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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Story of a raging kid

“Why did you hit me like that!” 

“It...it was a mistake”. Venna was shivering with fear.

“Just forget it!” Helen was seething in anger. She bent over to pick up her books that were flying around.

Venna’s eyes glistened with tears threatening to fall out of her eyes. She blinked twice and felt the tears seep out from the side of her eye. In fear she had dropped her pen.


Venna was the third child of her parents. Timid and shy, she was the exact opposite of her elder twin brothers.

She was scared of people and never spoke in public. Venna was very emotional and took her nothing to fill a bucket with tears. 

She was very clumsy and tripped over everything, even her own shadow.


She was 14,yet acted as though she was half her age. Her brothers had always doted on her and treated her like an egg.

When Venna was 13, she was sent off to a boarding school so she could learn to be “independent.”

Venna hated school and everyone in it. She had no friends and was always alone. 


Helen was done packing her books and she turned to pick up her bag.

“Wait,” Helen couldn’t believer her ears.

“What?,” Helen’s face squeezed into a frown. 

“Why don’t you like me?” 

“Because you’re weird, clumsy and stupid!”

“And is that my fault?” Venna was breathing really fast and she was red in anger.

Helen laughed mockingly and dropped her bag. She’d never seen Venna in that state and she found it amusing. At least she has a topic to discuss with her friends during prep.

“Well, whose fault is it then?” Helen smiled raising an eyebrow mockingly

Venna ran forward in rage with something in her hand and before Helen could duck, everything was blank.




Principal Gregory had a deep frown on his face when he climbed the podium in the school hall. The teachers all seemed gloomy too.


“Good day, my honorable students of this noble establishment.” He began.

“Its with deep hurt in my heart I announce to you the demise of one of our most brilliant students,” He paused,took off his glasses and wiped a tear.

“Helen Banks was a vibrant young lady, brilliant and very committed to her studies.

Her body was found in her classroom yesterday just before evening prep. There was a deep gash on her head.....”

Somewhere in the crowd someone wailed in agony.

“I know its sad. We’ve invited the police ti investigate the matter and her body has been deposited in the morgue.....”


Venna wasn’t listening. Her mind was far, far away. 

She excused herself and walked to the dormitory. The journey seemed longer than usual. She walked straight to her locker. She took out her bottle of bleach,a pen and paper.





Venna’s body was found after school by the hostel prefect. Next to her was a sheet which read, “I killed Hellen Banks.”

Submitted: February 02, 2021

© Copyright 2021 withlovej. All rights reserved.

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