My Bleeding Fingers

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

My fingers are bleeding...

I waited my whole life for you; you've reared your pristine visage. I wondered in what form you would come in. What did I expect? I wasn't sure. I'm sure none of us can expect what you'd look like, but here you are.

My heart is bleeding; Thinking of those gorgeous brown eyes. Angry, sad, happy... you never failed to be beautiful. Your dark freckles ontop your glowing, milk chocolate skin; you are beyond addicting, beyond intoxicating. I'd pray that someone save me from your gaze, but that would do nothing but waste time after a night of burying my face into you.

My greatest addiction.

As cold as the free wind, I was. I chilled those I came in contact with to the bone, and for a while they found it refreshing after living in the heat of what life was giving them..; I hid behind the mountains. For I was sure if I stuck around too long, they'd freeze to death.

Never could I chill you. Even after scoping the icy mountains endlessly. It felt like an eternity until I ran into you. The heat you give off is that of someone born from the sun, giving life to the moon at night.

Your voice soothing my drumming ears.

Your gentle caress left goosebumps across my skin.

Your strength groomed my confidence, because of you, I've recognized my weaknesses.

I am stronger.


You came in the form of this beautiful woman and now the writer in me bleeds. I'm filled to the brim with nowhere to go and release, until my fingers touched paper, I couldn't stop.

I began to write and couldn't stop. The pain. This beautiful pain. To you, I share it because Love enjoys to read anything that comes from these fingers...


I bleed because of you. You wouldn't believe the amount of invisible wounds tattered throughout my body. At some point I gave up on you. I'm sorry for even thinking of turning my back on you because finally, you're here.

Submitted: February 05, 2021

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