Believers' Guide to Drifting

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Believers' Guide to Drifting

On the one hand, we have this couple-so young, so connected, so grounded.


The balloon they released together

into the Memphis air held two cards in tow

as it found its way between their hands

and the balloon maker's place.


Now balloons don't think for themselves

(as Einstein and others have shown)

but I'd like to show some respect

for this particular balloon with

some sort of hidden agenda.

(I'd even like to think it was smiling.)


For two hundred miles later,

on the other hand,

there's this older couple

(plain country folk, as it were)

so empty, so needful,

so drifting.


One day this here couple

found a red balloon on the back forty,

two cards still dangling.


One card had the address of a church in Memphis

where a young couple launched a red balloon

and then had a picnic.


The other card told this drifting farmer

that somebody he had abandoned

in his own back forty

still loved his stubborn hide

and wanted to talk over the fence some more.


This is where the story would have ended for us,

if the farmer and his suddenly beautiful wife

hadn't decided to hang up a little red balloon

on the door of their simple farmhouse

and ride into town on Sunday.


(Folks who saw them that day thought

they looked mighty grounded.)


Submitted: February 05, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Michael Pollick. All rights reserved.

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