sword art lv 5

The Creed blade lv 7

Auto heal lv 9

Regeneration lv 10

<Fire> Magic lv 5

<Earth> Magic lv 5

<Water> Magic lv 5

<Wind> Magic lv 5

<Thunder> Magic lv 5

<Creation> Magic lv5


Master of Fire blade technique

The Master Of Greed

Master of Thunder Dragon

Teacher of Beastmen


Thunder Dragon lv 5

Fire blade summon lv 5

Sword Slash lv 12

Shapeshift lv 2

Well I was quite shocked after What I saw but it seems like Only I was able to see my status

The only thing that He was able to see was the color of the Crystal Ball which was Green

“It seems like you are not a bad person” He replied

“so, are you able to see my status?” I asked to confirm it


I can’t see your status.

Your status can only be seen by you and we can only see whether you are a good person or a bad person

And it seems like you are a good person!” He replied

After I saw my Status It seems like I have gained something scary

“Well, it seems like you became an Over Powered character here!!!” Deus spoke

At least it seems like he is having fun

So after that, I was sent to another room

The room was basically small and had a bench on it and a window on the wall

“Wait…I think there is something wrong here…” That is what I thought

Well there was only one window, one bench, one door


Wait, I get it this seems like a reading room

“So…How can I get a book about Ancient Dragons???” I asked myself

“From here!!!

You can order any book you want!!!” I heard from behind me

I turned around in a scared manner, It really gave me shivers

And what I thought seems like I was right!!!

It was Him and also he had someone with him

“I am sorry for the inconvenience but it seems like you want to read about Ancient Dragons, Right???” She asked with her head downwards


Please raise your head” I spoke

“Let me introduce myself

My name is Axe, I am a Demi of two different type Demon” He spoke

“Now that you remind me I haven’t introduced myself

Nice to meet you, My name is Kie and I am a Devil” I answered

Yes! I am a Devil

After defeating the Goblin nest I saw the status window that had only given me confusion suddenly popped up and gave me a message

Within my status window, it seems like only my name, age, gender, occupation, and basic things were mentioned but it didn’t show my skills

It was then when I saw that I am a Devil in this world


We had already known about it” Axe spoke with a confident tone

“H…How?” I asked

“While scanning using the big crystal” She spoke

“So I want to ask about something.

What does it means if I am a Devil???

Actually, my memory is a bit missing and I only know few things about this world” Is what I asked

“So, you created something that is neither whole truth nor a lie huh?

Nice playing Kie” Deus spoke to me, he literally sounded like an old man

“Well, Even we don’t know about them

So we came to ask about them from you” She spoke with a disappointed tone

“Can I ask you something???” Axe spoke with a curious voice but making a face like a small kid

“Okay….But after I finish my work here” I spoke

Well, I don’t want him near right now and I also came here to learn about Ancient Dragons

So I would talk with him later

“Okay…” He spoke while sulking

Then I started reading books inside that room

It seems like if we ask the room the book will come to it while flying

So I tried

“Books about Dragons!” I spoke a little loud

And suddenly a large horde of the book came flying towards the room

I thought that those books will crash at me

But, those books were arranged at the table in a building form, One on another

And I started reading from the top

“Ancient Dragons” The title of the first book

After reading the first one I read other4 and then finishing ones

it took nearly 8 hours to finish it and I learned many things

After that, I tried using My status window and learned many things from it

It had buttons that had many features, Now you can’t call this a status window

It is more like a computer, By the way, the skill <Information> Is basically a Google window for another world

And after I found about it, It seems like I wasted quite some time there

I searched for the most important skill that I need in this world!

Which is <Lie Detection>, it is important to have this skill when there are many uncertain things happening around

“You really still have trust issues.

Right!!!” Deus spoke with a thoughtful voice

Even if I believe their words, there are some people that will try to deceive me

Okay now is the time for what Axe asked

I opened the door of the room and took a step out

“Are you done???” Axe asked while standing outside of the room

“How long were you standing?” I asked

“I just came here to check if you are finished or not

Can you come with me” He asked making a serious face

It seems like something serious

That was what I thought

“Can you help me with this!!!” He said showing me the big Hammer packed within a circular glass-like cylinder

“What is this???

It looks so cool!!!!!” I spoke with happiness in it

“Do you want this???” He asked me making a cool face

And I agreed with it

It was something that was not needed and was found somewhere within the forest of our town

He explained that the Hammer was something that was found so he took it to analyze it and then he has it to me

“So, what do you want???” I asked thinking that there must be something that he wanted me to do

“I want you to find me something,” He asked with a rather curious face

“And what would that be??” I asked with a smirking face

“Dragon Tears!

3 Bottle” He said with confidence

How can he ask for something that is too hard to obtain!!

It might be hard for others but I have to refuse


I think you should accept his offer” Deus spoke out of the blue


But I need something more” I spoke

“What would that be?”

“Well, what I want is Oracle!” I said

As I said ‘Oracle’ his face turned pale and it looks like it is an extremely rare material

“I will try!” Axe spoke with an exhausted voice

Submitted: April 04, 2021

© Copyright 2021 kishan24. All rights reserved.


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