Evergreen - Borders

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

A story about friends Dark and Fang, a fox and wolf from two different packs, Fait Pack and Storm Pack. (Has magic)

Table of Contents


Fait Pack   Apprentices Fang: wolf Mentor: Forest Claw Frost: wolf, Mentor: Moon Song  Slade: wolf, mentor:... Read Chapter

Chapter 1

Chapter 1   Fang got up and walked out of her cave with the others surrounding her. It’s amazing that we each get our ow... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

Chapter 2   Dark watched as Fang drifted to sleep. She climbed up to Fang and bit her scar. Then she ran out into the camp... Read Chapter

chapter 3

Chapter 3   Fang woke yeesh that was a nasty trick oh well Fang thought looking at her scar that once again opened du... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

Chapter 4   When Dark raced into camp her mother Pebble Fur bolted over to her. Her mother covered her in hugs and kisses.... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

Chapter 5   Fang woke River up who was next to her River needed to have some connection with some last night oh River if C... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

Chapter 6   Dark stalked through the undergrowth. She had been following the Rabbit all day. She pricked her ears there Da... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Fang woke up Ack! I slept here!  Fang thought. Fang looked at her mom's grave Mom… you used to take me here and I won't forget... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

Chapter 8   Dark looked out at the vast lake. “Wow… it-its beautiful,” Dark said astonished. "Wait until you see... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

Chapter 9   Fang awoke before anyone, it was late tonight. River wouldn't be taking apprentices out for midnight fishin... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

Chapter 10   Dark was running. Running for her life. Some kind of living creature was chasing her. She knew it was alive s... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Fang kept rushing through the forest using her ears and nose to track Dark. She pricked her ears up. She's going to the ... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

  Chapter 12   Dark walked up the mountain. We were just at the base… and now we're close to the top Dark tho... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

Chapter 13   Fang ran through the forest "CANYON NOSE!" She called out. The burns that she had while saving Phantom had di... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

Chapter 14   Dark bolted to Eagle Hearts side. He was bleeding heavily on his chest and right wing. She shapeshifted into ... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

Chapter 15    Fang woke up early but nevertheless it was morning. I wonder if Slade is awake, Fang thought. She tro... Read Chapter

Chapter 16

Chapter 16   Dark ran towards the moorland Shadow was looking at a tree. The leaves were turquoise and the trunk was purpl... Read Chapter

Chapter 17

Chapter 17 Fang was still talking with Yin. "Wait… do you hear that?" Yin asked, alarmed. "No but…" Fang paused to sn... Read Chapter

Chapter 18

Chapter 18 Dark watched as Fang Fell to the ground unconscious. Sea came up to Fang.  “NO!” Shadow said leaping at Sea... Read Chapter

Chapter 19

Chapter 19   Fang woke up to a pain it felt like fangs were digging into her skin.  "What the!?" Fang jumped up a... Read Chapter

Chapter 20

Chapter 20   Dark Moon gasped. “Bu-but how!?” She asked. “Do you mind explaining?” Fang Crystal asked her mo... Read Chapter

Chapter 21

Chapter 21   Fang crystal  walked back to her cave sighing. Fang crystal layed down and thought of all the times she ... Read Chapter

Chapter 22

Chapter 22   Dark Moon woke up the next morning refreshed. Shadow Slayer was still sleeping soundly. Dark Moon then heard ... Read Chapter

Chapter 23

Chapter 23    Fang Crystal heard a noise in the night coming from Shadow Heart's den. Fang Crystal ran over to his ca... Read Chapter

Chapter 24

Chapter 24   Dark Moon walked back into camp. The camp was full of foxes talking sadly aboud Lion Scar.  Dark Moo... Read Chapter

Chapter 25

Chapter 25   Fang crystal, Griffin wing and Zeanna Falls watched as the two walked off. “Ummm so I think I should ma... Read Chapter

Chapter 26

Chapter 26   Dark Moon was surprised Blood Fang was actually… kind of cute… no! don't think, like-like this! Shadow... Read Chapter

Chapter 27

Chapter 27   Fang Crystal got up  "Ma! The gathering is over!" Fang Crystal called. All of the wolves started bac... Read Chapter

Chapter 28

Chapter 28   Dark Moon woke up. She was in the wolves healers den.  “Where's the Coyote!?” Dark Moon asked.... Read Chapter

Chapter 29

Chapter 29   Fang Crystal woke up. "Blood Fang… where's Dark Moon!?" Fang Crystal asked prodding at Blood Fang. Bloo... Read Chapter

Chapter 30

Chapter 30   Dark Moon woke up. Her underbelly was burning with pain. She tried to get up but Rain Fall stopped her. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 31

Fang was on the ground in immense pain surging through her. "Looks like you've gotten weaker" Scar Claw Said walking over to her.... Read Chapter

Chapter 32

Chapter 32   Dark Moon walked into her mother's den. It was dark and Pebble Furs tears were still wet on the ground. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 33

Chapter 33   Fang Crystal waited until her Father came back. "Fang Crystal… Eagle Heart told me that a fox has ... Read Chapter

Chapter 34

Chapter 34   Dark Moon growled watching Fang Crystal sit down. “You don’t know what you're doing!” There was a h... Read Chapter

Chapter 35

Chapter 35   "Fang Crystal!" Dawn Drop said as she wrapped her wings around Fang Crystal. "Oh Dawn Drop I missed you s... Read Chapter

Chapter 36

Chapter 36   Dark Moon looked at Griffin Wing. She was sad. Dark Moon walked over to her. “What's wrong?” She aske... Read Chapter

Chapter 37

Chapter 37   Fang Crystal walked out of the Healers den after thinking about how healing worked. She saw Ice Tail talki... Read Chapter

Chapter 38

Chapter 38   Dark Moon said she would see Shadow Slayer at the Moon dance. She had to get ready. Dark Moon ran to the f... Read Chapter

Chapter 39

Chapter 39   Fang Crystal saw two gleaming orange eyes watching Dark Moon. She snuck up and pounced on the stalker. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 40

Chapter 40   Dark Moon walked side by side with Shadow Slayer. She saw the forest erupt into flames as Fang Crystal fou... Read Chapter

Chapter 41

Chapter 41   Fang Crystal woke up. Dawn Drop was next to her with one of Dawn Drops wings draped over her. Then to Fang... Read Chapter

Chapter 42

Chapter 42   Dark Moon woke up the next morning to a new place. She had never seen it before. Shadow Slayer was sleeping b... Read Chapter

Chapter 43

Chapter 43   Fang Crystal got a chill down her back. She felt like she was being watched everywhere she went. Then a wo... Read Chapter

Chapter 44

Dark Moon looked around anxiously. “Shadow Slayer!” She called. Tears streamed down her face. I will be stuck forever… un... Read Chapter


Eagle Heart watched his pack from a tree. He knew exactly what White Scars intentions were. But the true alpha of Storm Pack would only s... Read Chapter

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