Destinies Begin

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

An old master about to reveal secrets that will kick start a great adventure.

Their names were called and they were told to follow the old, hunched figure that stood off to their left. Both O’Mari and Azerus followed three other younglings as the cloaked figure hobbled along the corridor using a great stick taller than they are with a hook on the top end to lean on and steady themselves. As O’Mari looked closer, they saw that the stick that the cloaked figure was carrying was marked with weird carvings the entire length and looping around so that all the stick was covered which O’Mari couldn’t help but admire the ornate design.

They finally made it to a large room with benches set out along the length of one side and cabinets along the other. The middle of the room was a trough that ran along with two small planks that crossed to form a bridge in the middle. It was about three feet wide with a steady flow of water that ran through it from one wall and disappeared into a small tunnel at the other end.

The figure slowly took off their cloak to reveal an old man with a full head of long, white hair that ran down his back. “Giddeon, that is my name and here we are to make stocks of red blaze for use by the dark hunters” 

Giddeon, O’Mari knew of the stories of Gideon. Rumoured to be around 110 years old and one of the great heroes of Issitoria. He was a legend to all in Issitoria. As far as all the stories were concerned he was solely responsible for the creation of Issitoria's most widely renowned healing medicines as well as some of the most vicious military concoctions, including the devastating red blaze, which burned unnaturally hot and until its own fuel had expired meaning that traditional means of putting out fires were useless. No one had ever survived after being "kissed" by red blaze.

"This is some kind of joke right?" complained O'Mari "we are the one's that were top, we are the one's who are destined to be the next Giddeon's yet here we are being given the work that any first year student can complete!"

"Hush little one" came the deep muted growl of Azerus "you just do not see it do you, for all your brains you are such a fool! That IS Giddeon, we are tasked with aiding the greatest alchemist that ever lived, don't you understand how much more we can learn from him?"

The great lumbering bear is right thought O'Mari. What better way of learning the extremely difficult ways of alchemy than from the very person that knows its inner secrets. And so they began, Giddeon had written the formula on the wall and the five off them, frantically mixing various liquids and heating others to create this most extremely volatile substance. Azerus had tried to strike up conversation with the other three younglings and everytime had been shot down with a glare that could choke a person where they stood. All the time Giddeon was perched at the great desk in the corner, hunched over old leather bound books, occasionally switching to scribble something in one of the various note books that were scattered along. 

"How is someone that brilliant THAT messy" O'Mari said n a slightly hushed way, out loud but mainly to himself.

"I heard that he never misplaces a single thing and always has at least four projects on the go at any one time" O'Mari jumped, shocked, he didn't expect anyone to answer, especially not one of the younglings who had so visibly snubbed Azerus' offer of friendly conversation earlier. "I didn't mean to startle you" the voice was soft and quiet, fitting really considering the small, dainty figure that stood in front of O'Mari. Short and very slight with long flowing blond hair dressed all in yellow with a yellow flower tied into her hair.

"Oh, erm, you didn't, I, erm, was just concentrating" stuttered the response. "O'Mari" they said holding out a hand "I, erm, I mean that's me, I am O'Mari" They felt like the heat in the room had increased by a hundred degrees.

"Adriel, Adriel Sanvi" she replied, grasping her hand in theirs with a tender grip that sent a warm feeling shooting through O'Mari's arm all the way throughout their body.

"Well, better get back to work, talk to you later maybe O'Mari" she said with the most beautiful smile O'Mari had ever seen and turned back to her station.

O'Mari looked over at Azerus, the great oaf was stood there with a childish grin on his face so they turned back to their work.

Four hours later and Giddeon told them all that there work for the day was done. "Good work, all of you, exemplary, looks like I have a very bright bunch indeed" chuckled Giddeon. "O'Mari, Adriel, please wait a moment will you?" That caught O'Mari by surprise and their stomach tightened.

O'Mari and Adriel hung back while the others left the room, Azerus looking back with a very mischievous grin plastered on the big oafs face. Even after Giddeon had closed the door O'Mari could still see the lump's shadow lurking at the other side of the door.

"Well, how are you two finding life here?" Giddeon asked, with genuine interest etched on his weathered face. "It's a very strange time right now"

"Well, to be honest with you, I was expecting more freedom to really show what I can do" O'Mari could not help it, they had to let their feelings be known. The response was a little surprising to say the least.

"I have followed your work closely since your second year at the Academia. A good friend let whisper of your laser focus and unfaltering drive as well as the sheer intelligence you possess. I am not surprised that you should feel frustrated."

O'Mari's jaw hung open in shock, how did the great Giddeon know about hem and why would he care so much?

"Do not looked so shocked" Giddeon said with a playful laugh. "I make a point of getting to know and nurture the very best minds that come through here and you and young Miss Gelzuth certainly fit that criteria to a tee" he continued with a huge, caring smile on his face.

Adriel suddenly went bright red, she is a Gelzuth? as in the most powerful family in Issitoria? O'Mari's thoughts swam, why would she be here? Why did she seem embarrassed by being introduced as a Gelzuth?

As if reading their mind Giddeon added "no need to be embarrassed young Miss Gelzuth, your drive to be more than your name is well known throughout the Forsaken circles and after much observing I believe that you, my dear, have not only the drive but also the skills and intelligence to become one of the greatest practitioners ever, you both do!" He shuffled back to his great ornate desk and flicked open one of the biggest books that O'Mari had ever seen. "This, this is a catalogue of all the knowledge that I have accumulated over my many years. I want you to both look over this particular chapter. Take your time, digest it and then we shall meet again to discuss it further".

Submitted: February 04, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Jonathon Asur-Robinson. All rights reserved.

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