God I Know

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Christian Writers

This is an unfinished memoir.

Ask yourself if you know the prayer unheard?

Is this the one you think as our thankful gift?

Why don’t you see the promise unhealed?

Where you have faith resumed this graceful life again?

Who keeps this sacrifice humbled that set us free?

I don’t know why you ask,

Which God?

I do realize the greatest love we have ever know,

If I underestimate this request why you question,

Which love?

Our life deserves the best this time will discover,

I do request may this willingness open your heart,

If you still don’t make this change to discover,

And still ask why conquer the life your heart defends,

Which heart?

Miracles gain this challenge ever has ever been,

Memories take this request more than ever read,

Let me help all the way you walk alone for an understanding,

All the time you felt this help care our friendship within,

Who beloved freedom to see where you fit in this master plan,

We must be kind as our togetherness raise the borrowed tomorrow,

We are growing in faith that can heal any wound,

This communion grazes one promised land for our future,

Here God is our greatest trainer if that is loved,

Here God is our destined wisdom if that is inside any love,

Here God is our guiding teacher if that has seen any love,

If you remember there was one thief compassionate doing this right,

If you cast no stones and take this advice,

There are stars in the sky waiting for a hero born within,

There is no fear in the heaven listening more than love,

There is faith you can live more in your wish not waiting,

You will never know how this world is united saw the blessed,

I felt through these steps wondering what I am feeling,

Please do hear I no longer request you to read further,

This narrow land less for the next dawn suggest,

Please read I do forget the last day to find what tells me,

It is the right time light acted for this conscious choice,

If you search the heart within and chose the delight answered,

Please tell yourself the world likes one message,

If you are not left behind in the search unending,

If you leave behind the pain that can’t torcher these ends,

To understand God is how you now own very sacrifice to be kind,

Yet care to love others committed in forgiveness,

When they do trust the infinite faith within made so awesome,

Cherish the right choice sharing the greatness sometimes heavens wonder,

Thanksgiving a closer walk with kindness and humbleness we can offer others,

Let us turn away from the wrong side admiring why we enjoy this moment miles ahead into the right side.


Submitted: February 04, 2021

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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