Chapter 6: Chapter 6

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

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After making a deal I left the Information Room

As I have the corpses I headed towards the Market Section of the Public Guild

“How can I help you?” Asked me the manager of the Dismantling section with a pleasant smile

“I want to sell some Goblin corpses,” I said with a smile on my face


So, where are the corpses now???” He asked me with a smile

The way he smiles started to creep me out

The way he looks at me seems like he knows that I have a lot of them

“I have them in my Storage

Where can I empty them??” I asked making a worried face

After looking at my face the manager guessed the amount and sent me to the storeroom of the Public Guild

“Now, you can empty them here!!!” He said while showing me the room

“Fine!” I spoke with an exhausted face, in fact, I am exhausted

As I emptied my storage, after gazing onto the pile of remains the soul of the manager had literally left his body

And suddenly “What the hell is the amount?!!!!!” Shouted at me

“Well, it was a Goblin Nest…

And I defeat them all…” was all I was able to speak

Well, after staring at the huge mountain of corpses of many different types of Goblin had even made the manager go crazy!

Now the only thing that was left is to decide how much to sell and how much to keep

“I will take the magic stone of all the higher type of Goblins!!!” I told them with an imminent face

“O-Okay….” he spoke with a scared tone

So the total amount of corpses were counted and a list was given to me of it

They said that it would take a few days for them to dismantle them

The amount that the Public Guild had to pay me for the bodies were huge so they decided to gave me 30% in advance, then I took the money

After that, I left the Public Guild to check for the Stampede but it seems like the stampede has stopped and many adventurers were having a huge celebration on the center grounds

As I had left, I visited Thor’s store for my equipment

“Welcome!!” Thor spoke

“So this is the person I came to visit” a man spoke who was sitting on the bench inside the store

“And who are you??” I asked with a confused face

The way he looks doesn’t seem to be someone normal

And so I used the <Appraisal > on him

“<The Wolf Dragon of the Ice>” was his name and other information about him was too much so I just ignored it but one thing pique my interest

‘One of the Ancient Dragon’ was written in the Title section


How can I help you? sir?” I simply asked

“I felt something unusual so I came to check,

I think I have found the answer to them!!!” He spoke in a mysterious manner

“Meet me at the Magic shop!!!” He spoke and then left the store waving his hand at me

“So who was he???” I asked thor thinking he might know something

“I don’t know him.

after he entered he sniffed around

and then you came” this was all he told me

“So, is the Set ready???” I asked him normally


I don’t have enough ingredients for this!” he spoke with an arrogant voice

Well, Thor was always arrogant towards everyone


I will come at night” as the sun nearly submerged into the ground

As he said I left for the Magic Shop where He asked me to meet

As I had entered the shop I heard the conversation

“So why did you came here after so many years???” Marie asked that man


It’s you! what do you need now???” Marie asked me with an irritating voice

“I want the intermediate books of <Earth>, <Fire>, <Water>, <Wind>, <Creation> ” I asked with a blunt face



“Can you repeat that!” she had a confused face which leads the man to laugh

As he started laughing freely even I found some comfort to my stress

“Were you able to use each and every spell from those books???” She asked me with a jealous face


So now what you wanna check?

Huh…?” I answered with a teasing face

[The Wolf Dragon]

“Well, as you have come in I wanted to ask you something that would need her assistance”

“Marie can you take out the Truth Orb??” he asked making a serious face

“Fine…” Marie spoke out

After that, she took out the Truth Orb, it looks like a blue color crystal that will turn into the red if a lie is spoken in its presence

“So, what do you want from me???” I asked him

“Nothing much.

I just want some answers from you” he spoke

“Who are you??” he asked me while intimidating me

“I don’t want to answer that” I answered him back

As I had not spoken a truth neither I had told a lie the orb didn’t react to it


What are you going to do from now on???” He asked

“Nothing much.

I will just try to enjoy this life that I have now.” I spoke

As he heard those words a small slime had appeared on his face making it seem like he got all the answers he needs


Marie, take that out!” he spoke with an anxious tone

“Really!?” Marie spoke with the same tone

“Yes!!!” as he was planning something I just wanted to know what I can do that is for now

Now Marie had left the room to look for what he asked

At this time we were alone in the shop

“Can I ask you something???” I asked in a curious tone

“Sure” he replied

“What is your name sir?” I asked

That question really made him think deeply and after thinking for a few minutes he just smirked

“Well, you are the first person in 150 years to ask me my name

Then let me honor you by my name, as I have known as the Wolf Dragon of Ice is Fen” He spoke taking pride within his name

Why is he talking to me like that?

“Here you go Fen!” Marie spoke with a big book in her hands

“Also known as the [Sharp Tongue]!!!” Marie spoke intending to make fun of the old man

So now what piqued my interest is the large book that Marie had brought

“Here, I want you to read this whole book and learn the spells in it” Fen spoke with a smile on his face as he thought I will definitely learn it

“As for you, try to increase the level of <Shapeshift>” he spoke those words directed towards Deus who should only be a sword for now

As the book contained many higher tier spells, It makes me wonder how much this book will cost


“Can you hear him???” I asked out of curiosity

Well I think that would nearly be impossible but even though I tried to ask and his replied shocked me


Every being that has a higher level than a Dragon can hear him”

And then another question came into my mind

“Then what about ‘Adventurers’?” I asked as I had no shame in asking questions

“Well, we can be a great team” he replied to me making a devious face

Well then, let’s study to my heart’s content

So, after discussing the topic about <Shapeshift> for Deus I had departed for the Public Guild to take my precious money so that I can pay the debt, not that I had any choice but still I have to pay them

And what I am excited about is that I can have a party for today

Submitted: May 05, 2021

© Copyright 2021 kishan24. All rights reserved.


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