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Sitting down with a guitar pen and padof paper Irena looked comfortable in hwr pown skin and with her self Sam was cooking a meal as she wrote what people on two worlds would be a first album many people just wanted her to get beyond repenting for her past and were just happy that this talent showed promise every time she played a new song they got hope that things were going well in her mind and heart. but things were about to take another turn for the worse

A portal opened in a near by feild adn through the portal came Irena's parents and whilst Irena was happy to see them again she knew that they were not there for a schat they had a warning the kingdom of heven had many realms governed by many gods and they were all coming for Irena  soon earth wpould be a battle ground again and Irena's poweres would be not as much use against gods as they were against demons she would need to find another way to defeat them and keep people safe.

This would be hsarder for some than others as peoples beleif in certain gods made them strong the more people who had faith in them fthe more power they had and none of them had a problem with colateral damage. So one thing was certain what ever plan Irena had it would have to involve luring em away from populated areas. There was one peice of good news that her parents had for Irena the battle that she had fought a year agom led more people abandoning their faith not wanting to worship a being that attacked them anymore so atheir poweres whilst still formidable were weaker than they would have been. this was all well and good but irena still lacked a solid plan she did not even know when or where they would strike.

Then the gods did something no one expected they announced their plans of destroying the purple planet to everyone this left some on Earth conflicted as many of them still followed their chozen god but had fondness for Irena and strongly opposed the destruction of worlds by anyone. Whilst others claimed that the attckeres were not gods at all and backed Irena to defeat what they called false gods. Of course there were peple onthe otheer side of this extreem claiming that the gods were finaly coming down to slay the sinners  and that Irena's recent acts were nothing more than token gestures that did nothing to obsolve her of her dark past.

The peole of Earth were dividedbut not as divided as the people of heaven who contrmplated leaving for thre purle worldand if they could not get in they would spend their afterlife in hell. And after thinking things had got better embracing the fact that they were dead scrapping the cameras turning heaven back into a paradise only for their joy to be taken away from them they were one hundred percent behind Irena but she was now going against an army of power drunk gods and she only barely managed to beat one with a team of legendary heroes helping her  now they wwre nowhere to be seen. ans worse news was just arround the cornwer the gods had become possesed by the idea of revenge to gfhe point it made them intop demons they had succomed to their own curse

This triggered a totol exodus from the kingdoms of heaven the only ones who remained where the demoniswd gods and fthe one tht Irena fought who stayed and now fought for Irena's cause. The people of the purple planet only learned of this once more and more [eople started coming through the portal with the same horror story to tell some of thwem had only just come to terms with the fact that they had died thinking they had earned their happiness at last as well as mwntioning the one god who did not turn. With this In mind Irena gave her friends and the purple plannet one last look before going through a portal with the intent of saving heaven from it's self.

Even after hearing tyhe story so many times Irena was not ready for what she saw Heaven was now a worse place than hell All the demonised gods where fighting to be the supremeleader that ruled over all others and the angels whwere anchored and chained to the ground this led Irena to beleive that freeing the angels was key to acheiving her new goal.. This theory was confirmed by another former advasary the one god who did not turn the one she fought and humbled he freed some angels who flew around in a circle before creating a sanctuary that the demonised gods culd not enter freeing more angels would make this sanctuary bigger and safer

Submitted: February 03, 2021

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