"A Surreal Reality: Times Of Horror"

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

-A Poetic Story About Today's Reality-

The world you're seeing now, is a horror flick and we're apart of the cast. In this film, Corona the killer doesn't lurk in the shadows waiting to strike at last, he's clearly out in the daylight killing silently, basking and masking with pure delight, a contagious murderous task.

While the world is asleep, Corona stalks and creeps, camps out waiting for a tiny opening to seep. The fear inside you peaks because you've clearly seen a wave, a crystal lake of peeps...Who were impaled by a Jason Voorhees - Like scent that cut them underneath their nose, sliced their throat and then wound up in a freezer beneath a white sheet with Iced toes and a tag tied to their feet. You know, it's like a scene comparing Corona V to a movie slasher but metaphorically, only it's reality, a world down and out on its luck, Friday The 13th.

The roles are reversed, "Is there a slight plot twist you ask?...There is in fact, in this one...not Corona...we're the one's cursed to bare the burden of facing a mask.

Yet also a blessing, protecting us from Corona, who raises hell into the air ways and pokes at us from all angles like a Pinhead...as he picks off Vics, plucks and sticks, makes you sick, got you boxed in your home like a cube and then he swiftly maneuvers.

In our defense against, our weapon of choice is shot from a syringe, supposedly some vaccine not a harmless luger. You desperately want that dream of living free but you're afraid to have to pay when you go to sleep because you know its a dark horse roaming streets, so you stay inside, prioritize, keep your face covered beneath the eyes until a cure occurs. We as the characters role with the tides, continuously washing our hands countless times then you sanitize, day by day just make sure to repeat these things...a constant reoccur. So our dreams are dissolving and evolving into a nightmare but of course in this worldly viewed film, Corona is the one tearing famlies a part like Freddy Krueger.

You watch the outbreak of horror on the tube to see some people act without any self control like mindless zombies. You don't have to have open arms to catch this spineless disease that travels through the breeze to contaminate numerous human bodies. The infected have no clue like the genre switched to mystery but still full of Misery as they hammer it on through overcrowded movie lobbies.

About a year or so ago was the dawn of the momentarily walking dead...then permanently dead within a matter of time given. People working hard to survive overtime will come to know that this was actually a prequel to things getting worse for the land of the living.

To thicken the plot, another antagonist is introduced and shamefully the villain is...ourselves, byword. Protesting slash riots occurs, street fillers in herds with wrong intentions, taking their anger out on national monuments of something unheard. It's like crimes are suddenly legal because it's been given a sudden surge to have the urge to Purge, instead of separating into half or thirds we should merge to cease racial overtones and killer words....


Submitted: February 04, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Myles_Harris. All rights reserved.

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Steven P. Pody

Call me stupid. Not the fault of your work, but I didn't figure out who RONA was until para 4. The nickname isn't universal. OK, nuts and bolts first. Line 1 - 'apart' or 'a part'. That single space gives the letters an entirely opposite meaning. I assume 'a part' is intended. Middle of para 5, 'role with the tides'. Up to you and sorta workable both ways, but many will assume you mean 'roll'. And, am not sure why you have the last para in all caps. Caps are to accentuate, but by very definition, highlighting one area detracts from the attention given the others - like only the end is important. Personally, I think the device unnecessary, but it's your poem.

Now, the important part. Am no authority on movie horror, but your allusion and symbolism of COVID to a 21st century horror is certainly appropriate. The strategic word "herd" is perfectly placed. Also, this works as a poem, and advances progressively, logically and emotionally as a storyline. Good, lyrically frightening and thoughtful. I'd work, perhaps, on the very end payoff line. Not sure many 'earned' their fate. Perhaps if you scattered your potential outcomes to be more mass-reader inclusive it would be more widely applicable - you got what you learned/spurned/earned. Anyway, something perhaps more general, but conclusive and damning - as you did envision for your finale. On the brink of being an attention-getting statement and primo-snapshot poem of its times, Myles. Thanks for sharing. SPP

Thu, February 4th, 2021 11:04pm


Thanks for reading first off Steven. It's more than appreciated. I asked for the critique and for sure you delivered. RONA not being universal is very understanding, I see your point. You're also right about the "apart/ a part". One thing I can say is, an editor would be my soul mate. Now the "We as the characters "role" with the tides" is definitely intended. I wanted to play on both words. I chose to put role because of the movie theme and characters came before it. Readers will choose roll because of how it's written. But I'm actually telling the readers what are the characters role within the film. The following lines do so with the POV from their view.

Lol and the caps Paragraph "was" suppose to be a teaser for the next entry and also I transitioned to a new subject. The Trans starts at "The temp is rising". I wanted to uplift. I totally see where you're coming from though. I will change that. I know good advice when I hear or see it. I'm stoked you liked it overall and the angle I was trying to achieve. Thank you so much Steven. Your time and words, appreciated and we'll received!!!!

Thu, February 4th, 2021 4:34pm

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