The Sea of Time

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The Sea of Time--our fear of the future, the unknown, and the vast ocean, together.

They say we’ve only explored five-percent of the ocean.


On the very planet which we live on, the one that sustains us and gives us life and food and existence--we have only explored five-percent of its oceans. Of the substance that covers seventy one percent of its surface. Five percent. 

Maybe that number’s too small to imagine. So, think about it this way: we have not explored ninety-five percent of our oceans. 

Ninety-five percent. 

That ocean we go to in the summer, that one we live 20, maybe 30 minutes away from, we don’t know anything about ninety-five percent of it. We’re swimming in that five-percent. 

What we don’t know about the ocean is huge. What we do know is infinitesimal, almost unnoteworthy. The fact that each wave ascends from the swirling, dark, mysterious, chilling, cold, vast yet unknown, familiar yet so unfamiliar, unexplored, ocean--doesn’t that numb your mind? How each fish, each shark, each dolphin, each whale, each jellyfish, each crab and each shrimp and turtle--how they all live in a part of the world we only know five-percent of. 

How come it doesn’t numb your mind? 

I’m sure you’re shocked--surprised, in awe, maybe in disbelief--but why don’t you feel a creeping tentacle--the same that could be deep within the seas--reaching up around your brain and exuding its bone-chilling freeze into your mind? Why don’t you feel the scaly, the slimy, the squirmy fish swimming around your stomach, nauseating you, sickening you? Why don’t you feel the dark water filling your lungs despite the fact that you are on land, its ninety-five percent mystery submerging your breath and stopping it from resurfacing? You are intellectually appalled--but not emotionally. 


That ocean is so huge, so colossal, but until now, you might have never even realized it. Might have never even realized that there is so little we truly know about the ocean, even though we think we know it all--think we know everything about the unknown.

It’s sort of like our futures. We all have a habit of underestimating the size of our futures, just like the ocean, but just as how the ocean’s size is inestimable, time, too, is big. It’s huge. Colossal. It contains more twists and turns, more complexities, more than anything we could ever guess it to have. Where you’ll go to college--if you’ll go at all. What job you want (what job you don’t want). Who you’ll marry, if you’ll marry, if you’ll have kids--if you even want kids. These things, these questions, they plague us, submerge us, trap us deep beneath a sea of time that quite literally drowns us in its magnitude. 

The unknown.

You’re afraid of it--the what-ifs, the decisions. The Bad, The Good. All the things that can and admittedly will happen, you’re afraid of. But, they’re no different than the dark ocean. The fish, the plants, the life that has yet to be discovered--they’re no different than all of those moments that you’ll one day have to face. But is that all the future has to offer? Does your life really just amount to the college you go to, the person who you marry, the kids you may or may not even have? I sincerely hope not. 

All of these things we worry about--all of these drops of life--they cannot compare to the breadth of the ocean. We’re looking at our futures as though they are a snaking stream, when in reality, that stream unites with a larger, expansive ocean unbeknownst to us. And that ocean will have creatures, both little and big in size, that we’ll have absolutely no way of knowing about before they swim down that stream and past our sight. But just because they’re unknown doesn’t mean they’re bad. The ocean could have so much to offer, so much good to offer, but we can only focus on those who might be bad.  Don’t forget: time is big. Really, really, really, big. And the future is much more complicated than we comprehend it to be. So don’t lose sight of the good just because it’s unknown--and don’t harp on the bad because it’s unknown, either. There is so much more in life yet to be discovered, so thinking you know all about the creatures in the sea when you really don’t is just assuming that all life has to offer is a negative experience. 

But, in reality, you’ll still swim in the ocean this summer, and that shouldn’t be scary. 


Submitted: February 05, 2021

© Copyright 2021 argiery. All rights reserved.

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LE. Berry

The comparisons you choose for your piece were very nicely used argiery.

Fri, February 5th, 2021 10:23pm

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