The Man-in-Gray

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

A high profile figure is abducted in the wee hours of the morning. Is this a death waiting to happen or something else? I'm afraid that the Man-in-Gray is the only one who knows for sure, and he's not saying.

As we zoom in on an area just outside of the hustle and bustle of the big city, we see an office building with an underground parking garage that was installed beneath the building.

This street that connects to the parking structure isn't normally filled with traffic, but on this early morning hour it is busy due to commuter traffic that is using this street as a temporary alternate route.

As we look on, we seem to be following one particular black SUV. And as the SUV approaches the opening to the underground garage, it slows.

The entrance to the garage is not gated, so it is a simple matter for the SUV to make the turn and enter the garage.


On the SUV's center console is a built-in computer, and as the vehicle enters the garage the computer lights up.

At that moment the vehicle makes a hard right and begins to ascend up to the 2nd level. After a short distance, a section of the floor of the parking garage separates and becomes a ramp.

Into the ramp the SUV rolls, and as soon as the vehicle is clear of the edges, the ramp closes and becomes part of the garage floor again.

The now stationary SUV is housed in a freight elevator, a very large freight elevator.


The front passenger door opens and a woman steps out, she has a Glock, 9mm, handgun in her right hand and she is talking to someone via a hands-free mobile devise; she says, "Access Code Required, Elevator #1, Central Control Building. Then the woman, dressed in a dark navy blue jumpsuit with a matching Top-stitched Jacket, waits patiently.

At that moment a man wearing a dark blue business suite exited the rear driver's side, he has on dark sunglasses and he is holding a weapon of an unknown origin.

As he looks around, he takes a defensive position so he can see both ends of the elevator.

Suddenly, the elevator control panel lights up and one of the ten numbers begins to blink, the woman pushes on it. Then another number blinks, she pushes that one next.

Number after number blinks, and number after number is pushed, until a voice from the control panel asks, "What kind of horn did Little Boy Blue want?"

The woman replied, "A Horn of plenty."

The elevator began moving downward.


After a long time, the elevator stopped and a doorway at the front of the vehicle opened. And as the doorway opened, we see walls and walls of computer data storage equipment. There are lights blinking on every unit and the sound of small electric motors Hum in unison.

In the center of this warehouse sized room, computer compatible desks and work stations are everywhere; they are all lined up in neat rows. That is when we notice that at every desk is an apparent worker, and they are busy doing their jobs.


Without any further interaction, the rest of the SUV's security team got out of the vehicle and took defensive position at the front doorway; a Remington 870 shotgun and a SIG Sauer, P226, were being displayed.

Then, seemingly, from out of nowhere a woman approached the SUV. The sound of her stiletto heals on the highly polished concrete could easily be heard.

With a "Notebook" in one hand, she was the picture of the modern female executive.

Walking briskly toward the vehicle, she spoke into a headset. Then she looked up and projected a question at the woman standing on the passenger side of the SUV, she asked, "Where is our distinguished guest?"

The woman holding the Glock said something into her headset, that is when a rear door to the SUV opened and out stepped a man dressed in dark Gray. The only things that was not gray in color was his black Fedora with a white hatband.

The woman with the "Notebook" smiled at the man and motioned for him to follow her, saying, "Right this way, I'm sure you have questions and we'll be glad to answer them.

The Man-in-Gray moved to the front of the SUV, and then stated, "I doubt that you have any sufficient answers as to why you have abducted me."

The woman turned and replied, "All in good time, Sir, all in good time."

That is when two of the armed people urged the Man to follow her.


Arriving at a central conference style desk, the Man-in-Gray was given a seat and the woman sat across from him. That is when she looked at the two security people and said, "Take a Break, people, I have things to discuss."

And with that said, the two men in black made hasty exits.


As the Man-in-Gray sat down, he removed his hat and placed it on the seat beside him.

At that point the woman said, "For the purpose of security you can call me Rose, and I will call you Sir."

"OK, Rose, now what the hell is going on? I figure if you wanted me dead, well, I'd be dead by now. And all this Cloak and Dagger stuff, gees, I haven't seen anything like this sense I was in the military. Now, what the skinny?"

Well, to be blunt, Sir, we are about to take over this nation's government and we want you to join in the festivities."

"A Takeover, Rose? Don't be ridiculous, no-one has that kind of military might.

Besides, things are just fine the way they are, so what would be the point?"

"I know it is hard to believe, Sir, but this is going to happen and it is going to happen at the ballot box.

Oh, and it won't stop there. The culmination of the plan is for a one world central government based on economic fundamentals. The needs of business will control the political atmosphere in every part of the globe. Just think, full productivity all the time. People working and buying in a limited war environment."

"A limited war environment, Rose, what the hell does that mean?

"Well, Sir, not everyone will be on-board with this one world governing system, so those that don't like it will have to be eliminated. We can't be having naysayers in the mix."

"Where are you gonna get the backing for such a fiasco, Rose? Kidnapping a few people that have political clout won't get you the numbers you need."

Sir, haven't you been watching the polls, watching the numbers, listening to the news? The world is in turmoil and our Covid 19 is helping keep it that way. There is unrest in Iran, and in Russia. There is a military takeover in Myanmar. It is all due to us and our systems of operation.

Just a hair under fifty percent of this country is trained and ready to vote whatever way we tell them to. And it's not just them, the world has been in training ever sense the turn of the century. Of course, they don't know that they are, trained I mean.

Unfortunately, not everyone is subject to the messages we are sending.

All it takes is the elimination of their need for logical thought, it is a simple process, really. Once the need for logic is removed, they will repeat anything their leaders says, as long as we can keep them energized, I believe you call it "Riled-up.

And best of all, they will believe almost any conspiracy theory that says someone is after their rights, or wants to take their freedoms away."

"OK, Rose, my curiosity is aroused. So who the hell is the "WE" you keep referring to?"

We are Laissez-faire, the Triad to you. We stand for a policy of minimum government interference in economic affairs. But the only way to accomplish that is to take over the governments of the world. "

"That's just nonsense, Rose! Even if what you say is true, you still have less than fifty percent voting power, and you can't win elections with that."

"Very true, and we have tried other ways, election interference for one, but that only works once and the outcome was not what we expected. We now understand that people with a dictatorial attitude can gum up the works. So we can't have our candidate wandering off course, or thinking about being King."

So you want someone in your pocket, is that it, Rose? And let me guess, the Triad thinks I'm their guy, right?"

"No, Sir. Whenever we are dealing with someone predictable, we are ninety-four percent sure of what he will do when given any individual problem. Our computer algorithms have shown that to be true in your case. But even those odds won't do, we need one hundred percent in a leader, and we want it all the time."

"So, Rose, if that is the case, then what am I doing here?"

"Well, Sir, to be perfectly honest, we need your endorsement for our party's next candidate. Someone who will follow commands and help guide us to a one world government. And best of all, she will follow the Triad's orders without question."

The Man-in-Gray laughed when he asked, "Where did they find such a creature, did the Triad build one?"

"As a matter a fact, Sir, they did. So what do you think, will I pass for a human?"

The Man-in-Gray looked puzzled, then he asked, "You, are you an Android or something?

Rose replied, "We will say yes for now. The future US may not be.

The Man-in-Gray, again looked puzzled, and asked, "You mean there are more of you?"

Rose gave out a sheepish grin and replied, "Sir, it is safe to say that you are surrounded by US."

The Man-in-Gray looked around at the hundreds of so called people seated at all the desks in the area.


Well, I guess a deal was made and an agreement was settled upon. Because the Man-in-Gray was allowed to return to the waiting SUV.

And within the hour he was let out of the SUV, just north of the man's downtown office. Then the black SUV sped off in the direction from which it came; back to the parking garage was as good a guess as any.

After entering his workplace, the Man-in-Gray removed a burner phone from his desk drawer and dialed the only number stored within.

After two rings a voice on the other end of the line asked, "How was the vacation, down under?"

The Man-in-Gray replied, "It was a large island, the only one I surmised, but it was too hot to wear my hat, so I left the hat behind."

The person on the other end of the line hung up.

A few moments later the Man-in-Gray felt the building shake, just a little.

Very small nuclear devises tend to do that to an area when they are detonated well below ground.


Parked in a parking lot just across the street from the entrance to the Triad parking garage is a 2021 Chevy Mid-engine Corvette. And as a Rose look-alike starts the engine, she speaks into a headset, saying, "Activate Central Control #2, Rose #6 is on her way."



D. Thurmond / JEF





Submitted: February 03, 2021

© Copyright 2021 D. Thurmond aka JEF. All rights reserved.

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