Century XLII: Vipers and Krakens

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: The House of Epic Sci-Fi

"I’m Lord Ethan Julian, descendant of Julius Caesar and Consul of the United Earth Army, and if Mars wants a war, I’ll give them one."


September 4141.

One hundred years since First Contact. One hundred years of the Human-Martian Alliance. One hundred years of prosperity. No longer.

Three years ago, war broke out, and with it, realisations have hit hard. The United Earth armed forces are outclassed and outgunned by their Martian aggressors. And the latest rumours suggest that Mars' Red Fleet have a weapon powerful enough to take out whole convoys, eclipse space stations and engulf stars.

A young Navy Captain, an undercover agent and a dangerous superweapon known only as Code Black.

This should be fun.

Table of Contents

Pushing Up Space Daisies

September 12, 4141 Mission "Saracen"   Saffron Dyvora was having a pretty good day before she was almost incinerated. ... Read Chapter

No Sound In Space

Lord President David Graves was the United Earth's Head of State. And just one of his few alliances had provided the UE navy with the... Read Chapter

Hyping Up The Joes

So much had changed in such a short space of time. Life hardly felt like life any more. The war between the United Earth Federal Repu... Read Chapter

Diems To Carpe

The United Earth Army's trademark was its Paladin Program, the extreme training regime that crafted humanity's signature badass warriors.... Read Chapter

Swab The Decks

By the time that Adrian and Atlas arrived aboard HMS Rasputin, the day had already been seized, although the ship was in serious nee... Read Chapter

The Café On The Square

Two weeks later September 26, 4141 South London   Adrian had another nightmare. The fifth since he'd returned home. ... Read Chapter

Oilers Won't Kill Themselves

For the next few hours, Adrian simply lay there, listening to the gentle sounds of Lola's breathing beside him. Then the clocks... Read Chapter

Bees Have Six Knees

Adrian Quickening had served as Valiant's WEXO for years. He'd orchestrated numerous operations, some that he wasn't even legally al... Read Chapter

The Butcher Joins The Party

Regret was the curse of humanity. It afflicted every man, woman, every child and it was indiscriminate to colour, class or creed. Regret ... Read Chapter

No Surrender, No Ceasefire

"He wants...a parley?" Field Marshal C'Otta hadn't meant the question to come out so sarcastically, but he was hardly to blame. When ... Read Chapter

They're Humans, Not Apes

C'Otta had always known that Caesar was going to be smart. A reputation like his warranted a razor-sharp intellect to match. But even so.... Read Chapter

Your Goose Is Cooked

The parley went exactly as Caesar had expected. In truth, his objective had been to stall for time to put all the pieces of his strat... Read Chapter

Time Of Death

September 27, 4141 In Vice Admiral Roman Veselinovi?'s personal opinion, there were two types of officer. There were the grinders, an... Read Chapter

None For Diplomacy

Admin. Paperwork. Red tape. They'd called it "every man's curse" back at West Point Academy. Back then, in those days, the young... Read Chapter

Second Only To The President

Adrian had been on his assignment for less than 24 hours, and already, it was the most action-packed thing to happen in his entire milita... Read Chapter

A Very Short Conversation

UESS Johannesburg wasn't Earth's first Space station, not by a long shot. But it was certainly the biggest, and the most advanc... Read Chapter

Blow All The Whistles

Yvonne's plan was to go in heavy from the beginning. Remind Quickening who was his new commander-in-chief, and who was calling the sh... Read Chapter

Let The Pretty Girl Chase You

When Adrian had reported to the Vice Admiral's office earlier that morning, he hadn't imagined that in the space of a few short hours, he... Read Chapter

Watch The Magic

"Alert!" Adrian was up and out of his seat like a shot from a gun. HMS Bucephalus had been coasting around Jocasta for clos... Read Chapter

Sweat On Its Forehead

So Code Black wasn't just a weapon. It was alive. That certainly threw a proverbial spanner into the works. There Adrian stood, the o... Read Chapter

Boil My Own Face

"Never in all my days have I witnessed something so...cancerous!" Adrian was doing his best to keep his face neutral, but h... Read Chapter

Being A Little S***

October 20, 4141 The Apollo Complex Selene, the first satellite of Earth   The second official battle in t... Read Chapter

Run For Your Money

Sasha hadn't changed one bit. Seven years ago, Marcus Bates had been a Master Sergeant posted to Sasha's cohort to oversee the m... Read Chapter


Sideways wasn't kidding. Kit spent far too much time on his appearance, he always had. Although he had good reason for it. ... Read Chapter

Heads To Call Ours

Gravity bikes were the most fun piece of equipment that Marcus' team got to use on a regular basis. They could reach fairly high speeds, ... Read Chapter

Plans For World Domination

October 23, 4141 HMS Valiant, docked at UESS Johannesburg   "Space! Space! Space! We're going to Space! S... Read Chapter

Brighten His Day

Adrian watched his family leave with a vice-like grip around his heart. When the Vice Admiral had reactivated his service, he'd thought i... Read Chapter

Smell Colours

JOC depot Freetown, Sierra Leone   AJ Quickening had a lot of old friends. A lot of those friends owed him favours. ... Read Chapter

Nothing Good Ever Came Out Of A Box

Valiant was a long way from Johannesburg. Almost further out than Adrian Quickening had ever been on an assignment. Valian... Read Chapter

Hello, Gorgeous

Sergeant Nick Walker was around ninety percent sure that he wasn't going to die. Okay, so it was true that this crazy schem... Read Chapter

Speak Of The Goddamn Devil

Nick Walker had no earthly clue what he was even looking at. Solstice's computer room was nothing at all like what he'd expected it t... Read Chapter

We Are Royally F*****

"You're about to get your wish!" Walker was suddenly alert at Frank's outburst. It'd been about ten minutes since the alarm had sound... Read Chapter

Time To Get Sirius

HMS Trinity was the newest ship in the ninth fleet. The latest weaponry and navigation systems and the latest armoured hull... Read Chapter

Ready To Rumble

One of the reasons that Squadron Leader Stephen Owusu wanted to be a navy officer was so that he could say the words "scramble all fighte... Read Chapter

Do My Damndest

Frank stumbled and almost lost his balance as Solstice was rocked by a powerful explosion. Not being able to see his surrou... Read Chapter

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