The Ghost of My Lover

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Your body is lifeless and frigid. I glare at my knife stained crimson red. I don't know what I just did...


I stare at my dagger. Stained with crimson red. Her blood smells sweet and pleasurable. I have to resist, for what I have done is unforgivable. I sliced her throat. Gyuri's throat.


I killed her, I know.

I'm a monster, I know.

Don't worry. I hate myself too.



Great. It's Reizo.

"Just when I was about to-"

"What did you do to our blood source?"

"She ain't a crappy blood source for you to drain!"

"Explain to me then why you killed your lover."



Levi came to join the quarrel and smirked.

"You need to share Saburo~ But, oh well, she's dead. This one only lasted a year. We are going to have to get a new sacrifice. While Saburo is sobbing for a weak human.~"

"DAMARE!" I yelled. I was tired of his teasing. For them, a corpse is worthless no matter who it was. 

"Tonight is Valentines's day, and she was so enthusiastic too. Gyuri smiled like an idiot the whole day. She wanted to give you chocolate so badly.~"

"We heard a scream of agony and came. Now sacrifice six hundred and thirteen is gone." Reizo informed. Like that was going to help the situation. 

I glance at the crimson blood tainting the pearl roses. I didn't know what I just did. I released all my rage on the roses. Slicing them one by one. How I HATED that old man, a heartless whore.



I felt the presence of the old whore. I don't even know how he is supposed to be my "Father."

I dashed with my dagger in hand and regretted what I just did. Blood was soiling the pebbled road. A scream of pain rang in my ears. I quickly looked at the victim. Gyuri's custom-made heart-shaped box fell onto the ground. Along with the chocolate spilling on the floor. I sliced her throat, marking the wound that eliminated her.


I immediately grabbed her by the back. Her hair covering the look of betrayal she had on her eyes. But it was..too late. I killed her. She's dead. 


Now that smile, that laugh, haunts me with guilt. No matter how much I tried to commit suicide, my brothers always stop me.

I'm breaking every day and every night. I'm damaged and broken. I'm going insane and it's noticeable to my brothers. The nightmare of Gyuri smiling, then her dead body. Asking me why I killed her.

Now and then, there is a glimpse of a soul.


...A ghost that looks like Gyuri.




Damare means Shut up

Submitted: February 02, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Zumi. All rights reserved.

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