Land For Tiller

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

Their fight is going on.

Who knows the very loss how one hope locates itself being unsympathetic,

No longer would ever want their decision handed from father to son for many generations,

Many ancient tales groomed to step into his father’s shoes,

One day which he shared with his son separated journeys also travelled far and wide,

What a faithful unrequited dream for ploughing the land,

Now how this narrow strip begins the laborious frequently troubled by raids,

Living in the deserted areas daring deep ran out of food and water,

Yet we never surrendered to die in battle cowardly and despicable,

When we are called traitors daring to speak for protecting our environment,

We chose to live under such smallest unmanly rationale to redeem our planets health,

If we were to die now out of a sense of honor,

The loss of the impossible to forgive the crimes done,

That all depends on us when a man’s mind love to live and hate to die without caring others,

There are things you feel compelled to do,

Awaiting the change for the rest of his life,

Proudly again before the tomb of the passing hundred generations ahead,

Every time I remember you have lost this way grips my mind where I should go,

Somewhere in a remotest mountain cave the common home resurrects drifting aimlessly,

No more than a slave in a harem sharing their illusions and craziness,

This monumental catastrophe is not yet finished,

The minds of men who will value them would have no regrets,

This energy one day penetrates shall place it in deeply moved within my heart,

The characters in my make-believe world turns for justice,

I had to fend for myself that life wasn’t unfair,

Like civil servants this playing field gives us even chance,

I inspect this emptiness already taken what they wanted,

Ever since I was a child I was not satisfied with its contents,

But now in the hope of finding the life what they had set out to accomplish,

In the memory of the greatest trainer from the past to the present,

God may pass on their turned pages into posterity urging me to transcend their sacrifices,

I am still burdened with things in my heart following his footsteps,

Looking through the precious treasure worth cherishing for the very last time,

Let us share a special rapport and be loved being with this consideration more important than money.

Submitted: February 02, 2021

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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