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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic


He carried two suitcases of couple-outfits to donate to a thrift store. He went home and came across the tandem in the garden. Flashback!


In court, the couple decisively signed a paper to split assets and children. At home, seeing two kids playing together, they find it so difficult.


Dad left, grandpa hugged her mother to comfort. She was jealous: you're so lucky to have a dad. Mom was heart-broken, not for the betrayer.


The boy is looking for something before getting on the school bus. The 10-year-old sister realizes and hugs her brother. She replaces her mother henceforth.


I'll give good pay to those who take my husband. He heard this countless times sometimes considered it. But their children are still too little.


Long ago, he was fed up with that woman. After love affairs have failed for unmet expectations, he misses the one who loved him unconditionally.


Shut up, dirty bitch.

You'd be ashamed of yourself to live on this slut.

The couple kept quarreling at their last gasps on the ambulance.



Many people asserted that the number of deaths from the virus was made up until they witnessed it. Are their dads and moms fake? How ignorant!


Don't get involved with married ex-girlfriends. Despite keeping reminding himself of this, he continued paying exorbitant prices for her goods. Her child is seriously ill.



Poor your dad! He had no childhood.

The grandson disagrees with his grandfather: he told me you had been too busy to enjoy your fatherhood.



When I was little,  I craved bread.

"Don't worry dad" consoled the son. "I'll travel in a time-machine bringing lots of delicious things for you".


Whenever he scolds his son, he is reminded of his father. Surely back then, his dad was so stressed about financial issues? He didn't understand.


Don't marry that mason or your life will be miserable. His pride hurts. Yet, he loves his daughter doesn't want her to follow her mom's road.


A small temple, built in a residential house, received no guests during the pandemic, is listed for sale. Where are monks staying? Does it matter?


That monk was so proud of a lavish funeral for his mother. Getting rich isn't easy but attaining enlightenment is thousands of times more difficult.


Without me, how could you become who you are today?

Yeah, thank you for opening my mind. She packs her suitcase without hesitation. That's enough!


Don’t give anything to these lazy homeless people. They're pathetic douche-bag alcoholics. Something hurts even more when it’s true. She'd rather choose the opposite.



He was proud to be the winner in all arguments. Three marriages failed. He desperately wondered if God has eyes, and why ignorance is bliss?



Hastily re-dressing as usual, he handed her an envelope as usual. She returned, and he refused. She insisted, but he hurried away. She shed tears.



Because of business conflicts, he swore never to see her face again. He tried to ignore her whenever they ran across. But last time, he couldn't. 



Some blame Bill for evil things. Others defend him. Then they fight each other. Both sides get caught in hatred and ignorance. Only he’s suffering-free.


Suspecting mom cheated by a gold-digger, he tried to catch red-handed. He's stunned, recognizing his dad, who left them long ago, dying in mom's hands.



Look! she's burning paper cars, pursuing expensive tastes even for the deceased. 

You're new to this neighborhood; her only son died last year at 3.


Every week, the old man asked her to take him to one doctor. Today, she learns he didn't seek life, why was he so calm?



In arguments about politics, he and the old man exchanged bitter words and offensive languages via keyboards. This morning, his fingers tremblingly type "my sincere..."



Firing his officials makes the president feel exhilarated about his power. Threatening to fire trustworthy scientists, he is finally incapable as he's fired by people.



Having been called "sleepy" by his opponent and protesters, "sleepy" Joe then woke up many drowsy people.



Whenever that teacher gave lectures, his neighboring students cursed: he's a thief, don't listen to him. She felt hurt regardless of the blame's veracity.



She only considered him a little overnight station, stopping when lonely. He'd been not skeptical about it until he received the inheritance from the court.



10,000, Italia had more. 50.000, it could be hundreds of thousands. 200,000, much less than it could be. Integers are unlimited, but the population isn't.


Submitted: February 02, 2021

© Copyright 2021 BillWill. All rights reserved.

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