Cambodian Music

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Pol Pot's deflowered now

who used to ride a water-

smooth buffalo


and kill onetwothreefourfive

million traitors

Justlikethat -- Jeezus,

he was an awful liar,

and what I'd like to know is

how do you like your despot now,

mister Death?



The Cambodians are divided

into two camps now:

Those under the age of 25,

and those who never thought

they would ever be 25.


This plays hell on radio

demographics and advertising

targeting, but the ones

who ate the most lizards

generally don't have

much buying power.


Old Pol Pot knew this-

He knew that intellect killed revolutionaries-

so he murdered all the teachers.


Old Pol Pot knew all this --

He knew that children

were the way of thefuture,

so he had them dismembered

in front of their mothers-

(Don't worry- witnesses say the

children were bashed against

the walls first, to soften them up)


Old Pol Pot knew all about these things-

He studied them at school in Paris.

He knew that city folks don't take well to strangers.

so he had them all herded out to the fields-


The lucky ones died on the first day.


Old Pol Pot knew a lot of things, he did.

He knew that men with eyeglasses

might become intellectual,

so he had them all shot in the street.


Old Pol Pot did much

for child labor, he did.

He put the revolutionary

children to work every day,

whacking in the skulls

of tired elderly women,

sometimes taking bets

on how many swings it would take.


Old Pol Pot understood the needs

of modern corporations, he did.

He single-handedly downsized

a country of 5 million redundant farmers

into a more manageable

3 million terrified refugees.

(He believed strongly in agrarian reform,

long before it became fashionable.)


Cambodians love their music now.

Cambodians love to hug their surviving

children, and tell them stories

about lands filled with fish and bread.


Thanks to a frail old man

named Pol Pot,

(who holed up for years

in the jungles of his own making)

Family reunions are now optional in Cambodia.


Submitted: February 04, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Michael Pollick. All rights reserved.

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tom mcmullen

Interesting poem M P, Pol Pot studied Marxism in France. Marx and his religion have a lot to answer for!

Fri, February 5th, 2021 3:18am

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