The Black Soul

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Table of Contents

Jessica Encounters an Accident

It was morning when I woke up, the sunlight gleaming through the glass, Birds chirping, and the sounds of the leaves rumbling. What a gre... Read Chapter

The New About the Three Missing Children

This was the day, When i was going to get freedom, Finally, escaping the prison like containment. There was a clock hung up above me with... Read Chapter

Jessica Plans Out with Emma

I decided it’s not the perfect time yet to go out and save them, I need to take a rest, And plan out tomorrow, Without my friends. This... Read Chapter

Jessica Makes a Visit to the Abandoned City

The holidays are getting worse and worse. Each day filled with nightmares. Each week filled with desires of destiny. This was it, The tim... Read Chapter

The Haunted House

The trauma that I was going to face today was going to be really creepy. I won’t forget it’s distorted memories. I was in deep sleep ... Read Chapter

Peter Brings Back his Memories and Jessica Finds a New Dimension

‘Everything you are seeing are hallucinations, Don’t trust your eyes, They are dangerous’.  I woke up slowly, Not knowing wh... Read Chapter

The Police Enters the Haunted House

The house, they could now see it. In the brown sky, The sun was hiding behind a cloud which was shining dull light on the abandoned city.... Read Chapter

The Hounston Family’s Diary

There was something horrible going, as far as I know. I was drowsy, I was feeling tired, and some glitching and all of sudden I am in som... Read Chapter

Roughes Finds Out Information About the Ritual of 666

Roughes was still busy searching the house. He came across some pictures which were inside a book in the bookshelf where the button was. ... Read Chapter

Meeting the Spirits Expert

The next day, when Peters woke up, he was absolutely scared about his mom, about what may happen to her. When he woke up, at  first ... Read Chapter

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