Forgetful Prayer

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Christian Writers

Just to thank you for this new life so worthy.

One day one of us will always be the soul for our big cause,

Think of the unfortunate lives who don’t have anything to sustain their daily needs,

Yet daily our teacher reminds us where we must be now,

Life puts on us the Earth shaved in this coincidence,

To run this business reminds us as always unborn,

Guiding light wherever the faith lives so humane,

And reflects you on every heartbeat set a good sail,

This endless ladder loves more than our transitory lifetime,

Persuasions into this energy loves your ends not founded in finishing this activity,

But the passion doing it matters on what we are now,

Journey God join us lights up the world spending its kindness,

Dream without such deadline is often forgotten with what is convenient,

Where we fail doesn’t blame us as poor,

And when we succeed do, we blame us as rich?

Heroes who named this history get their own fame for every sacrifice made,

How we acquire this wisdom that the seeds of greatness are not is us,

I earn to keep this future income that love doesn’t quit,

As poor man with lots of money in my heart,

I am a wise man who invest this money not in my head,

Soon I will be paid for more that bring smiles in many lives,

Just always I raise this to keep my commitments,

How rightly and indispensable I honor,

What can be learned, unlearned and relearn to start a new day refreshed,

Will sustain our tomorrow for the best where we must be now?

I recognize my god-gifted talents to fulfill the purpose we’ve been blessed with,

I praise this is a gift that can continue to dream a new dream,

May be some right affirmations are the bible of our credibility,

It is ok to be the person people like to meet,

It is great to be the example everyone like to follow,

It is highest to be the living sacrifice you like to experience,

I am truly pray-full you will not be playful finding this request,

You have a reason why this vision lives well for the very beginning,

If something is reviewed so valuable,

Let us visit our promise so true to the best that is within,

And never forget the kind side of everything that expect only the soulful expectations,

What is right when this miracle happens made God come true to be so strong,

Achievements the future has no time to criticize others,

Expect believe in yourself to be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind,

As I call it there is no best moment as now,

God is really impressed because we have faith,

God still follow the trust what we make for the next moment,

Let us adhere to this universal truth that life in infinite faith within,

Can be our optimism whatever happens in the next moment happens for the good?

Let us don’t believe that God will do what you want,

But if there are infinite steps unheard,

You will have an adventure that this journey is not a final destination,

Ever beginning to cherish the thankful God who honored our existence so real,

Let this reality ever occur in a lifetime so worthy gifted for the ultimate blessed steps always ever reached.

Submitted: February 05, 2021

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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