The Closet

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Sally doesn't have the best life. So she talks to her friend in her closet to pass the time.

Sally sat in her room, playing with her dolls. She was aware of the fighting going on downstairs, but it didn’t matter anymore. Her father would pick up something and smash it against the wall.


Her mom would yell at him for breaking it.

“Stop breaking my fucking vases, Henry!”

Her father would respond with-

“Like you broke my fucking bank?!”

Sally wondered why mommy and daddy were still together. She loved them, but their fighting was getting annoying.

Oh, well.

She got bored of playing with her dolls, and walked over to her closet.

“Are you there?” Sally asked when she opened the door.

No response.

She waited patiently for Greg to respond.

After about five minutes, she heard him.


“Yeah, it’s me again.”

“Your mommy and daddy are fighting again?”


A moment passed. The sounds didn’t stop from downstairs. Father was going to say-

“Shut the fuck up, Martha! You went and made love with your fucking boss!”

That was new.

“Do you want to come in?” Greg asked her.

“Sure,” Sally said, already with a foot inside the closet.

Sally liked the closet. It was filled with memories. Good memories. Before her father and mom started fighting, before Uncle William died, when she had emotions. However it had also been before she met Greg.

She saw him sitting in the corner, as he always did. She had never gotten a good look at him, but she did know he had green hair. As she walked in, she also saw a drawing on the wall next to him. She couldn’t quite figure out what it was, but it looked like a person.

“What’s that?” Sally asked Greg, pointing at the picture.

She saw Greg’s head turn a little bit to his right, where the picture was. She saw his yellow eyes show. That happened when he got excited.

“This is my grandpa!” Greg answered.

Sally hadn’t known he had a grandpa. Then again, everyone had a grandpa, even if they’re dead.

“Oh! What’s his name?”

Greg’s eyes looked at her with growing excitement. “His name is Alec. He’s a really nice grandpa. I haven’t seen him in a while, though.”

“Really? My grandpa’s name is Dave. I haven’t seen him lately, either.”

Even with the clothes pretty much soundproofing the closet, she could hear her mother and father screaming at each other.

Clearly, Greg noticed, too, because his eyes went blue. He was sad.

“Don’t be sad,” Sally said. She knew she should feel something. Remorse, pity, sadness, anger, anything. But she was numb. Her words had no feel. But the words alone seemed to cheer up Greg.

“I’m sorry,” Greg said when his eyes went back to white. Then they turned pale blue. “It’s just… You’re only a kid, and yet you have to deal with… that.”

Sally would’ve felt bad for Greg worrying about her. “I know. It’s hard. But I pull through just fine. You don’t need to worry about me.”

Greg lifted his head up and said something under his breath. His eyes went back to white.

“So, what have you been doing?”

Sally shifted a couple of the clothes to block out the sounds of mother crying. That was the worst part of the fights. “Nothing much. Just playing with my dolls.”

“Oh, I see. What type of dolls?”

She heard her father cry out in pain as he dropped the handle of an axe on his foot.

“The popular ones,” Sally said. She couldn’t remember the name of the brand.


“Oh, Barbie?” Greg said, answering her thoughts.

“Yeah!” Sally said, remembering. “I was playing with my Barbie dolls.”

A new sound came. Her father was heavily walking towards mom’s room.

Doesn’t he usually go to the bar to get drunk?

Greg noticed this as well. His eyes went green. He was scared.

There was silence.

Five minutes must’ve passed, but it felt like hours.

Her mom screamed. It was the worst sound Sally had heard. She covered her ears, but she could still hear the screaming. She heard a sound unlike she had ever heard before, then a thud.

Mom’s screaming had stopped.

Sally hurriedly rushed out of the closet.

She got out just before her father opened the door. His axe had blood on it. Sally held in a whimper.

He dropped the axe and went over to Sally. She knew his plan.

Even before she felt it, she knew he put the syringe in her back. Then she felt the liquid run through her body. She felt her organs shutting down. She was going to die.

She felt the handle in her hand. She always kept her knife she stole from father in her pocket. She heard the sound father had made in mom’s room.

The blood poured down her arm. It was a long knife. Long enough to reach father’s heart. He moaned, and they both fell, dead.

Greg crawled out of the closet. He felt pity for the little girl. She was nice. But he was hungry. He knew the day would eventually come.

He tore off the dad’s arm, and felt it’s sweet, fleshy taste hit his tongue. He sat down.

This would take a while.


Submitted: February 05, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Skit Master. All rights reserved.

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Wow, that ending was unexpected and super creepy. Great story!

Sat, February 6th, 2021 3:02am

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