Lillian and The Adventurers

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Lillian and her family remark on a adventure to find their grandmother and cousin/ brother.

Table of Contents

The Bus

Hello. My Name is Lillian Jackson. And I am a Quadruplet. Yes, a quadruplet. Four people who were born at the same time in a family. And ... Read Chapter

The Wings

Finn, Travis and I walked into the bus. As I walked down the aisle to my seat in the back, I tripped. No, not an accidental trip. I was... Read Chapter


The dust worked. When I got off the bus, Rylee tripped me again. “Stop having heart burns. You are taking all of my attention.” She... Read Chapter

The Mission

I watched my best friends leave the classroom, then turned to my biological father. “So, Why? The family is a mess. Troy and Jordan arg... Read Chapter

the cousins

“Our cousins? Like, Jaxson, Tiana, Helina, Brianna and Nathan?” Asked Henry, confused. “No. Like your cousins on your Mom’s side.... Read Chapter

The Boy And Kidnapped

My eyes were as big as saucers. The boy stared at me, waiting to see my reaction. I stared back at him, hoping this was a prank, that Mr.... Read Chapter


I walked into the house with Dad, Emilie and Peter close behind. “Mum! We’re home!” I called through the empty corridor. “In the ... Read Chapter

The Girl

We were walking in the woods, when we ran into a Girl. She stared at us, grey eyes calculating our every move. “Hello! I’m Emilie Jac... Read Chapter

The Past and Other Boy

“Hello, old friend.” The man said. I glared. “I’m not your friend anymore, Logan.” I hissed. “After what you did.” He flinc... Read Chapter

The Base

After dinner, I announced that I was going for a walk. In the distance, I could see this weird building. Barb wires all around it. And it... Read Chapter


I told them the plans. Asher, Dylan, Dante and Matt were going to guard the building. Dane, Mark and Zeldris are going hack into the came... Read Chapter


Grandma Gina dropped Me, Peter, Emilie and Henry off at our house. “Goodbye kids! I love you!” She called to us while she was driving... Read Chapter


Lillian- Lillian Jackson (OC) Mom- Maleficent Jackson/ Sally Jackson (Sleeping Beauty/Maleficent/ Percy Jackson) Jasper- Jasper H... Read Chapter

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