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Shakti was unhappy with the decision of Kailash to render. He was also upset by the fact that Kailash had freed the captives without ransom. He was the only member of the gang, who had not surrendered and the police were search-ing for him.

He was hiding in the Kishori Mahto’s house and was think-ing about the life ahead. Kishori Mahto was a distant relative of Shakti Singh. He used to dispose of the goods looted by the rob-bers and take the commission. This was his business.

Kailash and Kishori were having conversations in the after-noon after lunch ."What's next? " Kishori Mahto asked Shakti Singh."I will be out in a couple of days" Shakti Singh An-swered Mahto asked, "Where will you go ?" "

"Not sure right now, " Shakti Singh said.

Mahto said, "If you have to make arrangements till Jhansi, tell me."

Shakti Singh Said, "OK uncle. Tell a safe place of Jhansi I have to receive some money from a jeweler there. Then I will go to Bombay. "

Submitted: February 05, 2021

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