My Family Tree

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My family tree back to my 29th great-grandfather, King Hywel ap Cadell.

My Family Tree


King Hywel ap Cadell was King of South Wales.

He was also known as 

King Hywel The Good

His laws were just and good because they

Were based on good sense 

And on equal rights.

He united all of the southern portion of Wales

Leaving a legacy Wales and

The world would never forget

His legacy lives to this day so many centuries later

I am delighted I discovered 

While tracing my family tree 

He is my ancestor that anyone would be proud to claim

His father and uncle were Kings in Wales

While Wales was divided into many parts

When he ascended to the throne, he united Wales

And after his death, his sons 

Followed in their father’s footsteps

Five hundred or so years later 

Three generations of descendants 

Were knighted under the

Last name of Newton.

Sir Richard Craddock Newton first to bear the name

Sir Richard Craddock Newton, his son 

And Sir Simon Newton, his grandson

After Sir Simon, our family seemed to become

Just regular citizens of the British Empire.

Until Sir Isaac Newton discovered gravity

He became the last of my family to be knighted.

His brother, Richard

left England to immigrate

To the New World with the Pilgrims and settled

in what would later be named as

One of the original colonies 

Of a future country to be named America

Our family left Massachusetts to settle

In Connecticut before moving to New York

Followed by Hayfield, Pennsylvania and then

A final move to a very small town 

With the name of Pisgah,Ohio.

My father and mother settled in Mason, Ohio

And I was born in a hospital 

In the country seat, Lebanon, Ohio

Considering all the many places my ancestors 

Traveled to and have lived in

It is no wonder I have moved from

Place to place with my husband several times

It is also why I have been know to say

Over and over for several years

I was born with gypsy blood and I’m proud of it 

When I was born I inherited the wind 

And lived up to my family’s tradition






Submitted: February 07, 2021

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