Being Intelligent

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What word comes to mind when you hear the word intelligent? Someone who reads and studies books. Honor roll students? Know-it-all?

What is the meaning of intelligence? 

Knowing everything, right?

Studying and memorizing a book?

Intelligence can define in many topics.

High IQ in art, science, history, life, ect.

Honor roll students are described as intelligent.


People who solve problems fall into that category. 

They know how to decipher it, and they actually do it. 

Having an advanced mind is to reach a goal.

You don't need to know all the countries in the world (unless you want to).

Or the periodic table if it's not needed.

Gathering and knowing basic information is enough.

Famous smart people like Albert Einstien tried to solve a problem and take action.

Failing and succeeding.

Those that are intelligent accept failures and relentlessly commit more effort.

That's why it is best to summarize and learn the basic information needed. To say taking notes.


"Being intelligent isn't stuffing information in your head.

It's knowing, where to get the information and completing the task."



Submitted: February 04, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Zumi. All rights reserved.

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