Shattered Crown: Hero of the North

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Shattered Crown: Hero of the North is the first book in a proposed series called Shattered Crown. It centers around the twenty-two year old mercenary, Leon Aerius, during the Second Elven Invasion of Andek. Andek is his homeland, where he returns to ether get rich or die. He doesn't care which.

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Leon, while traveling to the city of Frenjolk, finds himself in a blizzard and must spend the night at the Mountainside Tavern.
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The Festival

Leon, now in Frenjolk, is amazed by the jovial atmosphere. The people here seem to be happy despite the war on their doorstep.
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The Tournament

The day after Svildr's speech Leon meets a young woman named Mia and participates in the Ironheart Tournament.
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Leon's Tale

After the tournament has ended Leon returns to the Iron Flagon to tell Mia his story.
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The Celebration

Leon is approached by Svildr the day after the tournament.
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Leon leaves for the city of Horrel, which is currently in the most need of assistance.
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The War Table

Chapter 7: The War Table “You saw them with your own eyes?” Jarl Sigurd asked. Leon nodded confidently. Sigurd let out a long sig... Read Chapter

The Iron Garden

Chapter 8: The Iron Garden Jarl Sigurd called all the citizens of Frenjolk to the Iron Garden for an announcement. Leon wasn’t goin... Read Chapter


Chapter 9: Springtime In light of current situations, Sigurd had placed a new curfew on the city. Nobody was allowed out after dark w... Read Chapter


Chapter 10: Why It was the question on everyone’s minds for the past year. Why? Why were the elves attacking? They don’t seem to ... Read Chapter

The Party

Chapter 11: The Party Over the next two months Leon’s free time became more and more scarce. As time went on, he became increasingl... Read Chapter

The Wall

Chapter 12: The Wall It was bound to happen, but nobody was expecting it. The elves had been so quiet. Even Leon had almost forgotten... Read Chapter


Chapter 13: Afterparty The wedding was a blur in Leon’s mind. He remembered a few key moments; the decorations in the Feather Clan... Read Chapter

The Siege

Chapter 14: The Siege The week had passed quickly, but Tierllund and Sigmund didn’t seem to waste a second of it. Both of their for... Read Chapter


Chapter 15: Awakening Pain. Every cell in Leon’s body seemed to be screaming in pain. He would have screamed, but the pain prevente... Read Chapter


Chapter 16: Grief “He’s dead,” Jarl Sigurd said solemnly. “So are…most of those who were in the palace.” Leon’s heart s... Read Chapter


Chapter 17: Training Master Veth was harsh, but he was a good teacher. He was the prize of the Moontail Clan. Leon came to the Moonta... Read Chapter


Chapter 18: Mourning Leon sat in the gardens with a bottle of rum in his hand. It was beautiful. High hedges with colorful flowers at... Read Chapter

Field of Passing

Chapter 19: Field of Passing It was the first time Leon could bring himself to visit Svildr’s grave. He had never visited the final... Read Chapter


Chapter 20: Escape It was time to leave. There was a war to fight after all. Frenjolk was just a stop on his path to retirement. That... Read Chapter