The Endless Nightmare

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A little girl used to think of all her troubles a nightmare which will end soon. But days after days passed away, still the nightmare didn't end. At last, she had to adapt with the reality and stay in real life.

Why So?

-But why? Why can't I go with them? They all are my friends. I know them very well. Moreover, it's not so far.

-You won't go and that's final.

-But mom...

-"Judy, stop arguing. Go back to your room", said Rebecca Dawson.

Rebecca is a NGO worker and somewhat ill-tempered. Judy's dad, David Dawson is an engineer. He is the only inspiration of Judy. Her younger brother, Evan is 6 years old.

Judy came to her room saying to herself, "It's so annoying. I'll decide where I'll go. It's none of her business." Closing the door, she sat on the bed. She thought, "My friends will be enjoying there. What's the point of sitting here all day long?" At that time, Evan knocked at the door and without waiting a second, he entered into her room. Seeing Judy's gloomy face, he asked, "What's wrong, sis? I did nothing." "It has nothing to do with you. I am feeling unwell. Leave me now", said Judy. 

In the evening, Mr.Dawson came to her and saw her lying on the bed silently and sadly. 

-"Where's my little happy girl?", asked Mr.Dawson.

-"What's wrong, Judy?" Judy was silent.

-"Maybe you need some time alone", said Mr.Dawson.

When he was about to leave, Judy called, "Dad?"


-Why can't I go with my friends? Isn't it unfair?

-You're only 9 and we worry about you. You are too younger to go that far. What we do is for your betterment.

-Then how come mom behaves like that? It seems she doesn't love me at all.

-No, it's not like that. She is just a bit different. Don't take it to heart. Okay, princess Judy?

Judy pulled herself together. Moving her head up and down she said, "I am so glad hearing this, King David." They laughed together.

  (5 Years Later) 

Days after days were passing. One day, Judy came to the rooftop. She tried to remember the things happened last years. That day, Evan drew some funny pictures on her homework copy and she didn't notice it but submitted the copy. For that, the subject teacher insulted her so much before all of her classmates. She was about to cry. Coming back home, she scolded Evan and he started crying. Seeing him crying, her mom misbehaved with her. She cried the whole night that day. And the next day, her parents quarrelled and separated from each other. While leaving, Mr.Dawson asked, "Who wanna stay with me?" But before Judy could say anything Evan said, "Me,dad." "Then you'd better stay with your mom, Judy. If you need something, you can tell me anytime." Rebecca shouted, "She won't need you. Judy, do you wanna go with me? It's your choice." Judy didn't want to lose her only inspiration, her dad. But if she answered no, her mom would be alone. So she said, "Yes, mom." Rebecca smiled like a winner. After that day, Judy asked herself almost everyday- "Why so many troubles, difficulties? "


It must be a nightmare

Judy became fully dependent on her mom. She couldn't say a word over her. They shifted in a new and tiny apartment. With the passage of time, that dependence was being unbearable to her. She thought - "Even in my adolescence, there's none to guide me, to inspire me and to love me. I'd better be dead." She stood at one corner of the roof and looked below. "Aaaa! How scary! " She stepped back and said, "Isn't there any other solution? Maybe, I shouldn't die if it's not real. Then what's it? Wait, the reality must be better. Well, I'll figure it out", She said and went back.

Sitting on the chair Judy said to herself, "Reality can't be such bad. And what if it's not real? What if all is something like an illusion?" All on a sudden, her eyes sparkled saying, "Got it. it must be a nightmare which will end soon. It must be pissed of then." She smiled.

-"What makes you smile? ", Rebecca asked opening the door.

-Did I smile?

-You were smiling in the silly way.

-Then don't count it. Let the better days come again.

-"Huh? What do you mean?", Rebecca surprisingly asked.

-Aaa....nothing... I got to go.


-I got to go.


I'm tired

-"What do you want?", Judy asked the boys standing on her way.

  It was afternoon and she was passing through an almost quiet place.

-"What do you have, young lady?", they asked laughingly.

-"Get out of my way."

-"What if we don't?"

-"I have important classes to join and I am getting late."

Coming to her they said, "Let us reach you there." Judy ran so fast as she could. They were trying to bully her. She sat on the bench beside the road. She thought -"I have none to care for me. No family, no friends, none. It looks like they all are trying to make me fall. But it's just an illusion. Isn't it?"

  Rebecca got close to one of her colleagues, Mr.Smith who was already married. Though Judy didn't like him at all, he started visiting their apartment at least 2 times daily. Judy always thought of her dad, her younger brother. She didn't met them for a long time. Even she couldn't talk to them for her mom. Her dad used to call her at least once in a month when she along with her mom got separated, but he had stopped calling for an unknown reason. Judy thought - "Does my dad forget me? Doesn't he want to talk to me?" She burst into tears saying, "I can't bear any longer. It's nothing but a nightmare. But why didn't it end yet? I'm done with it. I'm really tired now."


Reality vs Nightmare 

Uncle Jack, you three go. I have exams ahead. I'll study for it", said Judy.

-"Well, are you sure?, asked Jack Smith.

-"Yea, I am. Go and enjoy so much."

-"Okay bye, dear. Take care", said Rebecca Smith.

  Rebecca married uncle Jack after he had divorced his previous wife.They had no children. After their marriage, Judy started living there with her mom though she never called him dad.I was only her mom who cared of her a bit. But when their daughter Janet came to that house, it seemed her mom totally forgot about Judy.They were happier with their little Janet.Even Judy sometimes thought about herself a burden to them.

  They went to visit some places in a vacation of 2 weeks. Judy wanted to stay alone in that time and so she didn't gi with them She thought - "I'm still alive only because it's a nightmare, somewhat long but only a nightmare. If it wasn't, I would die long before. What if it isn't? ". She feared. 

(After Some Months) 

-Judy, you have grown up. You are a young lady now. Do what I say.

-Mom, I am only 19. How can you say that? I wanna study higher and find a job first. I don't wanna marry now.

-Try to understand, Judy. We get a little salary. We have to spend a lot behind you and Janet. You have grown up and you will need more money now. So, we decided to marry you off and we believe that you will help us by respecting our decision.

-I need some time. I'll figure it out.

-Okay. Take your time. I want a positive reply.

  Judy closed the door and rushed to the bed. She cried and cried. She wanted to get a job first though she couldn't concentrate on studying after leaving her dad. She thought - "I didn't study well. How will I get a good job? Moreover, they didn't want to spend for me anymore. If I refuse their proposal, I don't know how will they react and behave with me. So, I'd better be married. After all, it's a nightmare. Is it really?.....It should be...."


The Endless Nightmare

Judy's husband is not bad but a bit indifferent. However, she is alright. She is an adult now. She was tired of waiting for ending her nightmare. But it was running and she was getting older day by day. She was losing her valuable time only for waiting for the end. And finally after 15 years, she realized that she had nothing but ti accept the reality which is the endless nightmare.

  She drank some water and took a deep breathe. She looked at the window and said, "The stars are so beautiful but seem so unreal." She was holding her new released book named "The Endless Nightmare." After realizing the truth, she took the pen and started writing as she was so imaginative.

  Starring at the starry sky, she said carelessly, "It isn't a nightmare, but there must be another way."

The End




Submitted: February 04, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Ad Risha. All rights reserved.

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